Clean Up Mental Frequency of Your Thoughts
Overcome Obstacles Create What You Want
Mercury Retrograde Mind Dump
September 13th – November 10th

mercury planet public domain nasaYour wholeness as a human being depends upon your internal alignment of your Body, Mind and Spirit. Mercury represents your power to balance, organize and align your mind and its mental frequency with your body and spirit.

You experience optimal supreme health when you’re able to master integration of your body, mind and spirit.

When your mental frequency is out of alignment within yourself and your environment you experience symptoms of discomfort like anxiety, depression, and an inability to focus, plan and achieve your desires.

The habits of your thought (represented by Mercury) and negative thinking (90% + which goes on unconsciously) have tremendous momentum and gravity that makes it very challenging for you to change the quality of your mental thought frequency to attract supportive circumstances and create the reality you truly desire for yourself.

By the time Mercury enters its retrograde shadow (16º Libra) on September 13th you will have clear indications about what opportunity Mercury retrograde will bring to you to change your habitual habit patterns and re-set your attitudes. Disrupting and changing your mental frequency can feel very irritating if you are fixed on having things go exactly to your plans.

Mercury retrograde is a time to slow down and allow your thoughts to quieten. Mercury (your conscious mind) is going internal and activating your intuitive mind. Meditation is extremely helpful for stilling your mind, so that your intuitive mind can function to allow new insights to arise from within, or to attract “fresh” ideas through the ethers (akasha). Your intuition will guide you how to move forward with the least effort.

So, relax and enjoy the rest from a too active overly controlling mind.

Mercury in Libra is exactly opposite the planet Uranus in Aries as it enters its retrograde shadow. This means there is much potential for illumination of what has been operating beneath the surface in your thinking to come to light now.

Uranus the Awakener is the higher octave of Mercury. Your nervous system is hot, fired up and highly charged at this time with new innovative ideas flowing in. This influence will be operating throughout the entire Mercury Retrograde cycle until November 10th.

You have an exciting period of changing your perceptions about reality, so that new patterns of relating (Mercury in Libra) can be realized.

Now you’re challenged to master your thoughts!

It’s a fantastic time to use mental science like affirmations and visualization. For mental science to be most effective you must immerse yourself in the “embodiment experience” of what it is you most desire and be willing to act on your guidance.

Mercury starts its retrograde on October 4th at 2º Scorpio (crossing over the degree at which there’s a Scorpio Solar Eclipse on October 23rd). Mercury Stations Retrograde just a few days before the 15º Aries Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Red Moon) at 3:51am PT on October 8th.

Last year Mercury also started its retrograde in Scorpio helping you dig for hidden treasures. As with last fall Mercury will move back into Libra completing the upgrades in your thinking in both areas of your life where Scorpio and Libra are located.

These areas of your life where Scorpio and Libra are located have repeatedly gotten amped by Mercury, the Grand Cardinal Cross formed earlier this year with Mars as it did its long retrograde station in Libra, as well as by Saturn’s transit through both Libra and Scorpio.

Now you’re reaching a phase of completion of the restructuring and realignment that’s been ongoing for several years to shift your perceptions and way of thinking (mental frequency) and relating with others, so that you attract / create the results you truly desire in your reality.

Mercury will station Direct on October 25th at 16º Libra just after the 0º Scorpio Solar Eclipse at 2:56pm PT on October 23rd the day the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio.

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