Cancer Full Moon to Aquarius New Moon
January 15 to January 30, 2014

KG Stiles, Metaphysican & Intuitive Astrologer

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Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology. On today’s show find out the astrology highlights from the Cancer Full Moon on January 15th to the Aquarius New Moon on February 14th.

On January 15th we have the Cancer Full Moon at 26º exact at 8:50pm PT.

Full Moons bring illumination to the area of your life where the Full Moon is located. Now is a time of culmination when you may celebrate the completion of a project. With this Cancer Full Moon you may now experience the final completion and resolution of an old karmic or inherited family pattern.

We will all be experiencing these celestial energies and energetic shifts on a collective level. However, if you have personal planets or points within 1-3 degrees exact to the degrees I give you in this forecast your experience will be more direct and personal.

The Sabian symbol for 26º Cancer is, “Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home.” Contemplate this symbol to find out what message it has for you.

The celestial energies leading to your Cancer Full Moon experience have been fluid and quite harmonious. However, just before the Cancer Full Moon the celestial weather suddenly changes.

The Cancer Full Moon activates the Cardinal Grand Cross and is conjunct to the Fixed Star Procyon indicating sudden activity that can be very unsettling and disruptive.

The Cancer Full Moon (represents your Family, Home, Roots &Emotional Nurturance) conjunct Jupiter Retrograde (Expansion, Good Fortune), Lilith (Feminine Drive for Power & Expression) and conjunct the Fixed Star Procyon (a First Magnitude Star). Procyon brings Sudden Activity, can be beneficial if well aspected). The Cancer Full Moon is in a 90º square to Uranus in Aries, opposes Venus Retrograde (Personal Love Energy, Values) conjunct Pluto (Truth Seeker & Transformer) in Capricorn, and square to Mars Retrograde (Ego Drive to Action) in Libra.

The energies are tense. The Retrograde planets slow down and internalize the energy somewhat.

Fortunately the Cancer Full Moon forms an exact Trine to Saturn in Scorpio which is good for grounding and stabilizing the energies released.

The Cancer Full Moon, Jupiter, Lilith and Porcyon are at the apex or tail of the kite pattern (giving balance and allowing the vehicle of the kite to help you rise above tense circumstances). Other planets forming the Kite are Neptune and Chriron in Pisces, Venus Retrograde and Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio.

The Kite pattern is available to you as a vehicle for rising above the tension that’s activated for release and playing itself out over the next two weeks to the New Moon at 11º Aquarius on January 30th at 1:38pm when you can seed your intentions for a fresh new start in this area of your life.

Now is a time when you can choose to open your nurturing Cancerian heart and flow with the emotions being illuminated for release, so that healing may occur.

Also at the Cancer Full Moon Mercury at 8º Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries and your lower and higher minds are electrified with innovative ideas and visions for your future. Helping you to break through old attitudes and give birth to higher possibilities for yourself.

You can now celebrate the completion of a karmic or inherited family pattern especially if you have a personal planet in close aspect to the Cancer Full Moon.

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On January 19th the Sun enters the sign of Aquarius and your life force energy gets a boost. Your will forces continue to increase as the radiant light of the Sun is bolstered by Uranus’ influence peaking on January 29th as the Sun exactly Sextiles Uranus (the Awakener and ruler of Aquarius) the day before the Aquarius New Moon. Your willingness to innovate is at an all time high during this time.

On January 22nd the day before the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio a T-Square forms between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto conjunct Venus. Perhaps you have a deeply buried conflict, block or resistance about something like a guilty pleasure, or something hidden is exposed for release and resolution at this time.

Your opportunity for resolution comes as Mercury at 20º Aquarius Sexties Mars exact on January 24th. During this period of time your thinking and drive to take action are working harmoniously and are highly charged. You may have an opportunity to meet someone who really inspires you and is a positive influence and you decide to form an alliance with them.

All these planetary energies constellated now and leading you to your Aquarius New Moon experience are helping you to become more empowered by standing in your truth, owning your power and opening your mind to receive.
On January 30th we have the Aquarius New Moon at 11º Aquarius exact at 1:38pm PT.

The Sabian symbol for 11º Aquarius is, “During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life.” Contemplate this symbol and see what message it has for you. I think this Sabian symbol perfectly fits with the what’s available for you now.

The number 11 which is actively highlighted throughout 2014 is a Master Number and represents powerful choice points for you. Your decision to commit yourself to take the high road of Self Mastery in 2014 allows for your speedy transition to a completely new life for yourself by the end of 2014.

Through right decisive action much opportunity is available for you in 2014 to change or elevate your life circumstances for the better.

The 11º Aquarius New Moon conjunct the Sun is Sextile to Uranus (the Awakener). Your emotional needs and will force come together to seed a new vision for your life at this time.

The day after the Aquarius New Moon Venus (the planet of love and what you value) at 13º Capricorn conjunct Pluto (the Transformer) stations Direct. You’ve cleared out a lot of clutter in your heart since December when Venus stationed Retrograde.

What you value has gone through a thorough review and now you’ll begin moving forward with making new love commitments. New friends and alliances will be forthcoming. You feel renewed and refreshed in your heart. Your feeling of self valuing has gone through a major upgrade and you’ve cleared out old negative feelings that lowered your feeling of self worth, especially related to the things associated with the area of your life where Capricorn is located.

Well those are the astrology highlights for the Cancer Full Moon on January 15th to the Aquarius New Moon on January 30th. I’ll talk more about the astrology of the Aquarius New Moon in an upcoming video.

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Until next time…relax and enjoy your life.