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Relax and heal your body, mind and soul with Music hand selected by KG for your personal enrichment.

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Chakra Suite, Steven Halpern (Play a sample on Amazon)

Chakra Suite is the re-incarnation of Halpern’s earlier album, Spectrum Suite. This is one of the best Halpern CDs in my collection, I’ve used it successfully with my clients to help them relax and clear their agitated minds. Everyone reports getting into the “zone” when listening to it. Any time you feel stressed, frustrated, depressed, or generally out of sorts, just put this CD on, take a few deep breaths and focus on listening to the music. Within a few minutes your mind will begin to clear and you’ll begin to relax into a more peaceful state of mind. Try it!

Crystal Bowl Healing, Steven Halpern (Play a sample on Amazon)

Excellent for meditation or to relax! The mesmerizing tones of the crystal bowls blend with hypnotic effect. The singing sound vibrations clear and balance your heart and mind, and your natural state of peace is restored.

Inner Peace, Steven Halpern (Play a sample on Amazon)

Inner Peace is a perennial classic that never fails to soothe listeners into inner states of peace and calm. For best results listen to this music while you are lying down in a comfortable position, in a quiet and safe place where you will not be disturbed. Breathe deeply and focus on listening to the music. Allow yourself to float upon the gentle waves of the music, rising and falling with each thought as it comes and goes. Do this and you will soon feel refreshed! The more you practice relaxing the easier it will be for you at any moment, no matter your circumstance. Shower yourself with self love everyday by taking time to get into a calm and peaceful state.

Reiki: The Light Touch, Merlin’s Magic (Play a sample on Amazon)

“Reiki which means “Universal Life Energy,” is great for reducing your levels of stress and enhancing relaxation. There is an unlimited supply of “life force energy” available to you for improving health and enhancing the quality of your life. This music CD was developed especially for this purpose, as were the other music CD’s by these artists. This particular music CD stands alone for engendering a peaceful and serene state of mind. The melodies are subtle and thematic. The blend of musical instruments: piano, acoustic guitar, violin, flutes, saxophones and crystal bowls (sounding like bells) give this CD a neo-classical flavor. Play as a musical back drop for enhancing your meditation or contemplation, as well as for relaxation. Ideal for soft background music at home, in the office, or to induce sleep.” – John F. Temmerman

Reiki Offering, Shastro & Nadama (Play a sample on Amazon)

Relaxing and soothing to your soul. A favorite for many years! Read reviews and listen to sample of each track on

Healing Touch, Nadama (Play a sample on Amazon)

Piano melodies with gentle orchestration of harp, strings, flute, woodwinds and ambient sounds convey warmth and an expression of space and peace. This is an exceptionally peaceful and relaxing CD that will bring you a meditative break in your day and inspire quiet listening. Play as soothing background music, to enhance your meditation, or as pleasant company when relaxing at home.

Reiki: Hands of Light, Deuter (Play a sample on Amazon)

This is one of the most popular and well loved music CDs for Reiki and Healing Touch. Everyone seems to always love it! Deuter is a music master.

Peaceful Pond Dean Evenson (Play a sample on Amazon)

Soundtrack to KG’s Natural Breast Health DVD (permission granted) and a personal favorite. Ideal for setting a relaxing and peaceful mood in your home or office.

Golden Spa Tones: Tibetan Singing Bowls with Dean Evenson (Play a sample on Amazon)

This is a perennial favorite of KG’s. Tibetan Singing Bowls always soothe the heart, mind and soul

Sound Massage Music for the Healing Arts by Dean Evenson (Play a sample on Amazon)

A personal favorite for calming stress and elevating the mood.

Our Beloved Land, Carlos Nakai and Keola Beamer (Play a sample on Amazon)

“The atmospheres musically created by these two masters results in one of the most awesome CDs ever recorded. In this day of cloned & sampled digital music, it is so refreshing to hear two virtuoso musicians laying down fresh material never before attempted, and with astounding success. Nakai is at his usual spendid self, but Keola goes where no one has gone before. Singing deep spiritual Hawaiian chants while his Slack Key minor chord usage creates soulful atmospheres and melodies that Nakai fills with his haunting Native American flute. This CD is a true masterpiece and Keola’s finest recording.” -Margaret Noir

Yoga Dream, Soulfood (Play a sample on Amazon)

