Astrology Taurus Solar Eclipse
New Moon April 28, 2014
Future World Revelation!

solar-eclipse-public-domain9º TAURUS NEW MOON
Annular Solar Eclipse
Ring of Fire
April 28th 11:14pm PT

Dynamic Astrology leading to your Taurus Solar Eclipse experience of Self Revelation!

BIG CHANGE is flowing on the collective currents. Surf the air waves and it’s on every channel.

Of course everyone translates the vibes differently depending upon the frequency of consciousness you’re dialed into. If you’re drawn to follow my posts you’re definitely reaching for the frontier of new thoughts incarnating. You love being on the leading edge. Ahead of the crowd where future world “realities” are birthed and where you can play the most dynamic role to serve creator / source energy.

You’re feeling this time of tremendous change work its magic of transmutation deep within your cells. There’s a sense of urgency calling you to take action, and get going. NOW!

On April 19th the Sun moves into Taurus, an earth sign, helping you to get grounded and start implementing the high voltage electric energy patterns released for incarnation this month as you experience multiple activation of the Cardinal Grand Cross and the Libra Lunar Eclipse.

On April 23rd Mercury joins the sun in Taurus. Excessive electrical and buzzy mental chatter starts to settle down.

On April 25th as the Sun at 5º Taurus unites with Mercury your mind and will force join. There’s a sense of inner alignment and signs may appear that things are coming together for you.

As the unsettled nervous energy of the past 3 weeks begins to settle a whole new pattern for your life journey is revealed for realization.

If you’re a Fixed sign (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Aquarius) you breathe a sigh of relief as all the charged collective buzz that’s over stimulated your nervous system calms down. You love to feel in control and the energies for change at play are chaotic. April supports you to break through previous barriers that held you back.

If you’re a Cardinal sign (Libra, Capricorn, Aries or Cancer) you have been challenged to step up embrace the changes confronting you and engage more fully as a new thought leader and role model in society.

If you’re a Mutable sign (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini) you’ve felt in your element as you enjoy the buzzy collective feelings and sense of fluidity, wildness and freedom available.

Of course we are a composite and variable mix of mutable, fixed and cardinal signs and making sense of the signals crossing your telepathic wires serves to strengthens your psychic abilities as you tune in to navigate the shifting tides.

On April 28th at 11:14pm PT we have the Annular Solar Eclipse at 9º Taurus. As the Taurus New Moon moves across the face of its Cosmic Lover the Sun the two are joined in a ring of fire, seeding new life.

The Sun Moon conjunction symbolizes union of the Divine feminine and masculine, resulting in impregnation and release of the creative impulse to birth new life.

You are on the threshold of your future Self. It’s a potent once in a life time opportunity in the collective history of humanity not to be missed.

All things related to Taurus prosper now! Love, Money, Wealth, Pleasure, Sensuality, Sexuality. It is a fecund time for you!

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. What you love and gives you pleasure bursts forth as your highest priorities and values in life assert themselves for realization.

Your dreams are your keys to unlocking the power of the Taurus Solar Eclipse Full Moon event!

I’ll be posting a very special and extremely dynamic Meditation Ritual for you to connect with the pregnant potential available at the Taurus Solar Eclipse very soon!

Moonscopes Astrology Video Forecast April 2014 – MAJOR GAME CHANGERS Available HERE

Thanks so much for joining me! And thanks so much for liking and sharing my posts.

Until next time…relax, enjoy your life and stay connected.


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New Moon April 28, 2014
Future World Revelation!
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