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August Forecast Astrology
Aquarius Full Moon

AUGUST is an 8 month and 2015 is an 8 year which is a double activation of the power number of alchemy, magic and miracles.

8 = 8 = 16 = 7 the number of spirituality and truth. There’s power for you to do deep soul searching, to face the truth and transform any burdens into treasures available to you this month.

Key areas of transformation and change occur in the sign of Leo. Shifts occurring beneath the surface begins to sprout and become visible after the Leo New Moon on August 14th.

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Cancer New Moon
Healing Childhood Family Roots
End of July Astrology Forecast


Thanks for joining me for a look at your Astrology forecast from now and over the next two weeks, includes the Cancer New Moon Forecast.

On July 15 Cancer New Moon at 23º 14’ Capricorn, exact @6:24pm Pacific time. This is a really emotionally intense new moon.

Over the next couple of weeks the themes that surface for you at the Cancer New Moon will play themselves out as your personal planets the Sun, Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto in Capricorn (illumination of blocks that have held you back) – authority and power issues surface.

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New Venus Cycle – How It Will Affect You
It’s Meaning & Purpose with
Cayelin Castell, Shamanic Astrologer

cayelin castell

Please join my guest Shamanic Astrologer Cayelin Castell on this Conversations’ webinar to learn about the upcoming New Venus Synodic Cycle.

On this webinar you’ll learn about the entire 19 month Venus cycle with Leo Overtones.

The Intent for Venus Retrograde in Leo occurring now ignites the inner Divine Sovereign Queen who lives from Radiant Healthy Self-love inspiring others to do the same.

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July 2015 Astrology Capricorn Full Moon
Let Go & Rise Up!

Full Moon public domain image NASA

Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Love Your Life Astrology. I’m your host KG Stiles intuitive astrologer and metaphysical coach for more than 35 years.

Thank you for joining me for a look at your July Astrology for the Capricorn Full Moon.

The Capricorn Full Moon astrology chart is rather complex with opportunities to integrate weaker aspects of your make-up to strengthen you.

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KG Stiles Unplugged Speaks Openly About
How Astrology Affects Your Life
Full Interview Soul Connections Radio


KG Stiles unplugged talks about the many ways astrology affects and influences your life and helps evolve your consciousness.

KG gives coaching strategies to help you out at this time as she discuses a variety of astrology topics.

Topics include the upcoming Capricorn Full Moon cycle, July 2015 highlights, Venus Retrograde and new Venus cycle, spiritual purpose of planetary retrograde and direct cycles, uranus square pluto that’s completing now, saturn square neptune end of this year through 2016, how astrology helps you evolve your consciousness and much more…

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Gemini New Moon – November 2015
Love Your Self, Love Your Life

On June 16 @ 7:05am PT New Moon 25º 7’ Gemini (void course) until 3:57pm PT when it enters Cancer. Best to do your new moon ritual when the moon enters Cancer. Will be in Cancer until 10:52pm PT on June 18th.

The Gemini moon opposes Saturn and crosses over Mercury on it’s way to exact when the Gemini New Moon conjuncts the Sun and Mars.

The Gemini new moon is sextile Venus, Jupiter and Juno in Leo and sextile Uranus in Aries.

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June Astrology 2015 Overview &
Sagittarius Full Moon Report
Exciting New Love Awakening!

Full Moon public domain image NASA

On today’s show you’ll find out the Key Astrological Trends for June and the astrology of the Sagittarius Moon at 11º 49’ on June 2nd at 9:19 am Pacific.

The Sagittarius Full Moon is conjunct the Fixed Wealth Star Antares (Heart of the Scorpion). Antares is a Royal star and the Archangel Uriel the angel of wisdom and watcher of the West is the angel most associated with the Sagittarius Full Moon.

Also the asteroid Athena, the warrior goddess, is stationed in Sagittarius lending you power and support for much of 2015.

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Rose Essential Oil Emotional Freedom

photo of a Damask rose

The Damask rose (Rosa damascena)
Find out how you can solve health challenges and enhance your health and beauty with essential oils.

Today I talk about THE Queen of Essential Oils, Rose oil. Rose pure essential oil also called Rose Otto or Rose Atter. The Latin botanical name for Rose is Rosa damascena. I will give you the key characteristics and uses for you to know about for Rose oil and promise to let you know where you can find out even more at the end of today’s show.

Rose oil is a distinctly feminine oil. Inhaling even a single drop of Rose oil can have a transformative effect on the mind and emotions. It takes about thirty roses to produce one single drop of pure Rose oil. Rose oil frees your emotions and is useful for hormonal balance.

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Astrology Taurus New Moon May 2015


On today’s show I’ll talk about the astrology of the Taurus New Moon at 28º 56’ on May 17th at 9:13pm Pacific. The Taurus New Moon is conjunct the Fixed Wealth Star Alycyone (the Central Star of the Pleiades).

As well I’ll talk about the key astrological trends occurring for you now. I’ll give The ASCENDED MASTER, ANGEL & SABIAN SYMBOL RELATED TO the Taurus New Moon at the end of today’s show.

All of the information I share with you on the show is based in my own practical experience working intuitively as an astrologer with clients for more than 35 years.

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Soulmate Lovers with
Authors, Mali Apple & Joe Dunn

SML cover front small

Today I’m excited to be speaking with Mali Apple and Joe Dunn.
Mali and Joe are relationship coaches, lovers, and best friends. Their bestselling book ‘The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships’ won an International Book Awards gold medal and a Living Now Awards silver medal. The Soulmate Experience has helped thousands of people around the world to create deeply connected relationships. Mali and Joe just released the sequel, ‘The Soulmate Lover: A Guide to Passionate and Lasting Love, Sex, and Intimacy.’

Mali and Joe will talk about ‘Conscious Romantic Love and how to connect for lasting love.’ From finding out how to attract a partner who is ready for a deeply intimate relationship to how to create sizzle with your partner that burns for years Mali and Joe have the answers for you. You’ll learn how to energize your spirit and heal your emotional, and sexual connections, so you connect more deeply in the present and with future love.

As an added treat to sweeten this extraordinary show I look at the astrology charts of these two soulmate lovers and uncover gems about connecting with your mates that spells true love and romance. It’s incredible what I discovered about these two soulmate lover’s in their synastry chart.

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