Chronic Pain Relief – What Clients Say!
KG Stiles Holstic Health Coach Since 1980


Distant Healing
“I had 2 herniated discs in my neck which were causing draining pain and affecting my elbows and hands as well. Daily living was stressful, painful and exhausting. Allopathic medicine had named the problem but their therapies had failed me miserably, only making the problem worse! For 3 months I’d been unable to sleep for more than 4 or 5 hours a night. For some reason, I felt drawn to aromatherapy, and while surfing the net was led to KG’s site. I started reading about Bowen Technique and realized it might help my body heal. That was an understatement. The work (Bowen and BodyTalk) was deeply relaxing and healing. We did this as distance healing and I never would have expected it to be so effective. I don’t exactly know how it works, but it works!  KG is a very inspiring and motivational healer. After about a month I am not only 90% healed physically, but am back on track with good spiritual habits that had fallen by the wayside – an excellent side benefit that will keep me healthy! I consider KG a great resource. She has tremendous knowledge and is very generous in sharing it. Her recommendations were right on target, just what my body needed to heal and rejuvenate. I have explored and used many different healing techniques in my lifetime and KG is definitely one of the best, most effective healers I’ve ever met.”
~Laura Schaeffer, Chicago, IL

“I first came to KG for chronic acute shoulder pain, that was threatening to end my career, which I value so greatly, as a Body Worker and Massage Therapist. After one treatment the issue was almost completely resolved and now almost a year later I am pain free and my Practice continues to grow. I continue to see KG At least monthly and consider her invaluable to my Health and Well being as she has helped me with a myriad of various other complaints. Thank you KG for your skills, knowledge and loving care.”
~Lynnea Forderer, Medford, Oregon

“You did a super job. I was having pain in my left shoulder when I read KG’s ad in the daily paper. I looked at her website with interest. I made an appointment. KG is gentle, confident and precise with instructions. She has the knowledge and experience as to how and what to do. After four sessions I can do my janitorial work and deliver newspapers with ease. I highly recommend KG and her Bowtech and BodyTalk techniques.”
~ Floyd Miller, Medford, OR

“I was skeptical at first, as the technique was unknown to me. My neck pain of 1 year’s duration was eliminated in 3 sessions. Amazing results. My friend, visiting from Toronto, had 2 sessions for her chronic back pain; she felt enough relief to continue with a practitioner in her home area and began studies to become a Bowtech therapist. I often recommend KG Stiles to folks.”
~ Rebecca Dworkin, Ashland, OR

“After reading a rave review in Dr. Robert Rowen’s “Second Opinion” on the wonders of the Bowen technique, I decided to seek treatment for my lower back pain and a chronic painful left knee I had tolerated for years. To my utter amazement – right here in my own backyard – we have one of the world’s premier practitioners of this phenomenal technique in Ms. KG Stiles of Ashland, Oregon. I am a 54 year old tile contractor and an avid golfer. As I hobbled in to Ms. Stiles’ office for my first visit I explained the nature of my pain. She listened attentively and immediately began to work her “magic.” The session lasted over just an hour. It was totally painless and wonderfully relaxing. I was told to go home and try to take it easy for the next week and that I should start to see results in two to three days. BAH! The results were overnight! When I woke up the following morning I was astounded to find my lower back pain had vanished and the mobility in my knee to be 90% of normal. I was giddy – ecstatic – dumbfounded that such a simple “strumming” of my muscles could have such a profound effect on the elimination of my pain. I immediately called Ms. Stiles – my voice racked with emotion – to tell her how grateful I was for all she had done for me in one single session. I have since become the local “Pied Piper” of Bowtech. I tell everyone I know who is suffering from chronic pain of any sort to please – they owe it to themselves – go see KG Stiles and experience the wonders of this sublime technique of pain alleviation.”
~ Peter M. Zukis, Talent, OR

“After spending a couple of years searching for relief from my chronic neck and shoulder pain Bowtech seemed too good to be true. I had seen specialists, chiropractors, and received massage therapy regularly and no one was able to provide lasting relief, or give any reason for the pain. I decided to give Bowtech a try and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. First, I realized much of my pain was attributed to TMJ, but the greatest thing is that I am pain free and have been since I began Bowtech almost a year ago! With simple exercises and stretches I am able to maintain movement and prevent the pain from returning. Bowtech is definitely the least invasive technique I have tried, chiropractic and massage were very painful for me and left me feeling achy and lethargic, whereas Bowtech is relaxing during the session and yet you leave feeling energized. I would highly recommend Bowtech to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain.”
~ Shana Murphy, Phoenix, OR

“I’d suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain for more than eight years when I first saw KG. I also had TMJ syndrome, elbow, and hip pain. After my first treatment I experienced much relief and developed more body awareness. All of my symptoms resolved completely after four sessions and have not returned, and it’s been over six months. Thanks so much KG!”
~ Chris Walker, Ashland OR

“My upper back, shoulders were chronically sore and tight, and I’d suffered with chronic and long term low back pain which would periodically flare-up and go into spasm, putting me flat on my back in bed for several days. I’d seen chiropractors, physical therapists, and received massage regularly for years with no lasting relief. I even consulted with an orthopedist and considered surgery. When I saw KG’s ad I decided to give Bowtech a try. After my first session I was much improved. By the second session I felt better than I had in years. Over several sessions I experienced lots of unwinding in areas that had been chronically tight and painful then I would feel great with more freedom of movement. Periodically now I go for a maintenance session as I’m under a lot of stress from my job, but the old pain I’d grown accustomed to is gone!”
~ Stephen Glover, Medford, OR

“For years I’ve had upper back, neck, and shoulder stiffness and pain which was exacerbated whenever I played golf. I’d get tension headaches a few days out of every week. I also experienced low back discomfort with sciatica into my leg and calf. After my first Bowtech session I felt worse for most of the next day, KG said I was unwinding and releasing toxins, then I dramatically improved. All my complaints resolved completely after the fourth session – six months ago.”
~ Ed Lewis, Ashland, OR

“I’ve experienced lots of bodywork/massage over the years and KG is without a doubt exceptional as a practitioner. After speaking with her extensively about Bowtech and checking out her training background I opened to experiencing a Bowtech session with her. The work was subtle, but the results were profound. An old overuse injury to my shoulder I’d sought care for from numerous healthcare professionals completely resolved after one session. I highly recommend KG and Bowtech!”
~ Eva Brooks, PT Central Point, OR