Dr. Mario Martinez “The Mind Body Code”
How the Mind Wounds & Heals the Body

themindbodycode-Join me today for a fascinating conversation with my special Guest Dr. Mario Martinez. A licensed clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Martinez specializes in the emerging fields of psychoneuroimmunology and contemplative psychology. He is the author of, “The Man from Autumn,” as well as the Sounds True audio learning program, “The Mind-Body Code: How the Mind Wounds and Heals the Body.”

Dr. Martinez invented the term ‘biocogntion’ to explain the nature of how the mind is encoded into the body. According to Dr. Martinez, “Our immune system, which is our great protector, responds to a set of ethical codes assimilated from our historical culture.” On the show Dr. Martinez and I talk about how health is maintained by a delicate balance between what we believe & how we behave.”

Dr. Martinez has investigated cases of alleged stigmata for the Catholic Church, for the BBC and National Geographic. Today Mario will talk about his theory of biocognition and how cultural and spiritual beliefs affect health and longevity. We also talk about how you can use the power of your mind to influence your health and wellness.

The video (above) is a short clip of the show. The audio podcast (below) contains my entire interview with Dr. Martinez.


  1. Why symbols and language are what our biology responds to and the importance of symbolic language in creating genuine transformation and healing. *As an interesting aside, the language of astrology is one of the most ancient symbolic languages in existence today. Interpreting the symbolic meaning of the heavens, the planets and stars, has been practiced since earliest recorded history.
  2. Three ways you can be wounded.
  3. How your wounds become entangled with love and intimacy.
  4. How your wounds affect your immune system.
  5. The biochemistry of shame, abandonment and betrayal.
  6. How you psychology affects your immune system.
  7. How you can transform and heal your wounds.
  8. The healing fields. What they and how you can embody the healing field for the transformation of wounds.
  9. The role boundaries play in healing your wounds.
  10. Research findings with Centenarians and what Centenarians have in common.
  11. The role intention plays in healing.
  12. How cleaning your wounds allows you to experience joy fully.

mario-martinez-2Dr. Mario Martinez, author of “The Mind-Body Code: How the Mind Wounds and Heals the Body,” talks about the three ways we are wounded and how we can heal. http://www.biocognitive.com

Check out Dr. Mario Martinez interview Empowerment and Navigating the Drift on Insights from the Edge (podcast download) with Tami Simon Founding Publisher of Sounds True.

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