August 2014 Astrology Forecast
Aquarius Super Full Moon & Virgo New Moon

KG Stiles, Metaphysician & Intuitive Astrologer
Professional Practice Since 1980


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Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology. I’m your host KG Stiles. I’m here to connect you with your passion and what you love! This your astrology and numerology forecast for August 2014. Highlights include the explosive Aquarius Super Full Moon on August 12th, the most yummy day of the year when Jupiter conjuncts Venus on August 17th and the Virgo New Moon on July 25th when you birth a new cycle for your health and establish a greater sense of belonging. Another highlight in August that creates tension and breakthrough opportunities for you in life is all of your personal planets the Sun, Mercury and Venus will square Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. As Mars and Saturn are trine to the planet Chiron and still quincunx to Uranus healing and need for getting outside of your comfort zone call to you. I’ll give you the dates and details in my report.

August is an 8 month. The number 8 is the number of the infinite, power, prosperity and abundance. Since 2014 is a 7 universal year the universal number active this month is 15 which adds up to 6. These numbers indicate that August is a month for you to focus your attention on creating with love. Engaging your personal love energies and doing everything whole heartedly will ensure you make the most of the prosperous circumstances available for you in August.

The negative side of the 8 vibration is lack and poverty consciousness. To activate the negative side of the number 8 focus on yourself only and how things affect you only without considering others viewpoints. So, get out and mingle in the month of August seek to be of service and connect with others to experience the flow of abundance in your life.

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The end of July and first of August sets the tone for choosing to focus your attention on being the love and abundance you want to experience in the world with Venus at 16º Cancer Square Uranus in Aries and trine to Saturn. This can be a day of breakthrough opportunity to give birth to love in a physical form.

During the same time Mars at 3º Scorpio squares Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Leo. You have the energy to breakthrough and expand your heart and mind.

On August 7th you begin to feel the intensity of the Aquarius Full Moon as it approaches. Today Mars trines Neptune and your assertive energies are softened by the influence of the higher octave of love. You may be feeling extremely romantic today and slightly confused.

August 8th is an intense day as the Sun at 15º Leo conjuncts Mercury and Trines Uranus in Aries and Squares Saturn in Scorpio. August’s universal number of 15 has a double activation today. As well the number 8 has a double activation. Focus is power! Focus the power of your attention on the love available in any life situation today and work these energies to breakthrough any resistant patterns. Today you can experience new heights of love and prosperity through the power of focus.

On August 10th we have the 18ºAquarius Super Full Moon when the Moon is closest to the Earth. The Aquarius Full Moon is opposite to Black Moon Lilith, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury in Leo and Square to Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, Sextile to Uranus in Aries and trine to Chiron in Pisces.

This is an explosive Super Full Moon in Aquarius when your consciousness is set to expand and realizations about yourself and your life are highlighted. It’s a maturation moon. Meaning it will trigger you to grow through expanding your self awareness. The realizations you have now help you to make necessary changes rapidly over the next two weeks to six months.

The Sabian Symbol for 18º Aquarius is “A man being unmasked at a masquerade.” Contemplate this symbol to see what it means for you. The meaning that surfaces for me is Revelation and illumination of what’s been hidden. Please leave your comments about what this symbol means for you.

Black Moon Lilith represents your fierce woman energy whether you’re male or female. It’s that part of you that longs to be wild and free to express itself completely. With this opposition something of your fierce nature that desires to express itself is illuminated. This expression of something long held deep within you could feel like an atomic explosion within as you experience a release in your psyche. Your experience will depend upon how and where the Aquarius Super Full Moon and its aspects trigger planets in your own personal chart.

The best response to the energies catalyzed at the Aquarius Super Full Moon is to feel strong, independent and capable of facing any tests or challenges that surface.

CLICK HERE for your Aquarius Full Moon meditation which will be posted as soon as its available. If you’re subscribed to my website you’ll receive notice as soon as the meditation posts.

On August 12th Venus moves into Leo to join the festivities and your heart energies warm and expand.

On August 15th you experience a feeling of transformative power when Mars at 11º Scorpio Sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. You feel like you can move mountains today and ready to face any challenges head on.

Today also Mercury moves into Virgo one of the two signs it rules. The other being Gemini. Mercury loves being in Virgo. Your thoughts will be practical and grounded in reality. Now is a good time to sort through your finances, resolve health issues, break bad habits and make a plan for how to move forward in your life.

