Astrology of Leo New Moon August 8, 2013

astrological_sign_leo_public-domain_300dpiLeo New Moon 14º Leo
August 6th, exact 2:51 pm PT

A New Moon always offers you an opportunity for new beginnings, especially in the area of your life where the new moon is located.

The energy of a New Moon is always influenced by the astrological aspects it is making during the phase of the new moon.

The New Moon of course is always conjunct the Sun. The masculine yang power of the Sun unites with the feminine yin receptive power of the Moon.

A conjunction of planets always represents a creative seed point and each month with the Sun’s conjunction with the Moon you have an opportunity to birth new beginnings. New potentials come forward and reveal themselves at this time.

The Leo New Moon is exactly Trine the planet Uranus, the Awakener. Explosive revolutionary ideas and inspirations may reveal themselves to you at this time. Out of the box thinking can occur now.

A Trine is easy flowing and Uranus Trine to the New Moon Sun conjunction indicates that New inspirations and solutions will be forthcoming.

Old problems can now find easy resolution and your way forward is open and clear.

The innovative and revolutionary visions of the planet Uranus easily blend with the Creative force of Leo. Something brilliant can be seeded and, with proper nurturance, can result in a magnificent harvest in the next two weeks to six months.

During the Leo New Moon Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, opposes Pluto the planet that wants you to get to the bottom of things and discover the truth so that regeneration and healing may occur.

Jupiter opposing Pluto can play out in various ways such as revealing something that was hidden that may be holding you back from greater prosperous circumstances in your life.

Jupiter opposing Pluto could manifest as a power struggle with an authority figure and ultimately is about you claiming your own inner authority.

The Jupiter opposition to Pluto challenges you to stand in your own power and allow your inner feeling of authority and being in charge of your own destiny to expand and grow.

With Jupiter oppose Pluto you want to make sure you invest your energy in things that are open and above board and that you have honorable intentions in all of your dealings.

Also at the time of the Leo New Moon Saturn and Pluto are in Sextile to one another. A Sextile presents you with tangible opportunities.

The Sextile between Saturn and Pluto will be exact in September.

This is incredibly dynamic and powerful energy and represents an opportunity to manifest a structure for yourself to that will ensure your success in the long term.

Saturn is also in a Trine to Neptune which signifies ideal structures for your success being available at this time. The Saturn Trine Neptune will continue to be in effect into September.

So this Leo New Moon has electric opportunities for seeding creative ideas and visions for your future that are innovative and revolutionary.

The ideas and visions for your future birthed at the time of the Leo New Moon are supported by the Sextile between Saturn and Pluto and the Trine between Saturn and Neptune.

Having Saturn on board ensures the success and longevity of your visions, hopes and dreams for your future.

Jupiter’s opposition empowers you to stand in your truth and reveals any hidden areas that may undermine your success.

Once aware of anything that may be holding you back you can choose to let it go. Taking steps to make the necessary changes about what has been revealed to you.

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Abbott_Handerson_Thayer_-_Angel_-_Smithsonian-wiki-public-domain2I’ll be posting a Leo New Moon Manifesting Meditation with Archangel Jophiel HERE for you on August 1st.

Archangel Jophiel is “God’s Beauty”. Jophiel helps you to have beautiful thoughts and ensures that all your desires are completely based in love.

With Jophiel’s over lighting protection and guidance you can only create that which is beneficial for all concerned.

Jophiel illumines your mind and enhances you perceptions for seeing truth, beauty and love within all of life and creation.

Archangel Jophiel is the guardian of Creators and Artists.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I always love hearing how things are going for you.

To your success and happiness!


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2 comments on “Astrology of Leo New Moon August 8, 2013
  1. KG Stiles KG says:

    Gabrielle, That’s great that the Leo New Moon is conjunct your ASC (amazingly it is mine too). New beginning for how you’re seen by others and how you put yourself out there. First house usually has to do with your physical appearance, your persona, how others see you. People will be strongly attracted to you and want to support you. Let me know how things go. Hope something truly awesome happens! All the best, -KG

  2. Gabrielle says:

    This new moon is conjunct my ascendant, and the full moon in Aquarius in August is in my 7th house. Hope it is promising…

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