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A Guide to the I Ching by Carol Antheny

An invaluable aid to anyone who is on an inner journey of the heart and of soul making! I discovered this little treasure almost 20 years ago and have frequently relied upon it for clarity and insight. Especially helpful when going through a Dark Night of the Soul or at a Major Crossroads in your life. ~KG Stiles

The I Ching or Book of Changes foreword by C.G. Jung

I began working with this particular translation of the I Ching at age 20 when I began pshychotherapy with a Jungian analyst who highly recommended it as a helpful guide and reference. It’s been with me ever since. ~KG Stiles

The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude: An Evolutionary Journey to Awakening Your Spirit by Dr. Darren Weissman Review

“You’ll Never Think About Stress, Pain, Illness or Addiction the Same Way Again! The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude is a life-changing book! I first learned about Dr. Darren Weissman at a Hay House I Can Do It conference and as soon as I heard him speak, I knew I had to read his book and take his training program.

What made me want to read the book and learn more was the concept that our body speaks to us through symptoms.” Read more reviews like this on

Cosmos by Dr. Jude Currivan & Dr Ervin Laszlo

A Co-creator’s Guide to the Whole World

“CosMos is co-authored by two explorers who combine almost a century of seeking to understand not only how the world is as it is, but why. Philosopher Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D., and healer and scientist Jude Currivan, Ph.D., offer a revisioned view of the world that is no longer fragmented, but is at last, whole. Theirs is a perception of a meaningful and co-creative world that is exquisitely tuned to be “as simple as it can be” for consciousness to explore itself. In these momentous times, the vision shared in “CosMos” invites us to open our hearts and minds to remember who we really are and to take our places as conscious co-creators of our realities and of our evolving cosmic destiny.

“Eminent reviewers are calling Cosmos ‘one of the most extraordinary, fascinating and important books of our time’ and ‘essential reading for world leaders and a key to the evolution of people’s consciousness.”

The 13th Step by Dr. Jude Currivan

A Global Journey in Search of Our Cosmic Destiny

“In 1998, scientist, healer and mystic Jude Currivan PhD heard an inner message – a call to undertake a global quest that was to transform her life and take her and her fellow travellers on an inner and outer odyssey that was ultimately to reveal our hidden heritage and cosmic destiny.The initial intention of the journeys was to activate the healing energies of twelve ancient Lemurian artefacts around the Earth to support the collective shift of awareness prophesied for 2012. But an even deeper purpose began to unfold. For the native elders of indigenous traditions around the world say that in these momentous times that ‘we are the ones we have been waiting for’. As did the soular heroes of myth, we are now able to undertake a spiritual journey to re-member the wholeness of who we really are.The twelve activations and the opening of a galactic portal were completed at the December solstice of 2003. But in 2006, a further call heralded a thirteenth healing journey…As we approach 2012 and experience the birth pangs of a new age, The 13th Step shares an inspirational message of hope and reconciliation. It offers an empowering call for every one of us to embody our own divinity and fulfil our highest purpose as the soular heroes of this transformation.

Heart, Mind and Purpose by Dr. Jude Currivan
Teachings and Attunements to Awaken Your Divine Potential“In these momentous times, we are each undergoing an unprecedented journey of self-discovery that is a vital part of a collective shift of consciousness. As the shift gathers pace, we can energise the higher compassion of our hearts, the heightened clarity of our minds and the empowered commitment of our purpose on Earth to co-create a new cosmic age.In this transformational double CD of teachings and attunements, Jude Currivan PhD shares an inspiring and above all practical path to wholeness.CD1 offers teachings on an integral vision of the Cosmos that reconciles science and spirit. The practical attunements on CD2 are designed to help you align heart, mind and purpose to access your highest guidance and intuitive wisdom.”

Feel Happy Now! by Michael Neill

“No matter what is happening in your life right now, no matter what you have gone through in your past, it is possible for you to feel happy right in this moment now…

Whether you’re in search of a quick pick-me-up or lasting change, you’ll find that this book is packed with everything you need to put the power of happiness to work in your own life!” -Michael Neill

Effortless Success: How to Get What You Want and Have a Great Time Doing It (Audio CD) by Michael Neill“What do you really want? The good news is that whatever it is, you can have it! Providing that you are willing to allow it to be. This is because the universe operates on the principle of Effortless Success:

When you get really clear and honest about what you want, everything in the world conspires to help you get it.