On August 17th we have one of the most yummy feeling days of the year as Venus conjuncts Jupiter at 7º Leo. This is a lavish aspect between the two most powerful benefics. Excellent for a wedding or celebrations of all kinds. Plan to get together with friends or enjoy an intimate evening with your romantic partner.

The following day on August 18th you could feel a little confused or a bit of a let down response after the up vibes of the last couple of days. Or you could just feel dreamy and unable to get back to work.

On August 21st Mercury at 11º Virgo Trines powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn. This a wonderful manifesting aspect as both Mercury and Pluto are in Earth signs. Your thoughts are practical and detail oriented and you’re given the means to give structure to your ideas.

On August 22nd the Sun moves into Virgo and your life takes on a more practical earthy tone as you head for the 2º Virgo New Moon on August 25th at 7:13am PT.

On August 25th The Virgo New Moon is conjunct Regulus (the Lion’s Heart). Regulus is a first degree magnitude star associated with nobility and wealth. This area of the heavens is watched over by the healing Archangel Raphael Watcher of the North.

Regulus conjunct the Virgo New Moon is said to be especially fortunate in the areas of your life where Mars (at 16º Scorpio) Jupiter (at 8º Leo) and Uranus (at 16º Aries) are located. Look in your chart to see if you have any personal planets located within 1-4º of Mars, Jupiter or Uranus at the time of the Virgo New Moon. If so, sudden and expansive change and forward movement for you in the areas of your life where these planets are located is indicated.

The Virgo New Moon has a cast of supportive aspects and presents you a new beginning in the area of your life where the Virgo New Moon is located related to health and being of service. You can now experience more of an embodied sense of belonging and connection to yourself which heals your body and mind. Virgo is the original healer and its conjunction Regulus over lighted by the healing angel Raphael clearly indicates that a new cycle of health and well-being begins for you now especially if you have personal planets within 1-6º orb of the 2º Virgo New Moon by conjunction, trine or sextile. The other aspects also bring about healing yet are less smooth and easy flowing.

At the time of the Virgo New Moon Mercury at 17º Virgo is Sextile to Saturn conjunct Mars in Scorpio and opposite Neptune in Pisces.

These aspects with the Virgo New Moon give you tremendous reserves of energy to realize your dreams.

At the Virgo New Moon also Venus at 16º Leo is Trine to Uranus in Aries and Square to Saturn conjunct Mars in Scorpio. There is something you release from your past to give birth to something new that electrifies you and moves you toward your future. Click the onscreen link for the healing meditation directory where your Virgo New Moon meditation will be posted as soon as its available.

The Virgo New Moon Meditation will post in the Healing Mediations Directory when it’s available. If you’re a member of our website you will automatically receive an email notice as soon as it posts.

Well those are the astrological line-up of energies unfolding for you in August. Thanks so much for joining me!

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I’ll be back soon with an astrology forecast that looks at the powerfully transformative astrological events occurring at the end of 2014 and early 2015. You don’t want to miss it!

As always I wish you tremendous success and happiness! Remember your happiness is one of the most valuable contributions you can make to our world. Thanks again for joining me!

Please leave your comments, like and share with your friends!

Until next time…relax, enjoy your life and stay connected!

Love you -KG

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13 comments on “August 2014 Astrology Forecast
Aquarius Super Full Moon & Virgo New Moon
  1. Brian says:

    It stands the chance of meaning that some people will be lucky enough to see the universe from both sides of the veil…as above so below…the understanding of the law of attraction. Knowing why you’re thankful to the universe, and thanking the universe….:) Thank you universe

  2. Magoo says:

    Thank you very much for the clarification! Now I understand what you mean.. Yes apparently my Sun is sextile jupiter and my Asc as well is involved.. so probably it will be intense 🙂 Yes, actually a youtube video about planetary aspects under a metaphysical and intuitive perspective would be very much appreciated!much love and light xxx

  3. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    Hello Magoo, glad you’re enjoying my astrology vids and they’re helpful for you! Get your astrology chart and check to see if any of your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Asc and MC are most important, as well as your Mercury, Mars and Venus) are within 1-4º of transiting Mars 8º Scorpio Jupiter 5º Leo or Uranus 16º Aries. The aspects can be by conjunction, sextile, or trine, as well as square, opposition, quincunx aka inconjunct or semi-sextile. Hope this helps! I may make a YouTube about planetary aspects from a metaphysical and intuitive astrology perspective if there’s enough interest.

