Essential Oil Kit, Part 6 – Lavender

by KG Stiles, LMT, RBT, CBP, CAT
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Whether you use aromatherapy as a stand alone or as a complementary first aid treatment there are several aromatic oils I’d like to recommend you have in your aromatic first aid kit.

My recommendations include important details for you to consider when purchasing an oil, such as its Latin Name, Country of Origin, Method of Extraction and Part of the Plant Used. I also list the best oils to consider when creating a synergistic blend.

LAVENDER ( Lavendula angustifolia ) – Organic, Steam Distillation Flowers, Italian High Altitude.

Highly scented, sweet, floral, and slightly woody Lavender is a universal healing oil and has a beneficial and healing effect on the body, mind spirit and emotions.

Keywords: UNIVERSAL HEALER Lavender is the most commonly used essential oil and the absolute classic oil for treating burns!

During the early 20th century, French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse became interested in the use of essential oils for their medicinal properties. While working Gattefosse accidentally burned his arm very badly! On reflex he plunged his burned arm into large a vat of lavender oil. His burn healed rapidly and there was absolutely NO scarring of tissue!

Gattefosse is credited with coining the term “aromatherapy” in his 1928 article supporting the use of essential oils in their whole, pure and unadulterated state.

Lavender has broad application and is especially useful for skin care healing, headaches, bug bites, and sore muscles.

Lavender is the most well known and used essential oil and every home and office should keep a bottle of it handy!

Distilling at high altitude allows lower temperatures and lower pressure for distillation making it possible for the volatile phytochemicals to come through intact in the final product.

Lavender is excellent for skin care and to promote healing. Use it for burns, rashes, acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Apply it immediately to burns to prevent blistering, or scarring, as well as speed healing of wounds as it stimulates cellular regeneration.

Lavender is useful for relieving headaches, premenstrual tension, as well as promoting restful sleep.

It is excellent for balancing hyper emotional states such as shock, anger, impatience and irritability and helps dispel the negative mental states of fear & worry.

Try a synergistic blend of Lavender with any of the following aromatic oils: Clary Sage, Geranium, Neroli, Petitgrain, Sandalwood & Vetiver.