Michael Neill will be your personal coach on this CD program, guiding you through an engaging program of practical and proven strategies to get past the obstacles that keep you from living a deeply fulfilling and inspired life. An internationally renowned success coach, he shares the best of what he’s learned—about inspiration, motivation, well-being, relationships, finances, and more—from more than 15 years of training thousands of people to have what they want and create a life that makes them go “Wow!” from Michael Neill’s

Your Destiny Switch by Peggy McColl

Master Your Key Emotions, and Attract the Life of Your Dreams

“When you’re on the road to your destiny, you can sense it. Don’t talk yourself out of doing what you’re meant to do just because you feel scared for some reason or don’t know what turn to make next. It may take a while for your next opportunity to reveal itself. You’re never wasting time as long as you’re keeping your eyes and your heart open to possibilities for achieving your destiny. You might be learning something crucial to what you’ll do in the future.” – From the book Read reviews and purchase on

Heal Your Body by Louise Hay, founder of Hay House Publishers, and a leading pioneer in the field of Mind Body medicine.I highly recommend this little book! I regularly refer to it in my healing arts practice, and clients usually find it very useful for accessing the mental and emotional patterns at the root of their physical symptoms. -KG Stiles

Animal Spirit Guides: An Easy-to-Use Handbook for Identifying and Understanding Your Power Animals and Animal Spirit Helpers by Dr. Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

“After the publication of his best-selling book Power Animals, many people inquired about the meaning of spirit animals that were not contained in that work. In Animal Spirit Guides, Dr. Farmer provides concise, relevant details about the significance of more than 200 animals that may come to you in physical or symbolic form as guides and teachers. With each animal listed, you’ll find general meanings of the visitation; practical ways that they can help you as spirit guides; and how, as your power animal, they reflect characteristics that you possess. You’ll also find a “whom-to-call-on” section that will tell you which animal spirit guide to call on for any specific purpose.”

Power Animals: How to Connect with Your Animal Spirit Guide by Dr. Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

“In Power Animals: How to Connect with Your Animal Spirit Guide, Dr. Steven Farmer will guide you through a journey on an enclosed CD to discover and connect with your power animal. Once you’ve determined who your power animal is, you can refer to the text to learn what this says about you, find instructions on how to call on the spirit animal, and read a channeled message for you from that animal spirit. You’ll also find out which animal spirit to call on for particular situations, and additional tracks on the CD will help you consult your power animal as an oracle.

Your power animal will not only help you develop a greater sense of personal and spiritual power, but will also help you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as guide you through difficult life transitions. Your animal spirit guide can show up in its physical form or you can contact it through meditations, journeys, or dreams and ask it for guidance, healing, or protection. Working with your power animal directly or through imagery and symbolism will put you in touch with your own instinctual nature, thereby increasing your intuitive awareness and enhancing every area of your life.”

Power Animal Oracle Cards: Practical and Powerful Guidance from Animal Spirit Guides by Dr. Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

Power Animals are spirit guides in animal form who provide protection, guidance, and healing. This deck of 44 oracle cards by Steven Farmer will connect you with animal spirit guides who will advise you about any aspect of your life. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced reader, the enclosed easy-to-follow guidebook provides instructions to help you immediately give accurate readings to yourself and others.”

Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook by Dr. Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

“The Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards are designed to help you clearly communicate with animal spirit guides in order to decipher questions you have about life, and access intuitive guidance to assist you along your journey. Each of these cards carries within it the essence of a particular spirit animal that most appropriately responds to your query or concern will show up.” – From the companion booklet

Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guide CD: A Meditation Journey by Dr. Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

“Whether you want guidance for your career, relationships, health, life purpose, or anything else, here is a unique and powerful way to get the advice you need! Based on his book Animal Spirit Guides, this CD program by Steven D. Farmer takes you on a meditation journey where you’ll contact the animal spirit guide that will best help you find answers to your questions and concerns. In this fascinating program, you’ll also find a description of what animal spirit guides, totem animals, and power animals are; how they assist you as oracles in everyday life; and other ways you can connect with them for support and advice.”