Solstice & Christmas Cancer Full Moon
Astrology December 16 – 31, 2015
Shamanic Astrologer Cayelin Castell


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Join me and Shamanic Astrologer Cayelin Castell to FIND OUT WHAT”S unique about this particular Solstice Day!

WHY THIS Christmas Cancer Full Moon is OFF THE HOOK!

The RARE New Year’s EVENT that’s occurring, plus more…

Emotional sensitivity and psychic awakening are on tap for you this solstice season. This Christmas we have an incredible Cancer Full Moon. Find out what it all means for you and how to make the most of your opportunities with me and my guest Shamanic Astrologer Cayelin Castell.

Cayelin, a renowned Shamanic astrologer, teacher and co-founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, has a wealth of understanding about the myths of astrology and teaches live events, as well as on-line classes around the world.


Please join me in welcoming my guest Cayelin Castell.

Welcome to the show Cayelin. Thanks so much for joining us.


To begin let’s talk about the astrology of the upcoming solstice. The solstice is always a powerful period of transition on mother earth and for all of her children. Is there anything unique about this particular solstice in 2015?

Now let’s discuss the Christmas Full Moon in Cancer? What’s your take on this Full Moon for us, Cayelin?

The 3º 20′ Cancer Full Moon (exact 3:11am PT) doesn’t go VC until next day 26th @7:36pm PT, window of time to do your rituals). Call upon the Cherubim whose Divine assignment is to be the holy guardians of ideals, forms, rituals and places. The Cherubim will protect you from all discord.


Moon trine to Neptune (exact today)
Mercury trine Jupiter (exact today)
Uranus stations direct (7:53pm)
Moon sextile Jupiter (exact 26th)
Moon oppose Mercury (exact 26th)
Moon square Mars (exact 26th)
Moon trine Venus (exact 26th)
Venus sextile North Node Jupiter (exact 24th, day before)

The Christmas Cancer Full Moon Illuminates what’s going on and needs release and purification in your family, home, early childhood, foundation and roots.

So, how does the year end for us? 

Do you have anything else you’d like to share before we close?

How can people find out more about you and your work, Cayelin? website:

That’s it for today’s show. I have some important announcements coming up for you. One is that I’ll be hosting a panel of astrologers to talk about 2025.

The other one is, with the expert help of my literary agent, I’ve signed a contract to write a book bout essential oils. Members of my community will be invited to get involved in helping me write the book they want to read. So, Sign-up for Soul of Aromatherapy if you’d like to get involved. You’ll get a FREE six lesson online aromatherapy course when you join.

More astrology reports and important announcements to come soon!

Thanks again for joining us. I really appreciate your being here and getting to play some small part in making a positive difference in your life.

Have a beautiful day, a warm Mahalo, much love to you! Thanks again, Cayelin. It’s always a pleasure having you with us!

Until next time relax, enjoy your life and stay connected.

XOLove -KG

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