  4. Magoo says:

    Dear KG, thank you wholehartedly for your posts and insights! I am quite new to astrology, but through your videos I feel I can deeply relate to it and I know it can be of help for so many people in these confuse times! May I ask you exactly what do you mean by saying “Look in your chart to see if you have any personal planets located within 1-4º of Mars, Jupiter or Uranus at the time of the Virgo New Moon”? I would love to understand it better! Thank you again and many blessings!

  5. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    Thanks for watching and sharing. Wishing you all the best!

  6. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    Excellent questions, asked by many others. You’re not alone. I will be posting video and blogs to let you know what I’ve come to understand that I hope will helpful to you. Thanks again! Wishing you all the best!

  7. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    Thanks Catherine! God bless

  8. Catherine says:

    Many thanks KG for posting & sharing this wonderful forecast .It resonates totally with my experience of love , of life .
    I just met a man on internet on August 2sd and wonder wether this new relationship has a chance to last ?
    I never missed to read your forecast , so brilliant , so inspired .
    God bless you

  9. x says:

    I have tried to do the Hawaiian ‘making things right’, but don’t think that I should apologize for things I am not guilty of and that seriously hurt me, when the ones doing things are not at all sorry or likely ever will be.
    So, its like telling a sociopath that killed someone you love, that you are sorry.
    Or telling them how you feel, when they will just get off on it. It wont make a difference.
    So, I don’t know how to handle this.
    Why say
    ‘I’m sorry’, it feels like it just re victimizes .
    Sorry, I don’t get this, and I just feel more and more depressed the more and more I don’t understand why my life has been this way.
    Im sorry to YOU, because it takes a lot to let others know you need help and they often don’t get it anyway, or feel like someone is dumping on them, when that is not the reason .. it is a last attempt at getting the right help.
    I cant shake the negative of astrology or my chart, and I don’t think astrology should have this kind of impact on anyone , would love to know how you see this, do people just believe it is karma or what excuse do they give. Astrologers or their reasons? Really wondering …

  10. c says:

    The 18 degree Aquarius ‘man being unmasked at a masquerade ‘ reminds me of someone I know, an aquarian ,who has always blamed a ‘demon’ for all the ‘unmasked and masquerade’ that s/he puts on in life to harm others, seriously and control others behind the scenes. S/he blames these ‘males’ as she sends out her ‘demons’ influence, husbands to beat up siblings, to the point of literal paralysis, and ostracize.
    It reminds me of the extreme lengths s/he will go to do that, cover up, and the consequences of the abuse she put off on to others. I would love to see her evil exposed for what it is. There is no ‘other side’ to that story, except how inadequate and how much s/he truly loves to bully and gets off on harming others.
    It reminds me of a famous Aquarian also, who masquarades a lot while taking all the credit, for what others do for her.
    It reminds me of all the lies told, the cover ups in huge corporations, and this world , that are destroying the world and the human race. Saying things are good, when they are not, healthy when they kill, or healing when they are killing, et al. So, the ‘year of the truth’ would be nicely exposed!!!!
    Now the poverty side of the eight is someone who is thinking ‘only’ about themselves. I have found that when most people think ‘only’ about themselves, it is in certain dire circumstances , usually survival based, for which they are correct in that focus, and most still remember the other persons , anyway, in fact even more so. The poor are often the biggest givers.For the truly self absorbed , in the worst sense of that, they seen to remain the same throughout their life and many of them still prosper.
    So, I would love to feel how yummy this is, without the down side I am feeling, without feeling left behind, and like no one is stepping forward to help in ways that are needed and necessary, for self, others and the planet.
    I’m not getting there or ‘it’ yet.
    I do enjoy reading your take on things. I would love to manifest more for myself and others.

  11. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    Thank you, June. It’s mutual. I’m so grateful I feel so inspired to share with you! Love…

  12. June Schroeder says:

    I am so grateful to read your wonderful messages, always filled with interesting astrological stories, messages & advice.
    Wishing you an exciting month of August filled with the highest Light & Love.

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