Back Pain Relief Distant Healing – What Clients Say!


“I had 2 herniated discs in my neck which were causing draining pain and affecting my elbows and hands as well. Daily living was stressful, painful and exhausting. Allopathic medicine had named the problem but their therapies had failed me miserably, only making the problem worse! For 3 months I’d been unable to sleep for more than 4 or 5 hours a night. For some reason, I felt drawn to aromatherapy, and while surfing the net was led to KG’s site. I started reading about Bowen Technique and realized it might help my body heal. That was an understatement. The work (Bowen and BodyTalk) was deeply relaxing and healing. We did this as distance healing and I never would have expected it to be so effective. I don’t exactly know how it works, but it works! KG is a very inspiring and motivational healer. After about a month I am not only 90% healed physically, but am back on track with good spiritual habits that had fallen by the wayside – an excellent side benefit that will keep me healthy! I consider KG a great resource. She has tremendous knowledge and is very generous in sharing it. Her recommendations were right on target, just what my body needed to heal and rejuvenate. I have explored and used many different healing techniques in my lifetime and KG is definitely one of the best, most effective healers I’ve ever met.”
~Laura Schaeffer, Chicago, IL

“I first sought KG’s help in the summer of 2002. I’d suffered with chronic sciatica and lower back pain for most of my life and my left elbow ached and was tender to the touch. I’m a professional landscapist and my work can be physically demanding. By the end of my first session I was feeling much better, most of my back and sciatic pain had dissolved. My elbow pain was gone. Initially I saw KG for 4 sessions at about 1 week intervals. Eighteen (18) months past with absolutely NO PAIN!!

Then I was under some stress and strain at work and my lower lumbar pain returned, but no sciatica. My shoulders were also tight from heavy manual labor. Again I enjoyed relief from my session with KG and decided I could benefit from seeing her for ongoing Health Mastery Wellness Care. Now I see her for monthly tune-ups. I continue to experience improvements on many levels, including a chronic eye twitch and shoulder girdle overuse syndrome.

I’ve used KG’s Aromatherapy products PurePlant Essentials™ successfully for flu prevention and care and as a sleep aid. I also benefited greatly from attending KG’s seminar, “Success Breakthroughs,” and learned helpful tools for healing, as well as working with my subconscious mind which have been very empowering! I appreciate KG’s excellent care and highly recommend ALL of her products and services.”
~ Jim VanderVeen, age 59 Professional Landscapist

I’ve suffered from chronic pain since childhood. I consider KG Stiles extraordinarily qualified, ahead of her time and very compassionate. She gently encourages progress without judgment. I recommend her without reservation!”
~ Anne Spillar

“My lower back pain is 95% better. Thank you! I feel you’re pretty incredible and thorough. I would highly recommend you to anyone in pain. Not only are you good at what you do, you’re very kind and giving. I’m glad I met you! Thank you!”
~ Kristy DeLuca

“I was skeptical at first, as the technique was unknown to me. My neck pain of 1 year’s duration was eliminated in 3 sessions. Amazing results. My friend, visiting from Toronto, had 2 sessions for her chronic back pain; she felt enough relief to continue with a practitioner in her home area and began studies to become a Bowtech therapist. I often recommend KG Stiles to folks.”
~ Rebecca Dworkin

“After trying many methods of pain relief for my neck and back caused from car accidents and overwork, I thought I would have to just learn to live with the pain. Being only 27 that concept was very concerning for my quality of life ahead. Fed up with the notion I was open to any suggestions. When my mother came across an ad for KG Stiles and the Bowtech therapy, I had nothing to lose and made the appointment immediately. My only regret was not calling KG sooner. The results were amazing for both my mind and body. Before that day I couldn’t think back to a time when I wasn’t in some kind of pain from my neck and back and with one session I was virtually pain free.” ~ Lishia Daniels, Loan Officer

“After knee surgery I found that the hobbling around necessary for recovery was leading to lower back pain due to the inability of my knee to support swinging of my leg forward, across midline. Bowtech not only eased the pain, but loosened both my knee and back, allowing me to resume a normal gait. Amazingly it took only two weeks!”
~ Kit Dickey, Safety and Events Manager, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

“I’d suffered with chronic SI joint pain for many years with little, or no relief from traditional treatments. I decided to try Bowtech and after one session was pain free! KG also gave me relief from a painful neck and jaw, and chronic migraine headaches. I relax more deeply during a Bowtech session than any other kind of bodywork I’ve ever received, also the benefits are lasting. I recommend KG and Bowtech to everyone!”
~ Denise Richards, Retailer

“KG treated me for low back pain and sciatica. After one treatment I improved dramatically. On my second visit I told her about my chronic golfer’s elbow which she treated. By the third session I was entirely pain free and felt physically stronger and more energetic that I had in years. Thanks KG!! I’m telling everyone about you.”
~ Debi Thomas

“My hip ached terribly since the birth of my child several months earlier. Also my TMJ and shoulders were tight and painful. I was sleep deprived, depressed, and overweight with food cravings. After one session my neck and shoulders were much improved, my hip ached less, and I was sleeping better. By my fourth session all my symptoms had resolved, my depression had lifted, and I was no longer experiencing food cravings. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”
~ Carolyn Moss