Chakra Meditation Instructions for Healing Your 7 Major Chakras

Chakra Balancing – Meditations for Healing & Essential Oils to Use
A Guide to Clear, Balance & Charge Your 7 Major Chakras

by KG Stiles, LMT, RBT, CBP, CAT

Instruction for Healing Your Rainbow Bridge – A Guided Chakra Meditation to Clear, Balance & Charge Your 7 Major Chakras. Rainbow Bridge is a term used in esoteric or metaphysical healing for the circuits of energy that connect your physical life form with your transpersonal Divine Nature.

This series of guided visualizations and affirmations or mantras will assist you in clearing energy blockages, as well as balancing and charging your 7 Major Chakras to promote healing of your Rainbow Bridge.

I will guide you through a visualization of your chakras with a brief explanation for each.

You will then inhale a recommended essential oil or blend

Followed by a Mantra or Affirmation you will first recite aloud then silently within.

After which you will be instructed to tone a seed syllable in a keynote of the C-Major scale that corresponds with your chakra.

For 4 minutes you will focus on clearing and balancing a chakra, allowing any images to surface and melt away as energy blockages are cleared and balance restored in your chakra.

For 1 minute I will guide you to conclude your journey by visualizing your chakra as a clear and vibrant whirling ball of pulsing energy.

The Mantras and Seed Syllables you will be instructed to use are therapeutic tools for improving all your sensory perceptions. Attunement and alignment through sounding of a Seed Syllable has been practiced for thousands of years to promote healing and regeneration, as well as to transform negative emotional patterns.

The repetition and vocalization of a Seed Syllable creates a vibration within your body which shakes cells free from their habitual grooves to restore your biological rhythms. Sounding these Seed Syllables will literally entrain your body to the rhythms of the universe.

The attunement and alignment generated within yourself stimulates the release of powerful chemical messengers within your body which results in the correction of disruptive emotional patterns related to each of the Chakras. Your primordial sense of peace and unity within yourself and with others will be restored.

As well the breathing exercises are a powerful antioxidant stimulus as they increase oxygen to your cells for enhanced nutrition and removal of metabolic waste materials and toxic residue.

As you become adept at working with your chakras you may gradually increase the time you focus your attention on each energy center. Initially your focus should be for no more than five minutes duration.

A regular practice of these exercises will result in an increased amplitude for each of your Major Chakras and give you the necessary stamina to dispel life obstacles. Increased amplitude of your energy centers will greatly enhance your vital life force and positively impact your health and longevity.

Your regular practice of these guided visualization and affirmation exercises is a conscious investment you can choose to make in building your personal power which will enable you to direct your spirit.

My Guide to Healing Your Rainbow Bridge includes the related physical, mental and emotional imbalances that result from stagnation or energy blockage for each Chakra.

For example: Emotional stagnation or blockage at your Muladhara or Base Chakra emits an energy frequency that resonates with feeling disconnected from one’s tribe, community or family, the sense of not belonging and is accompanied by feelings of frustration, rage and thwarted passion.

Related physical imbalance, include: sciatica, prostrate, uterine, ovarian and hemorrhoid conditions.