Astrology of Cancer New Moon – July 8, 2013

Crescent New Moon public domain NASANew Moon 16º Cancer
July 8, 2013 exact 0:14am PT

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The New Moon is of course always conjunct the Sun. This is a time when the Moon’s natural electromagnetic force upon the Earth is given a powerful boost by its sacred union with the Sun.

The fertile receptive feminine principle represented by the Moon joins with the creative force of the masculine principle represented by the Sun to give birth to a new cycle.

The area of your life most affected is where the Sun and Moon are located at the time of the New Moon. Other areas are also strongly impacted if they are in alignment with the Cosmic pair at the time of the New Moon.

Cancer is a feminine water sign and the natural ruler of the Moon. Cancer represents the nurturing principle of the Divine Mother. Matters of the home, family, real estate, food, nourishment, self care and nurturance of self and others are highlighted.

At this time you are giving birth to a new 12 year cycle as Jupiter recently entered Cancer for the first time in 12 years starting a new 12 year cycle of expansion and growth related to Cancer themes and most specifically in the areas of your life ruled by Cancer.

Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th house, so matters in the home are given protection during this time of Jupiter’s transit through Cancer. Also, the area (astrological house) where Cancer is in your natal chart are given favorable support.

At the time of the Cancer New Moon Jupiter is within orb of a conjunction with it and the Sun which expands the Cosmic couples fertility exponentially.

The Cancer New Moon and Sun are also conjunct Mercury (the planet that connects you to others and represents your way of thinking and communicating), indicating that your connections and communications in this area of your life are favorably aspected, especially related to resolving disagreements with past relations and contracts with old friends and associates from your past.

There is much healing available with the union of these four celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter) at the New Moon.

As well, there is a Grand Water Trine between Jupiter in Cancer which expands Cancer related themes, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This Grand Water Trine will be most strong through July and somewhat through the month of August.

This is an especially supportive influence for your emotional, spiritual and material plane life.

Consistently focus your energies on self nurturance and things that bring you comfort in a healthy and positive way that is balanced and supportive.

Opportunities to give concrete form to your ideals, dreams and imaginations are forthcoming.

A rare astrological event the Grand Water Trine celestial forces at play are harmoniously dancing together to bring practical form to your dreams and aspirations.

The Grand Water Trine can produce magic and miracles!

Consistently focus your attention on seeing exactly how you want things to be ideally. You don’t have to know how things will happen for you. Just keep visualizing, seeing and feeling things working out and, most importantly, take action as guided.

Be willing to adapt to changing circumstances. Resist nothing and let go of any judgment.

In other words let the creative powers that be have a part to play in creating the perfect outcome for you.

Be willing to believe that the Divine sees and wants more for you than you want for yourself, so open yourself to unseen forces operating on your behalf helping you to create your best and highest self and life.

At the Cancer New Moon the planet Venus, the planet of beauty and what you love and attract you, is trine to Uranus, the planet of sudden change and awakening.

This Trine between Venus and Uranus could bring a sudden opportunity for someone or something you love to come into your life. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury (the connector), so some sudden realization or innovation may occur that beautifies or makes your life easier.

Astrologically these are the forces operating at the time of the Cancer New Moon and the potentials for new growth inherent and available to you now.

This Cancer New Moon is potent with passion and possibilities for new beginnings especially in your life where the New Moon is located and secondarily in the houses where the other harmoniously aligned planets to the Moon are located.

The best time to perform your meditation is between the new moon and when it goes void of course at 4:44am PT. The 444 is the number of angelic assistance. So, there is much grace available to you at this time if you open yourself to receive and experience it.

CLICK HERE for the Cancer New Moon Healing and Manifesting Meditation with Archangel Gabriel.

Thanks for joining us! Enjoy the fertile magic of the Cancer New Moon.

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4 comments on “Astrology of Cancer New Moon – July 8, 2013
  1. KG Stiles KG says:

    Hi Luckie,thanks for sharing, so glad the reading was helpful to you. Yes, you are welcome to re-post my blog with credit and a link back to my website. Please send me a link to view, I’d love to see it. Wishing you all the best, Luckie! Happy Birthday!!! -KG

  2. Luckie says:

    I’m kind of speechless… this reading is so surreal…

    My name is Luckie. I’m born July 7, 1966 @ 4:48AM EDT. As I welcome another birthday & New Moon, I’ve been looking for a reading that would resonate.

    This is such an amazing & confusing time for me! I can feel big/good changes approaching but am having to loosen my grip on the past to embrace them fully.

    You see, I’m losing my Mom to Alzheimer’s Disease & just traveled 8 hrs to kiss her & wish her Happy Birthday – she’s born July 6th 1941. This is the first birthday we’ve not celebrated together in my lifetime. And given she’s at the end stages of the disease, most likely our last.

    So your reading blesses my heavy but thankful heart. It speaks much to how my soul feels but would not be able to deliver so eloquently. I don’t know why but something about the future leaves me very hopeful.

    Rather than try to put words to all the rumblings in my spirit, I think (if it’s OK with you), I’ll just re-post [with credit] your reading KG.

    It truly captures the mix of emotions I’m experiencing as Mom & I both transition (in so many ways) & encourages me to just press forward.

    Thank you. A VERY much needed & unexpected birthday gift.


  3. KG Stiles KG says:

    Thank you dear, Maria. I’m so glad the reading was helpful to you. Mahalo Sistah!

  4. M. Tuthill says:

    Thank you so much for this uplifting reading! As always, your message has had a very healing, empowering effect on me. I was feeling rather discouraged and your Astrological reading gave me a sense of serenity and hope for the future. A timely reminder that I am not alone in my journey and a gracious invitation to align myself consciously with the positive cosmic forces at work in my life. Sending you much love and gratitude, M.

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