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How to Heal Yourself with Dr. Angela Longo
Author ‘Relationshifting’

dr angela longo belly dance photo

Would you love to know how to heal your life (body, mind, spirit and emotions) and live a resplendent, radiant, and glorious life?

Instead of what most of us experience, a life filled with struggle, conflict, and illness.

On today’s ‘Conversations’ webinar show Dr. Angela Longo will teach you how ‘Relationshifting’ creates a bridge to a new you and a new life! Relationshifting is based upon Dr. Angela Longo’s more than forty years of clinical experience.

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Chakra Wisdom & Life Purpose Divination
Tori Hartman, Intuitive Author

Tori Hartman photo 2015

On today’s ‘Conversations’ webinar show I’ll be speaking with Renowned Psychic, Author and Spiritual Teacher Tori Hartman. After a near-death experience about 25 years ago, Tori began having encounters with angels that revealed profound teachings and fables that became the basis for her #1 best-selling, ‘Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards and Toolkit.’ Tori’s newest program is the, ‘Life Purpose Divination,’ system.

On the show Tori talks about her experience with angels and what that was like for her. She also talks about the necessity for roadblocks in one’s life for realizing your destiny and how she teaches people to turn off the voices in their head and hear their intuition.

Aloha & welcome to Conversations to Enlighten and Heal. Conversations is sponsored by PurePlant Essentials organic aromatherapy. I’m your host KG Stiles. Please subscribe to, so you never miss a show.

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Astrology Aries New Moon
Angel & Ascended Master
April 18th

Crescent New Moon public domain NASA

On today’s show I’ll talk about the astrology of the Aries New Moon on April 18th, the Angel and Ascended Master to call upon to assist you at this time, as well as the key astrological shifts occurring in the month of April.

The Angel over watching the area of the heavens where the Aries New Moon is located is Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is the Watcher of the South. Call upon Archangel Michael to cut any cords of attachment with your past to free yourself completely to move forward to realize your highest potential.

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Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Forecast
Vedic Astrologer & Tarot Master
Mo Abdelbaki


On today’s ‘Conversations’ webinar show I’ll be speaking with Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Master Mo Abdelbaki about the spring eclipse season we’re in and today’s ‘Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.’

Mo is of Egyptian heritage and student of the mysteries for over fifty years and has been a professional consultant for over thirty years. Mo’s intensive metaphysical studies have included Tarot, Vedic Astrology, I-Ching, Hermetic Qabalism, Runes and numerous other spiritual systems. Through his lifelong quest into the metaphysical Mo has developed a powerful intuition and accurate tools for guiding thousands of his clients worldwide. On today’s show Mo will open up and freely share his wisdom with you. Get ready for a fun, entertaining and enlightening show.Please join me in welcoming Vedic astrologer Mo Abdelbaki.

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Astrology Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


This second segment with the details of the Astrology of the Libra Lunar Eclipse. I’ll be showing you the astrological patterns and their meaning for you on my 3D astrology program with a horoscope chart for the Libra Lunar Eclipse.

ON TO THE SHOW: The 14º Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4th is exact at 5:05am PT. This is the third Lunar Eclipse in RARE Tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses that appear as Blood Red Moons that began in 2014.  A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon and blocks the Sun’s rays from directly reaching the Moon. Lunar eclipses only happen at Full Moon.

The dates for the Total Lunar Eclipses are April 15 and October 8, 2014 and April 4 and September 27, 2015. The September 27th Lunar Eclipse is a 4º 40’ of Aries at 7:50pm Pacific time. This Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the Harvest Moon, a Supermoon or perigee moon. And THE absolute closest moon to the earth in 2015. This is the fireworks finale and culmination of the celestial events that have been unfolding over the past several years. It is now done!

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Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2015, Part 1
Angels & Ascended Master to Call Upon &
Best Time for Your Ritual

On today’s show I’ll talk about the astrology of the Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4th exact at 5:05am PT.

The show is in two segments. This first second talks about the angels and ascended masters most closely associated with the Libra Lunar Eclipse.

I’ll also cover the numerology active now and the best time to do a libra full moon ritual to set your intentions for what you want to realize at this time.

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A Fireside Chat with Angels
with Angel Intuitive Michelle Patterson


Today we have a very special show for you. I’m excited to be speaking with angel intuitive, Michelle Patterson for ‘A Fireside Chat with Angels.’

Michelle is a gifted angel intuitive and many of you know her. She is the host of the hugely popular weekly Angel Souls YouTube channel.

Today Michelle and I invite you to join us for an intimate and spontaneous chat with angels.

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Are You Living Your Genius?
An Up Close Interview with KG Stiles


For the past 30+ years KG Stiles has worked as a Metaphysician in the Healing Arts assisting tens of thousands of individuals and clients to resolve their challenges to creating the life they truly desire for themselves. KG’s clients have included entrepreneurs and top executives, and her advice and services have been used by internationally famous celebrities and athletes, as well as individuals, small business owners, spa therapists, hospitals and medical centers. 

KG discovered early on in her professional practice that what was holding her clients back from healing and overcoming their life issues were primarily based in energetic and emotional blockages to self-expression. She also correlated her findings of her client’s resistance to healing and/or recurring health challenges and emotional patterns of suffering to specific astrological data in a client’s astrology chart. 

KG began introducing her clients to the metaphysical reasons under lying their life challenges. She discovered that clients who took more responsibility and engaged in their own healing achieved the best results. KG longed to reach a wider audience with her unique way of dealing with health issues and life challenges and in 2005 was able to break into the global market place. With the launch of her online business, KG began serving clients internationally. She was now able to reach even more people who were open, willing and ready to look at the metaphysical root causes of their life challenges. 

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Soul Astrology with
Astrologer & Mystic Dr. Jude Currivan


Today I’m excited to be speaking with my friend Dr. Jude Currivan. Jude is a Soul Astrologer and Mystic and works with the higher frequency energies being birthed in the Cosmos.

On the show Jude talks about 1) the planets as spiritual teachers, 2) Saturn’s role in the cosmos, and 3) the meaning and purpose of Saturn’s sojourn through the sign of Sagittarius through December 2017, plus much more about the evolution of consciousness and its relationship to astrology.

Jude holds a PhD in Archaeology, and a Masters Degree in Physics from Oxford University with a specialty in cosmology and quantum physics and is the author of several books by Hay House, including The 13th Step and The 8th Chakra.

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January 2015 Cancer Full Moon
Birth New Possibilities

Full Moon public domain NASA

The Cancer Full Moon is conjunct Sirius (the dog star – Sirius is a First Degree Fixed Wealth Star and is the Sun of our Sun). The Cancer Full Moon is pregnant with possibility for your giving birth to a new home space.

This could represent an actual new home or place of residence. Or, even more profound giving birth to a new space and relationship with yourself, within yourself.

I will pull an angel card at the end of today’s show for even greater insight about this time period.

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