Chakra Balancing Meditation – Second Chakra

Chakra Balancing – Meditations for Healing & Essential Oils to Use


by KG Stiles, LMT, RBT, CBP, CAT

“Love the world as your own self; then you can truly care for all things.”
Lao Tzu (c.604-531 B.C.) The Tao Te Ching.”

2nd Chakra (Sexual/Spleen) ~ WATER ~ ROSE PINK ~ CO-CREATION

Balancing Your 2nd Chakra: The Svadisthana (Sexual/Spleen) is situated at the base of your lumbar spine, halfway between your navel and pubic bone. Water’s power is fluid, yet unyielding – the power to overcome obstacles and act with integrity. This is your Seat of Ch’i, Dantiem, your personal will power to be and confidence to stand on your own two feet. From Sanskrit Svadisthana can be translated as “Primordial Abode.”

Second Chakra: relationships, children, sensuality, sexuality, purification and robust health. A balanced and healthy 2nd chakra blends male and female energies to create material abundance and manifestation through co-creation, and relationship with natural forces which serve the intentions of the Divine Source.

When your 2nd chakra is in balance you trust the natural flow of life, giving and receiving in equal measure without difficulty. You are relaxed, calm and at ease with your life. You feel robust energy, physical power, stamina and aliveness; you shine like a star! You surrender to the process of sharing and your relationships are harmonious and deeply connected. Openness of your heart, mind and body ensure enjoyment of your life experience. You express sensuality and sexuality in a fluid and unified way.

A balanced and healthy 2nd Chakra (Svadhisthana – Sexual/Spleen) ensures a strong immune system and an inherent sense of physical power, health and well-being, including financial health.

CHAKRA BALANCING Keywords: fluidity, giving and receiving love, communion, co-creation, pro-creation, endurance, self confidence, patience

CHAKRA BALANCING BODY PARTS: Female reproductive organs, spleen, bladder, adrenals, kidneys, large intestines, immune system

Related physical imbalance for the 2nd chakra, include: lumbar tension, chronic lower back pain, toxic and infectious conditions, kidney and bladder infections, immune disorders, chronic fatigue, impotence, frigidity, irritable bowel, Crohns, cancer and diabetes, addictions of all kinds.

Emotional stagnation or blockage at your 2nd chakra (Svadhisthana – Spleen/Sex) emits an energy frequency that resonates with feeling rejected and attracts toxic environmental conditions (both internal and external) that trigger states of anxiety, fear and worry. You may be locked into power struggles with yourself or others, and experience issues of rejection and victimization, jealousy and mistrust, as well as the need for protection are often prevalent.

You may experience 2nd chakra imbalance as an inability to give or receive, and find it difficult to surrender to “what is” and struggle with universal laws. You may be locked into the purely physical expression of your sensuality and sexuality. You may try to control situations and emotions in relationships which may lead to repression of your needs and healthy self-expression of your truth. This is where your gun holster sits; you will either decide to take aim and fire or put your guns away for peaceful co-existence.

AROMATHERAPY FOR CHAKRA BALANCING: Promote balance and healing for your Second Chakra by inhaling a pure essential oil or blend that is sweet, sensual and restorative. Aromas like Ylang Ylang, Rose, Petitgrain, Patchouli and Helichrysum are all good choices.

UNIVERSAL ESSENTIAL OILS for nourishing and balancing the 7 Major chakras, include: Lavender and the Holy Oils – Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Spikenard.

CRYSTALS AND HEALING GEMSTONES for chakra balancing your 2nd chakra: Rose quartz, Carnelian, Coral, Agate

Focus your awareness at the 2nd chakra (Svadisthana or Sexual/Spleen), your vital Co-creative center, located at the base of your lumbar spine, halfway between your navel and pubic bone.

See a whirling ball of Rose Pink Colored light pulsing with energy in this center. This is your procreative life force energy and your connection to the force that is Mother Nature. Its nature is strong, forceful, and passionate.

See a Whirling Ball of Warm Rose Pink Colored light pulsing with energy in this center. It is the color of relationship.

CHAKRA BALANCING MANTRA AFFIRMATION Recite this Mantra six times aloud as you continue to focus your awareness at your 2nd Chakra. Remember to inhale and exhale fully as you recite the mantra

I trust and honor myself, I trust and honor life, I am willing to feel and express my truth

Recite this same mantra silently six times within yourself as you continue to focus your awareness at your 2nd Chakra. Remember to inhale and exhale fully as you recite the mantra.

Chakra Meditation – Sound the SEED SYLLABLE BA (Keynote D) while continuing to focus your awareness at your Svadisthana Chakra for five minutes.

Clear and Balance your 2nd chakra (4 minutes duration) by allowing images to naturally surface and melt away as blockages are cleared and balance restored in your Svadisthana Chakra.

D TONE – BA ————————

Chakra Meditation Gratitude Blessing: “I love and honor myself and all of life.” Breathe out any residual resistance you may feel to living and expressing your truth. Affirm once more, “I love and honor myself and all of life.”

Conclude (1 minute duration) your visualization and recitation of the Seed Syllable BA by seeing your 2nd chakra (Svadisthana – Sexual/Spleen) as a clear and vibrant whirling ball of Bright ROSE PINK colored light pulsing with energy at this center.

Remember to inhale and exhale fully as you visualize your 2nd chakra (Svadisthana – Sexual/Spleen) being clear, vibrantly alive and healthy.

You have completed the second cycle for clearing, balancing and charging your Rainbow Bridge, the 7 Major Chakras.

As you become adept at working with your chakras you may gradually increase the time you focus your attention on each energy center. Initially your focus should be for no more than five minutes duration.

A regular chakra meditation practice will result in increased amplitude for each of your Chakras and give you the necessary stamina to dispel life obstacles. Increased amplitude of your energy centers will greatly enhance your vital life force and positively impact your health and longevity. I hope you enjoyed this Balancing Chakra Meditation for your 2nd Chakra. Namaste!