Aromatherapy – How to use Essential Oil

by KG Stiles, LMT, RBT, CBP, CAT

First, please remember that essential oils should never be applied neat (undiluted) to your skin. There are absolutely NO exceptions to this! This includes the soles of your feet or palms of your hands. When using oils neat for inhalation purposes please exercise care and dispense your oils on a tissue or cotton ball for direct inhalation.

In Webster’s Dictionary Medicine is defined as anything that affects our well-being. Aromatic oils have an ancient history of doing just that. In this article I will talk about two methods known and practiced historically for their outstanding medicinal benefits. These two well-known methods are steam and the cooling vapors of a humidifier.

Here are a few ways to easily and simply apply these two methods for beneficial results:

STEAM INHALATION ~ Add 4-8 drops of essential oil to a large bowl of steaming hot water, put a towel over your head to capture the steam. Close your eyes and inhale until the water cools or until you stop smelling the oil. Repeat, if necessary, every 4-5 hours.

Steam inhalation relieves sinus congestion, coughs, colds, flu and sore throats.

Suggested oils to use: eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and tea tree.

HUMIDIFIER (COOL MIST) ~ Add 6-8 drops of essential oil to the water of your humidifier. Run overnight, or add the essential oils 2-3 times during the day, if running continuously. This is an effective method of using essential oils with a sick child.

Humidifier (cool mist) relieves fever and headache, calms and soothes anxiety when ill, kills germs, air freshener.

Suggested oils to use: lavender, lemon and peppermint

CAUTION: Essential Oils can damage humidifier plastic and rubber parts.