Bi-Weekly Astrology Forecast
Aquarius New Moon to Leo Full Moon
Jan 30 to Feb 14, 2014

KG Stiles, Metaphysican & Intuitive Astrologer

Master number 11 Activated Launch New Rocket of Desire
Control Your Passions to Experience Generosity and Stability
Chinese New Year Green Wooden Horse
Rapid Evolution and Growth

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Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology. This is your bi-weekly astrology forecast from the Aquarius New Moon on January 30th through the Leo Full Moon on February 14th.

The 11º Aquarius New Moon is exact on January 30th at 1:38pm PT.

On January 24th leading up to your Aquarius New Moon experience you have a fantastic opportunity come your way as Mercury (the Connector) at 20º Aquarius exactly Sexties Mars (the planet of energy and taking action).

Your mind is clear and your drive to take action are working harmoniously. Your thoughts are optimistic and highly charged with energy. You may have an opportunity to meet someone who really inspires you and is a positive influence and decide to form an alliance with them. Or you may have some truly inspired thinking occur that motivates you to take action.

On the very next day January 25th you meet with resistance or a conflict  as Mercury squares off with Saturn. Your authority or ability to move forward may be questioned and you’ll need to be very firm and clear about what you agree to now. Stand in your truth and be prepared to walk away! Or negotiate your away around any blocks as feels right for you in your situation.

On January 29th the Sun (your life force energy) at 9º Aquarius perfectly Sextiles Uranus (the Awakener). You feel alive, original and enthusiastic in your approach now. Some sudden opportunity may come your way to further your purpose in life.

These planetary influences leading to your Aquarius New Moon experience on January 30th prepare you to open and release any resistance to becoming fully empowered. Now is a time to own your authentic power and open your mind to receive.

On January 30th we have the Aquarius New Moon at 11º Aquarius exact at 1:38pm PT.

The Sabian symbol for 11º Aquarius is, “During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life.” Contemplate this symbol and see what message it has for you.

The number 11 is highlighted throughout 2014 and especially so in February. The number 11 is a Master Number and represents powerful choice points for you.

Your decision to commit yourself to take the high road of Self Mastery in February and throughout 2014 allows for your speedy transition to a completely new life for yourself.

The 11º Aquarius New Moon (your emotional needs) is conjunct the Sun (your sense of purpose in life) and Sextile to Uranus (the Awakener). Your emotional needs and will force come together to seed a new vision for your life at this time.

The 11º Aquarius New Moon is in a wide conjunction to the first magnitude star Altair (the Eagle) which though wide may play a significant role for some of you. There can be sudden good fortune and your feeling of courage is elevated now.

The 11º Master Number of the Aquarian New Moon’s conjunct to the star Altair (The Eagle) mirrors the numbers of the famous voyage of the Apollo 11 (master number) to the Moon. The LEM Lunar Excursion Module that took Neil Armstrong and Buz Aldrin to the surface of the Moon on July 20, 1969 was named The Eagle. 1969 was also a 7 universal year as is 2014.

The sign Aquarius rules the stars, aerospace, astronomy and astrology. With Uranus because it is a fixed sign there is tremendous resistance when initiating a change. Just like gravity exerts resistance and a rocket must have tremendous propelling force to break free its force once it does achieve that maximum amount of force required it blasts forward suddenly and is free.

This describes the potential breaking free available to you for setting a new vision for your life and achieving your goals and intentions for yourself which will meet with resistance as your two personal planets Mercury and Mars slow down and retrograde. This resistance will subside as you move further into 2014 and especially after July.

I just want to convey to you that there is great potential available for your rapid evolution and growth at this time, especially in the area of your life where Aquarius is and if you have personal planets in aspect to it.

At the time of the Aquarius New Moon Venus (what you love and value) is Conjunct Pluto (the transformer) and the pair are exactly opposed to Jupiter (the planet that expands and brings good fortune).

What’s been hidden comes to the surface and is exposed for good purposes. Deep transformation and healing can occur now. It’s like a deep emotional scar or wound to your heart is healed through these planetary contacts.

Your counsel for the 11º Aquarius New Moon is to keep your passions under control so that the generosity and loyalty promised by this degree can be fully expressed.

During the time of the Aquarius New Moon your mind is clear, imaginative, and open to other points of view. You appreciate the complexity of human nature and accept other people’s flaws and idiosyncrasies. Now is a good time to be alone and ponder what matters most to you. Success can be achieved in changing your way of thinking, your perceptions, attitudes and beliefs.

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On January 31st the day after the Aquarius New Moon Venus conjunct Pluto at 13º Capricorn stations Direct. You’ve cleared a lot of clutter from your heart since December when Venus stationed Retrograde.

What you value has gone through a thorough review and now you’ll begin moving forward. You feel renewed and refreshed in your heart. Your feeling of self valuing has gone through a major upgrade and you’ve cleared out old negative feelings that lowered your feeling of self worth.

You’ll be making new love commitments as Venus begins a new synodic cycle that lasts about 584 days. During this time you will be making new friends and alliances and implementing the changes of heart you made during Venus Retrograde cycle.

