Distant Healing Session – What Clients Are Saying!
KG Stiles Holistic Health Coach Since 1980


“I cannot thank you enough for your advice and generosity in devoting your time in order to assist me. I am really touched by your action and I feel grateful. I am also surprised by the details you know about me and everything that you sensed is true. I am planning to stop smoking in two months time after finishing University. I will also try the oil you have suggested. I haven’t been amazed for a long time now and you have achieved that. I will continue my research within this field. Once more thank you again. God bless you.
~Katerina Savva, Preston UK

“I was very pleased and impressed with my distant healing session with KG Stiles.  The visit was just as helpful and beneficial as if I had been on the table with the real hands on treatment.  KG was even able to do her ‘body talk’ over the phone which was 100 percent accurate.  Thank you KG for this successful alternative treatment session so I do not have to make the three hour one-way trip; especially in light of gas prices today!!!”
~Cindy Sanders, Gold Beach, OR USA

Herniated disc, Chronic Neck, Back, Arm, Hand Pain & Nervous Exhaustion
“I had 2 herniated discs in my neck which were causing draining pain and affecting my elbows and hands as well. Daily living was stressful, painful and exhausting. Allopathic medicine had named the problem but their therapies had failed me miserably, only making the problem worse! For 3 months I’d been unable to sleep for more than 4 or 5 hours a night. For some reason, I felt drawn to aromatherapy, and while surfing the net was led to KG’s site. I started reading about Bowen Technique and realized it might help my body heal. That was an understatement. The work (Bowen and BodyTalk) was deeply relaxing and healing. We did this as distance healing and I never would have expected it to be so effective. I don’t exactly know how it works, but it works!  KG is a very inspiring and motivational healer. After about a month I am not only 90% healed physically, but am back on track with good spiritual habits that had fallen by the wayside – an excellent side benefit that will keep me healthy! I consider KG a great resource. She has tremendous knowledge and is very generous in sharing it. Her recommendations were right on target, just what my body needed to heal and rejuvenate. I have explored and used many different healing techniques in my lifetime and KG is definitely one of the best, most effective healers I’ve ever met.”
~Laura Schaeffer, Chicago, IL

Chrohn’s Disease & Allergies
“I’ve suffered from Crohn’s Disease for many years. KG’s treatments have been a real blessing in helping me to heal. My symptoms have included severe attacks that can last for 12 or more hours with extremely painful intestinal spasms (like labor pains of the intestines) with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. I experience NO pain relief from vicodin or percocet, or any other prescription pain medication I’ve taken.

One attack occurred during a camping trip. I called KG and she gave me my first Distant Healing Session over the phone. I experienced immediate relief of my symptoms. It was an incredible experience. It definitely made me a believer in the power of Distant Healing.

I’ve received numerous Distant Healing Sessions since then. They’ve always been very effective for me, sometimes dramatically so.

I live about an hour away from Springhill Wellness Center and circumstances sometimes prevent me from getting a hands-on session. Since my initial experience with Distant Healing I have begun receiving most of my healing sessions from a distance and I always feel confident about the effectiveness of their outcome. I can enjoy being in the comfort of my own home while receiving a healing session. Distant Healing Sessions also save me time and money!

After a Distant Healing Session I always experience a sense of inner balance and well-being, as well as deep relief from release of my internalized stress. Deep relaxation always comes during a session!

My experience of Distant Healing Sessions is that they are equal to or even more powerful at times than my hands-on sessions which I still have periodically.

With KG’s treatments my Crohn’s continues to steadily improve and I seldom have any symptoms!
~Brenda Devine, Cave Junction, OR USA

“KG’s Bowen therapy is excellent; I have had other Bowen therapists, but no one gives me the results she does. I went to KG originally for an accident I had been in, she helped significantly when chiropractic care, physical therapy and other massages weren’t working. She stopped the pain I was going through. I also ended up feeling overall healthier– calmer and more centered, able to deal with life better.

Not only does KG do excellent Bowen therapy, she is one of the most intuitive people I know. When I am going through something challenging in my life, she picks up on the key issues instantly and helps me maneuver, ranging from assisting me with business decisions, to health, relationship and family issues. I know I can trust her opinions, based on working with her for almost four years.

She uses her essential oils; I have had great results from them. I find the oils to be beneficial at home too, something I can use to assist either a health issue or a mood issue. I love her oils; the aromas are so strong and pure—high quality.

KG has very high standards in her business; giving excellent physical therapy, using extremely high quality essential oils, and really focusing on and knowing the issues in my life and the advice most needed. I recommend KG for Bowen therapy, life advice, and for her wonderful essential oils! KG’s Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”
Willow Cordain, Medical Consultant, Ashland, Oregon, USA