Chakra Pranic Light Breathing Meditation

rainbow_lightshutterstock_5406712_72Chakra Pranic Light Breathing to clear, balance and charge a particular chakra.

Focus your attention at your chakra you wish to clear, balance and charge. See the rainbow light of prana as it flows into and out of your chakra with each cleansing inhalation and exhalation.

Allow any memories, thoughts and emotions that are being dispelled from your energy system to surface and leave you. You may wish to visualize a brownish grey smoke being eliminated from your chakra with each exhalation.

You are cleansing your Chakra of toxins, and unprocessed cellular debris.

Continue to visualize the vibrating rainbow light of prana flowing into your chakra and through your blood stream to all the cells of your BodyMind system for 1-5 minutes.


First (Base/Root) Chakra – Stability & Security
Location: Pubic symphisis (Tailbone)

Second (Sacral/Sexual) Chakra – Relationships & Co-Creation
Location: Area beneath navel

Third (Solar Plexus) Chakra – Self Esteem & Personal Power
Location: Area above navel

Fourth (Heart) Chakra – Self Love, Courage & Clairsentience
Location: Center Chest

Fifth (Throat) Chakra – Self Expression, Will, Creativity & Clairaudience
Location: Throat area

Sixth (Brow) Chakra – Imagination & Clairvoyance
Location: Between eyebrows

Seventh (Crown) Chakra – Inspiration & Claircognizance
Location: Crown of head

Eighth (Universal Heart) Chakra – Cosmic Love & Divine Mother
Location: Thymus area just about heart

Ninth (Earth Star) Chakra – Connection to Mother Earth & Elemental Realm
Location: Six inches beneath your feet

Through your journey of clearing energy blockages from your Chakra energy system you will learn about the particular patterns of energetic blockage that surface for release so that you can experience full integration and healing for your body, mind and soul.

What experiences did you have using this breathing meditation?

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