Capricorn governs your 10th house, so your status in the world is set to change. You may get married, or divorced, have a child, or change your profession. In some way you will achieve a new status in your world that is aligned with what you value and hold most dear.

On this same day Venus stations Direct Mercury moves into Pisces (ruled by Neptune the higher octave of Venus). Your thoughts soften to support your heart’s forward movement and you open to expressing your emotions and what you truly feel. Your thoughts are more compassionate and your mind is open to connecting with others.

Also January 31st is the Chinese New Year of the Wooden (Green) Horse. Life will now pick up pace through 2014 despite the drag exerted from your personal planets being retrograde.

The Wooden Green horse is like a young pony full of energy enthusiastic about new ventures though young and sometimes foolish.

You’ll be challenged to keep up with the pace of change this year. The Green Horse is great for trying out new things and making fresh starts! Next year we move into the Earth Goat when stability will be the focus and you’ll see your heart-centered plans come to realization. This year, however, everything is up for renewal and the energy is fresh and restorative, so go for the changes readily available to you and be open to trying new things.

Your emotions will be fluid and freed up especially after March 1 when Venus leaves her retrograde shadow and moves into Aquarius. Your mind and drive for taking action may feel sluggish for some time to come which may a be good thing as you’ll be more inclined to act from the wisdom of your heart, honoring and valuing yourself and your relationships with others.

On February 6th we have the First Quarter Moon at 18º Taurus which forms a T-Square to the Sun in Aquarius and Saturn in Scorpio. So, what you value and the course you’re set on may go through a little testing as to its viability.

The First Quarter Moon is in a nice fluid trine to Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, so stand in your heart and the truth of what feels right for you and you will meet with support and feel empowered.

On the same day as the First Quarter Moon Mercury stations Retrograde your thinking slows down even more. Your thoughts feel open, fluid and soft. It’s an excellent time for dreaming and meditating, but not for making clear decisions.

Mercury entered its shadow on January 22nd, so think back to that day. Did anything occur? Whatever happened on this day will return in some way during Mercury’s retrograde as you process and make adjustments in your way of thinking.

Whatever house Mercury is in during its retrograde phase is being reviewed. All the re-words happen now in this house. Things that may have been lost related to this area of your life may return now and you’ll have an opportunity to complete and release people and things, so that something new may happen in this area of you life.

CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE VIDEO about the Meaning of the 12 Houses of the Zodiac for insight about what Mercury’s retrograde cycle may bring to you for completion so your mind is freed up to move on.

From February 10th to the 12th there are significant events and openings that take place for you that will likely prove to be key deciding factors in your own self empowerment and moving forward with your plans as the Grand Cardinal Cross is activated by the Moon (your emotional needs) in Cancer conjunct Jupiter (the planet of expansion and good fortune) opposing Pluto (the transformer) and Venus (the planet of love) in Capricorn and square Mars (planet of drive and taking action) in Libra.

The Moon and Jupiter are also trine Mercury now Retrograde and Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. This trine is connected to Pluto and Venus in Capricorn forming a kite pattern.

This represents a recurring theme. Once again you’re challenged to rise above previous circumstances that have held you hostage or blocked your way forward and dream a new dream for yourself. Find new innovative solutions to old problems.

You need to have a wait see attitude and control your passions to be guided through any seeming turmoil. See the tension as a false dragon that has no real power except what you give it.

During this time Mercury has dipped back into Aquarius helping you to review and re-freshen your way of thinking, so that it’s more original and innovative.

Then on February 13th the North Node moves into the sign of Libra where it will remain until November 2015. What you have been focused on over the past 18 months or so is now complete and you begin to focus on new objectives for fulfilling your goals and life purpose.

Then on February 14th we have the Leo Full Moon at 26º Leo exact at 3:53pm bringing illumination, celebration and completion to the areas of your life where the Moon and Sun are located.

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This is a birthday celebration moon for those of you with strong Leo influence in your chart. Do something to recognize how far you’ve come and all that you’ve achieved since the Leo New Moon last August. The Leo Full Moon also marks the first station of completion for your Aquarius New Moon intentions set two weeks ago.

The Leo Full Moon always has a bit of drama and emotional flare to it. This one is excessively so as it’s making a stellar trine to Uranus (the Awakener) in its sister sign of Aries and Sextiles Mars (the planet of action) in Libra. These planetary aspects represent a rocket of pure desire taking off!

The Sun is conjunct Mercury and trine to Mars. So, you have the ability to negotiate your way through any challenges.

The tension may feel extreme as the Sun Moon opposition that makes the Leo Full Moon forms a T-Square with stern Saturn. So you will be required to make necessary adjustments and face the reality of your situation.

However, all the elements for peaceful negotiation and finding win-win solutions are present and you are completely supported.

Well those are your bi-weekly astrology highlights from the Aquarius New Moon on January 30th through the Leo Full Moon on February 14th.

I’ll give you even more insights about what you can expect at the Leo Full Moon and how you can make the most of your opportunities in my next bi-weekly video astrology forecast. Look forward to seeing you then!

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Aquarius New Moon to Leo Full Moon
Jan 30 to Feb 14, 2014
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