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kg-astrology-office-helloAre you feeling like you are mean’t to do so much more in your business and life than your current life path allows?

Would you like to breakthrough repeating business and life patterns? 

Are you ready to get to the root cause of what’s been holding you back from full self expression in your business and life?

Are you willing to take responsibility for the quality of your business and life experience and step into your own true greatness?

Your astrology chart is your map to success and happiness in life and business. It contains a vast repository of wisdom about you and your soul’s journey, including success in your professional and business life. It is the doorway to living your genius and loving your life.

As an intuitive business & lifestyle astrologer coach I collaborate with you to help you align with your business goals and life purpose to navigate your way more harmoniously through any challenges you are facing using the map of your astrology chart.

By embarking on the, ‘Be Your Greater Self’ Coaching Program, you’ll learn how to begin to see how events occurring in your life are working for you and how you can use these natural forces to advance your business objectives.

Some of the areas of your business & life that can benefit:


  • Planning and Timing of Events
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Discovering Your Passion and Life Calling
  • Developing Curiosity and Creativity
  • Understanding Where You Are and Plotting a Course to Where You Want to Go
  • Best Location for Your Business
  • Grow Your Business & Increase Your Profits

As your private one-on-one Business & Lifestyle Coach I’ll be with you every step of the way helping you to face any challenges and realize your dreams.

I know the territory and the journey and how to interpret what you’re experiencing at whatever stage of your business or professional life, so that you can breakthrough to new levels in your business with greater ease and clarity.

Your business awareness will grow exponentially as will the results you achieve. Your insights will anchor a completely new context for how to do business which is absolutely key for creating a fulfilling and rewarding business and life experience.

kg_client_astrology-coachingThe transformation you’ll experience in business and life can seem rather miraculous and mysterious; however, it is practically grounded in the five step proven methodology I’ve developed using my ‘Genius Blueprint’ coaching system.

My clients are dynamic and purposefully engaged in effecting growth for themselves and their business. They expect me to allow them the personal freedom to choose what’s right for them, as well as to help them more fully engage in what makes them truly unique as individuals.

Some of the tags my clients use when talking about their experience of working with me:

Felt an immediate connection
Depth of understanding about what I’m going through
Created a safe space to explore deeper issues in my business
Spot on loving insight and guidance
Many positive changes in my business, including increased income
Improved working relationships
Clarity of business direction and how to get there
Courage to be myself
Increased self worth and confidence
Energy dramatically improved
Realization that what I want is important
Trusted go-to advisor
Saved my life
No longer fear the future
Saved me time and money
Results when nothing else worked
Picks up on key issues instantly and what’s most needed
Positive shift in beliefs and attitudes
Started a brand new life for myself
Accelerated my results
Enjoy being in the comfort of my own office while having coaching sessions

Are you ready to commit to your own true greatness? There’s nothing more I’d love than helping you get the results you desire in business and life. If you’re serious about creating a business and life that you love I can help!

You can apply to join my ‘Be Your Greater Self’ coaching program. It’s simple to apply just click the link below and complete the online application form. This application is simply designed to help me understand if you’re a good fit for the program (If I don’t feel I can help I’ll simply let you know).

Immediately after submitting your application you’ll receive a link to sign-up for a FREE ‘Genius Blueprint’ strategy session with me.

Having an initial strategy session with me helps us both know if we’re a good fit for working together.

My FREE ‘Genius Blueprint’ strategy session is for you if you are ready to make a commitment and investment in yourself by joining my coaching program (requires six month to one year commitment).

‘Genius Blueprint’ Strategy Session ($450. Value)
KG Stiles, Intuitive Astrolger Coach
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