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Healing Meditations Blog

Aries Lunar Eclipse ‘How to Be Great’ &
‘Releasing Emotional Attachments’
Meditation & Ceremony with
Archangels Raphael & Ariel

On October 8th we have the 15º Aries Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse exactly conjunct Uranus at 3:51am PT. You let go of something operating from your past for good. This is a sudden release and ending. The Aries Lunar Eclipse within 4º of the South Node indicates completion of a karmic or repeating pattern or situation that has bound you to the past that is now being released.

You’re awakening to the realization that your outer world mirrors your inner state of being and given opportunities to make adjustments in your habits and routines to create more peace and prosperity.

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Health Mastery Blog

Are You Living Your Genius?
An Up Close Interview with KG Stiles

For the past 30+ years KG Stiles has worked as a Metaphysician in the Healing Arts assisting tens of thousands of individuals and clients to resolve their challenges to creating the life they truly desire for themselves. KG’s clients have included entrepreneurs and top executives, and her advice and services have been used by internationally famous celebrities and athletes, as well as individuals, small business owners, spa therapists, hospitals and medical centers.

KG discovered early on in her professional practice that what was holding her clients back from healing and overcoming their life issues were primarily based in energetic and emotional blockages to self-expression. She also correlated her findings of her client’s resistance to healing and/or recurring health challenges and emotional patterns of suffering to specific astrological data in a client’s astrology chart.

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Essential Oil Blogs

Are You Concerned About Breast Health
for Yourself or Someone You Love?
How to Keep Your Breast Healthy!

First off it is important for both men and women to attend to regular Breast Health Care for enhancing breast tissue health. Many people do not realize that men have breast tissue, but they do.

And, though it is much less common, men can develop breast cancer.

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