“All the tracks on this CD, from beginning to end, are a terrific aid in allowing the unconscious mind to perform an amazing internal journey of the imagination. I use this CD exclusively with my clients for hypnosis sessions. It is one of the most perfect CDs to listen to for meditation and allows you the freedom to explore and roam. I highly recommend it for your “zen” library!” -Ron Nelson

Yoga Rhythm, Soulfood (Play a sample on Amazon)

“The tracks coordinate well with a one hour exercise class, from a mellow smooth beginning, increasing beats and intensity in the middle and then a soothing ending. I highly recommend this CD if you are having trouble getting motivated to work or exercise at home or at the gym. This music makes every task in life much more enjoyable!” -C. Marstellar

Music for Yoga and Other Joys, Jai Uttal (Play a sample on Amazon)

“This is probably one of the best CD’s for yoga music. Kirtan artist and eclectic composer, Jai Uttal, teams up with talented musician, Ben Leinbach to produce an album that is evocative, sensuous and meditative. There is an almost hypnotic vibe to this collection of songs – it seems to bring one into a state of tranquility almost instantly. Very chilling, very groovy. Every time I play this one in my yoga classes, my students always comment on how good it makes them feel. Buy it!” -Theresa Reid

Inner Balance, Various Artists (Play a sample on Amazon)

Inner Balance is wonderfully smooth and the artists’ performance will inspire your imagination and nourish your soul. Perfect for movement and exercise, or simply to relax.

Italia by Chris Botti (New Release 2007) (Play a sample on Amazon)

I love Chris Botti’s original and contemporary jazz sound. He is one of the best trumpeters I have ever heard and his music is smooth and always satisfying. Chris Botti, a native of Oregon, started performing at the early age of ten and in high school began performing professionally. Chris Botti’s

Italia invites you into a world of romance where you can relax and celebrate the sweetness that life has to offer. Great background music at the office, or relaxing dinner music to accompany a fine meal.

Sleep Soundly, Steven Halpern (Play a sample on Amazon)

Halpern’s music on this CD is enchanting and beautiful, as it weaves its way through your mind, relaxing you into a deep, quiet slumber. Play it at night as you are going to sleep, remember to count your many blessings as you drift off to sleep!

Delta Sleep System, Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson (Play a sample on Amazon)

After 20 years of clinical research Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has developed breakthrough audio techniques proven to increase Delta brainwave activity. Dr. Thompson has helped thousands of people to experience ongoing, restful and revitalizing sleep patterns. I highly recommend this sleep system to anyone who has trouble sleeping, or just wants to get better quality of deep sleep. It lulls you into a deep delta brain wave state for deep and restorative sleep. Enhance your results by breathing in the pure essential oil formula SleepEzz just before sleep. Sweet Dreams!”

The Yearning, Michael Hoppe & Tim Wheater (Play a samples on Amazon)

The music on this CD is incomparable in its tender sweetness. It is both haunting and mesmerizing in its effect. You may find yourself wanting to listen to it again and again. The music is the essence of melodic and soulful music.

Summer, George Winston (Play a sample on Amazon)

I’ve loved the music of Winston’s, “Summer,” for many, many years. It is by far the warmest collection of George Winston arrangements I’ve ever listened to and perhaps the best CD to start with if you’re new to Windston’s music – you won’t be disappointed. A definite favorite of mine and an outstanding album in the genre of new age music.

Echoes of Nature: Rainforest, Various Artists (Play a sample on Amazon)

This is an environmental CD with NO music on the tracks, just the pure relaxing sounds of nature. Great for relaxing or for falling asleep.

Summer Rain, Day on Cape Cod (Play a sample on Amazon)

Experience summer rain on Cape Cod, very soothing and peaceful. For each purchase of Summer Rain, which is part of the ‘A Day On Cape Cod’ series in the Atmosphere Collection, a donation will be made to The Nature Conservancy.

Songbirds at Sunrise, Dan Gibson, John Herbermann (Play a sample on Amazon)

“A gentle awakening indeed – bird lovers will love this sensitive portrayal of the arrival of a new day and the sounds that define it.” ~ A. Burgess

Echoes of Nature: Morning Songbirds, Various Artists (Play a sample on Amazon)

Enjoy natural sounds from the wild on this CD from birds and surf to rain, wind and babbling brooks. Each of the seven tracks will soothe your soul and refresh your body and mind. Young children especially enjoy the sounds of nature at naptime and bedtime as it lulls them to sleep. This CD is pure nature sounds at its best!