Crescent New Moon public domain NASACancer New Moon
1:08am PT on June 27, 2014

NEW 12 YEAR CYCLE STARTS NOW in this area of your life where the Cancer New Moon is located.

Jupiter’s station in Cancer denotes the closing of a 12 year cycle for you related to your foundations, home, family, security issues, self nurturance and self care.

Something that began around 2001 has been concluding and you are beginning a whole new creation cycle in the area of your life where Cancer is in your astrology chart.

There’s been much Water Magic available to you multiplied by trines that have been occurring over the past year between Neptune and Chiron in the water sign of Pisces and Saturn in the water sign of Scorpio.

Your dreams, synchronicities and psychic impressions over the past year have provided you with helpful guidance about your best course of action. Much has been revealed and the emotional intensity will begin to subside once Jupiter departs Cancer to station in Leo for a year.

Jupiter in Cancer will be expanding your awareness about matters related to your roots, early childhood, memories, foundations, home, family and self nurturance.

What this means is that you can trust you are supported to realize your true desires and that things are being worked out for you (behind the scenes) if you’re facing any challenges.

At this time your intuitions are growing and becoming stronger and clearer as your Jupiter and your personal planets light up Cancer and form trines to Saturn and Neptune.

CLICK HERE to for the June 2014 Astrology Video with Cancer New Moon Astrology.

This Cancer New Moon is powerful for setting your new moon intentions for your desires related to nurturance and support which includes establishing healthy boundaries for yourself.

The Cancer New Moon is excellent for manifesting your most deep and essential emotional needs and desires, as well as healing and releasing any blocks to their fulfillment.

This Cancer New Moon Healing and Manifesting Meditation will connect you even more deeply with this new wave of energy being birthed at this time.

Perform your Cancer New Moon Ritual before the Moon goes Void of Course on June 28th at 6:03pm PT.

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*Note about timing your Meditation activation: If for some reason this window of time is impractical for you simply set your intention when performing your meditation that it be activated in the New Moon window of time whether you are actually performing your meditation before or after that time.

Candle flame white candle burning with darkness surrounding public domain imageCancer New Moon Healing & Manifesting Meditation
June 27th @1:08an PT

For this Cancer New Moon Meditation you will need a white candle. Make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Light your white candle. Gaze into the candle flame as you begin to breathe in fully and deeply.

Feel the cells in your body wake up with renewed energy and life as you breathe.

Allow your self to relax and release any tension with each and every exhalation.

Archangel Gabriel public domain image guardian of KG Stiles websiteNow call upon the Archangel Gabriel to assist you with your meditation.

Gabriel’s name means ‘God is my strength’. Gabriel is the Angel that oversees conception and birth of children, ideas and projects. Gabriel assists you with your communication and is the protector of the water element within you.

Gabriel watches over events in the west symbolizing new horizons and vistas opening for you. Gabriel is also the Angel of Resurrection and New Beginnings.

Gabriel assists with purification, rebirth and creativity. Gabriel is the Creator’s Messenger of mercy and bestows peace upon your body, mind and emotions.

Continue breathing as you focus you awareness in your lower abdomen. See a beautiful ball of pink colored light radiating and pulsing with vibrant life force energy.

Allow this pink ball of radiant and vibrating light to grow to a size that feels right for you.

Now place both of your hands across your lower abdomen and begin to rub your belly. Feel the fullness of your belly pregnant with life and possibility.

Allow images to surface for you now.

What potentials do you see coming into being for you.

Do you feel any resistance, fear or anxiety to your dream thoughts coming into reality for you. If so use the power of your breath to release any resistance that may surface. Just breathe any resistance gently away.

Repeat to yourself. “I am open and receptive; pregnant with the pure potentiality growing within me and manifesting into my life.”

Breathe in and feel yourself open to receive the gifts life has for you.

Allow your feelings to elevate to excitement and joy as ideas and imaginations about your ideal life continue to flow forth.

Promise yourself, “I will cherish and nourish these dreams consistently with tenderness, so they may grow and flourish.”

“Thank you Gabriel for assisting me with nurturing and caring for my dreams, projects and ideas that I give birth to.”

Allow yourself to feel the joy of life pregnant with possibilities to flow through you.

Rest in the knowing that you are always completely supported by Divine Love.

The Cancer New Moon energies intensify your deeply buried feelings helping them to surface for release and realization. Continue with this process until you feel complete.

When you feel complete with this birthing ritual for manifesting and healing your desires and dreams shift your focus to the area of your universal heart (8th chakra) midway between your throat and heart. See a pink thread of light connecting you with your soul energy field.

Your soul energy field looks like a halo of light surrounding your body. It is radiant with rainbow white light. You are going to focus on the pink ray of the rainbow spectrum of light your soul energy field contains.

Breathe in the pink light of love available to you through the cosmic egg that is your soul energy field.

Allow the radiant creative and healing force of Divine Cosmic Love to transform and heal your heart, mind body and soul at the deepest level. Any resistance to being a pure channel of light and love now melts away in the light of Divine Cosmic Love.

Now allow the cosmic energies available to you to restructure and heal any old patterns.

Continue to breathe and let go of any tension.

Feel yourself relax more and more deeply with each and every breath.

Allow yourself to absorb the healing light of Divine Cosmic Love while joined with like minded others in the universal heart as the Divine Feminine power activates healing within your cells at the subatomic level.

When you feel complete bring your awareness back into present time. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Stretch your body gently. Breathe in deeply once more and exhale as you open your eyes.

Thank Archangel Gabriel for assisting you with your meditation.

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Love -KG

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