Chakra Manifesting

chakra_1 (3)You naturally manifest your desires into material reality through your chakras. You do this automatically at the non-conscious level.

Here’s how you do it!

Manifesting and Liberating Currents

There are two currents or streams of life force energy flowing through you, a manifesting current and a liberating current.

The manifesting current flows downward through the center of your being; it descends through the crown of your head and out through the soles of your feet and deep into the Earth.

The liberating current flows upward through the center of your being; it ascends from the soles of your feet through the center of your being and out through the crown of your head.

Chakras are gateways of consciousness for manifesting in earthly planes of experience. For instance your higher chakras are your windows of perceptions about transcendent states of consciousness.

For instance your 7th chakra is about receiving inspiration and new ideas which then drop down into your 6th chakra where your intelligence and awareness examines them for potential incarnation.

Here the idea must resonate with your values and judgments. If the idea is accepted it then drops down into your 5th chakra for further activation through your creative will and intention to manifest.

Then the idea moves on in its journey into manifestation as it touches your 4th (heart) chakra center. Is this an idea you can feel passionate about? If the idea passes the heart’s acceptance it will manifest in some form.

The next stages of manifestation occur by giving roots to your idea in the earthly world.

The lower chakras are the roots for incarnating the transpersonal levels of consciousness that are flowing into manifestation.

The 3rd chakra is your center of personal power, self esteem and self love. Do you have the personal will power to manifest your idea in the world, or will you join forces with others to help you manifest your desire.

As the idea drops into the 2nd chakra of co-creation relationships are formed for bringing the idea into physical form. Nothing can manifest without partnership. For example you need suppliers for the materials needed to create a product idea, and customers to sell your products and services.

It is in the 1st chakra that your idea must grow deep roots of belonging in the world; only then can it receive the necessary nourishment to enjoy long term growth and prosperity.

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Have you ever experienced using your chakras for manifesting your desires into physical reality?


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