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Soul Astrology with
Astrologer & Mystic Dr. Jude Currivan


Today I’m excited to be speaking with my friend Dr. Jude Currivan. Jude is a Soul Astrologer and Mystic and works with the higher frequency energies being birthed in the Cosmos.

On the show Jude talks about 1) the planets as spiritual teachers, 2) Saturn’s role in the cosmos, and 3) the meaning and purpose of Saturn’s sojourn through the sign of Sagittarius through December 2017, plus much more about the evolution of consciousness and its relationship to astrology.

Jude holds a PhD in Archaeology, and a Masters Degree in Physics from Oxford University with a specialty in cosmology and quantum physics and is the author of several books by Hay House, including The 13th Step and The 8th Chakra.

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January 2015 Cancer Full Moon
Birth New Possibilities

Full Moon public domain NASA

The Cancer Full Moon is conjunct Sirius (the dog star – Sirius is a First Degree Fixed Wealth Star and is the Sun of our Sun). The Cancer Full Moon is pregnant with possibility for your giving birth to a new home space.

This could represent an actual new home or place of residence. Or, even more profound giving birth to a new space and relationship with yourself, within yourself.

I will pull an angel card at the end of today’s show for even greater insight about this time period.

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Aries Lunar Eclipse ‘How to Be Great’ &
‘Releasing Emotional Attachments’
Meditation & Ceremony with
Archangels Raphael & Ariel


On October 8th we have the 15º Aries Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse exactly conjunct Uranus at 3:51am PT. You let go of something operating from your past for good. This is a sudden release and ending. The Aries Lunar Eclipse within 4º of the South Node indicates completion of a karmic or repeating pattern or situation that has bound you to the past that is now being released.

You’re awakening to the realization that your outer world mirrors your inner state of being and given opportunities to make adjustments in your habits and routines to create more peace and prosperity.

FIND OUT MORE about the Aries Lunar Eclipse in my ‘September – October 2014 Fall Eclipse Season Forecast’ HERE.

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Letting Go of the Pain of Your Past
Healing Your Emotions
Pluto Station Direct in Capricorn


It’s intense on planet Earth as we go through the multiple shifts and changes in our individual lives. No sooner does it seem things are headed one way when they suddenly do an about face and head another way.

I hear this repeated scenario from everyone I speak with. Nothing is certain and life events are fast changing. Though that can be good as if you don’t like what’s happening wait a bit and things will have moved on.

Making clear decisions may seem more challenging though more necessary than ever.

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Robin Williams – Astrology
Fate, Free Will & Destiny
End of the Old Dynasty


A common misunderstanding about astrology is that it causes things to happen. Our ancestors certainly understood the connection between themselves as part of nature and the need to align themselves with the cycles and patterns of the moon, stars and planets. 

Today many people do not get the connection between ourselves as beings of nature and our relationship to the movement of the heavens. The “Law of Correspondence” is the principle governing our relationship with the heavens, “as above so below” and “as within so without.”

So the heavens are a metaphor for the natural forces operating within you. There is a correlation between natural events in the heavens and your own internal workings of body, mind, spirit and emotions.

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Aquarius Full Super Moon Meditation
with Archangel Uriel ‘God’s Light’
Release Old Baggage that Blocks You!
Align with Your Higher Purpose & Destiny

Full Moon public domain NASA

18º Aquarius Full Super Moon
August 10 @ 11:09am PT

On August 10th we have the Aquarius Full Super Moon at 18º Aquarius exact at 11:09 am PT. The Annual Perseid Meteor Showers are at their peak at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon.

Though the luminescence of the Full Moon may prevent you from seeing the smaller sized meteor display of radiant light the larger fireball sized meteors should present a stellar light in the heavens accentuating the new freedom available to you know. Will you grasp your opportunity?

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August 2014 Astrology Forecast
Aquarius Super Full Moon & Virgo New Moon

KG Stiles, Metaphysician & Intuitive Astrologer
Professional Practice Since 1980

ITUNES Download Podcast Show OR Cut & Paste this Link into your Browser. Podcastf of Show should be up by August 3rd. I’m still integrating the massive amount of upgrades to all my systems since June. Thanks for your patience!

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Leo New Moon Inner Child Ritual
with Archangel Zadkiel
Midas Touch You Birth New 12 Year Cycle
Creativity, Love, Money, Romance, Investments, Children

Crescent New Moon public domain NASA

4º Leo New Moon I
3:42pm PT on July 26, 2014

This Leo New Moon brings you a stellar opportunity to Connect with Your Inner Child to birth a new 12 year cycle for creative projects and to release any blockages to manifesting your deepest heartfelt passions and desires.

Use this Leo New Moon Inner Child Ritual to prepare your mind and heart for what’s about to be birthed into your life. The first birthing may occur as early as the Aquarius Full Moon in 2 weeks time to six months at the Leo Full Moon and up to 12 years from now.

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Capricorn Full Moon Meditation with Archangel Azrael
Celebrate Endings & New Beginnings

Candle flame white candle burning with darkness surrounding public domain image

The Capricorn Full Moon brings achievement, fulfillment and realization of long awaited rewards.

You may experience hard won success. New realizations about yourself or about your life situation can surface now for integration.

Everything about this Capricorn Full Moon is purposeful and useful to your achieving your desires and objectives in life. So pay especial attention to what happens now.

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Cancer New Moon Meditation with Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel public domain image guardian of KG Stiles website

Cancer New Moon
1:08am PT on June 27, 2014

NEW 12 YEAR CYCLE STARTS NOW in this area of your life where the Cancer New Moon is located.

Jupiter’s station in Cancer denotes the closing of a 12 year cycle for you related to your foundations, home, family, security issues, self nurturance and self care.

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