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Amazing, scientifically proven brain technology gives you all the benefits of meditation, in a fraction of the time, easily and effortlessly.


Did you know that people who meditate everyday are

many times happier

than those who don’t? They’re also

healthier, and live longer.

And, their

sense of well-being is much greater

than that of non-meditators. In fact, meditators are so much healthier that some insurance companies charge

lower premiums

for meditators than for the rest of the general population. Meditators’

minds are also sharper,

and their

problem solving abilities are better.

Did you also know that meditators make a

LOT more pleasurable brain chemicals

—the ones you feel on those days when you

feel REALLY good

—and, they make these feel-good brain chemicals pretty much


Did you know that meditators have

dramatically better mental health?

They have less anxiety, anger, depression, and fear, and they have

better human relationships, more friends,

and feel

much more fulfilled

in their lives, and mediation has helped

80% of the insomniacs

trying it to overcome insomnia. What if you could

meditate as deeply as a Zen monk,

literally at the

touch of a button,

and do it the

very first time, and every time

and also make all those happy brain chemicals the first time and every time? Not only that, within a very short period of time—days or weeks instead of years or decades—you could begin

receiving all the benefits

I just mentioned—the physical health benefits, the mental health benefits, the clarity-of mind benefits, the relationship benefits, and the overall sense of well-being.

And, you don’t have to learn any complex mental gymnastics, or spend hours a day to get all of this. Instead, you’ll be using a

scientifically-proven audio technology

called Holosync®, that will easily and effortlessly place you in the electrical brain wave patterns of deep meditation, every time.

Over the last 20 plus years more than

300,000 people in 173 countries

have used Holosync audio technology to dramatically improve their lives. You can, too. It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, it feels

GREAT and it’s 100% guaranteed.

Skeptical? I don’t blame you. I was too, until I tried it for myself. And, that’s what I suggest you do—try it. In fact, Centerpointe Research Center will be happy to send you a

FREE demo CD

and a free Special Report right now, so you can see what I’m talking about.

Holosync® is my preferred meditation program. I’ve used it for almost eight (8) years now with tremendous results; that’s why I can highly recommend it to you with absolute confidence. It’s worth a try to see for yourself. You have nothing to lose and tremendous benefts to gain.

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