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Astrology Taurus Solar Eclipse New Moon April 28, 2014
Future World Revelation!


Annular Solar Eclipse
Ring of Fire
April 28th 11:14pm PT

Dynamic Astrology leading to your Taurus Solar Eclipse experience of Self Revelation!

BIG CHANGE is flowing on the collective currents. Surf the air waves and it’s on every channel.

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Libra Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse
Healing Meditation Ceremony
Celebrate the Divine Idea of You!


25° Libra Full Moon
Total Lunar Eclipse
April 15, 2014 :42am PT
Void of Course

As the Libra Full Moon goes void of course exactly at the Full Moon the best time for your full moon healing ceremony is when the Full Moon enters Scorpio at 9:20am PT on the same day until the Moon goes void of course on April 17th at :09am PT.

This is an especially potent and rather complex Full Moon as it is a Total Lunar Eclipse conjunct Mars retrograde (representing your egoic drive for taking action which is internalized) and activating the Grand Cardinal Cross.

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Astrology Forecast Libra Full Moon
Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Red Moon
Major Game Changers! April 15, 2014


Total Lunar Eclipse
Blood Red Moon
April 15th :42 am PT
(void of course)

Moonscopses Astrology Video Forecast April 2014 
Available HERE

The Cardinal Grand Cross has now been fully activated by the Sun and Mercury. This means your Etheric and Mental Bodies have been electrified by high voltage energy that charges, amplifies, elevates and clears you of stubborn will force patterns of identification, old attitudes and beliefs.

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Your Fears & Frustrations
The Warrior Myth
Overcoming the Enemy Within
New You Instantly!


The myth of the Warrior shows you haw to overcome human frailty, fears, frustrations and indecision through inner courage.

The Warrior Motto: “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to succeed on my quest!” Are you?

Shift to a ‘New You Instantly’ Inner Warrior Meditation (see below)!

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Aries New Moon Chakra Meditation
Major Breakthroughs & Revolution
Create Your Heart’s Desire Ritual


10º Aries New Moon
March 30, 11:48am PT


The 10º (number of creativity and instant manifestation) Aries New Moon is packed with powerful punch for major breakthroughs and initiating a whole new creative cycle in your life.

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Are You a Healer? Answer 5 Questions
The Shadow Side of Healing
(Signs & Symptoms)


You are born with the natural capacity to heal and have a healing influence on your world and other people in your life!

It is not necessary to have a vocation as healer to have a contract to act as a healer in your life.

Want to find out if you have a contract to be a healer?

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Virgo Full Moon Celebration
Healing Meditaton Ceremony Ritual

Full Moon public domain image NASA

26° Virgo Full Moon
Sunday, March 16th, 10:08am PDT 

Virgo was the original sign of healing in the zodiac. Virgo’s modern ruler is Chiron (the archetype of the wounded healer). It’s old ruler is the planet Mercury (the archetype of the messenger).

Now is a time of healing your wounds and releasing limiting and self sabotaging attitudes and beliefs to make way for new and healthier ways of connecting and communicating within your self (inner talk) and with others to support the healing that’s available to you now.

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Sleep Loss – 22 Sleep Deprivation Facts
& Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep


STUDIES SHOW daylight savings time alters your sleep cycle. Loss of an hour can result in sleep deprivation, sleepless nights & fatal accidents.

  1. Sleep Loss studies have shown that daylight savings time alters your sleep cycle. Gaining an hour on the clock is reported to result in increased performance and lower fatal road accidents. Whereas loss of an hour can result in sleep deprivation and can throw you into a tailspin of sleepless nights. Sleep deprivation attributes to 1 out every 6 fatal car accidents.

  2. Anything less than five minutes to fall asleep at night can mean you’re sleep deprived. Research suggests the ideal period of time to fall asleep is between 10 and 15 minutes.

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Horoscope Predictions Aries New Moon
Astrology Forecast March 26 – 30, 2014

10º Aries New Moon
March 30, 20014 @11:45am PT

On March 26th Mercury at 11º Pisces trines Jupiter in Cancer. This aspect represents expansion of your spiritualized ideals and the healing of your higher mind and heart. Transcendent and healing energies are available to open and heal you now.

The very next day on March 27th Mercury now at 13º Pisces conjuncts Chiron (the wounded healer). Chiron conjunct Mercury sextiles Pluto (the transformer) at 13º Capricorn. Powerful healing potential is available to the established structures in your life and to the world at large. Healing your subconscious mind and what has been hidden or secret is highlighted.

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Detoxification & Healing
Juicing & Essential Oils to Use
How to Detoxify Body Safely & Effectively
from Poisons, Heavy Metals & Toxins


Simplest, easiest solutions for you to get started juicing right now and essential oils to use – all your questions answered!

Ever wonder exactly how you could get ALL of the recommended daily amount of vegetables and fruits into your diet? The simple answer, Juicing!

One of the best things you can do to promote health, healing and longevity is to introduce fresh juice into your diet as part of your overall nutrition plan.

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