Astrology Aquarius Full Moon Star of David August 20, 2013

astrological_sign_aquarius_public-domainAquarius Full Moon 28º
August 20, 2013 6:45pm PT

The purpose of this Aquarius Full Blue Moon is to more deeply Connect, Awaken and Expand your Higher and Lower Minds.

On August 20th at 6:45pm PT we have an Aquarius Full Blue Moon at 28º Aquarius.

A Blue Moon is a second full moon in the same sign within a 28 day cycle.

A Blue Moons reveals the magic and mystery at play in your life.

A second full moon in the same sign also suggests completion of something that you may have been anticipating for quite some time.

You’ll have a sense of being able to move on and clarification will be available.

The Aquarius Full Moon is ruled by the planet Uranus, the sign of sudden change and revolution. Aquarius brings innovation and helps you to breakthrough any restrictions that may be holding you back from expressing your originality.

The Aquarius Full Moon marks a time of completion, celebration, resolution, and possibly letting go of something old that’s held you back.

The area of your life where the Aquarius Full moon is located is most highlighted at this time for completion and resolution.

Things can happen suddenly and in unexpected ways during this Aquarius Full Moon.

The Aquarius Full Moon opposes Mercury in Leo the planet of communication. This opposition indicates an illumination between your lower and higher minds. Something that has held you back from self expression and shining your light for others to see may be revealed now.

Maybe you will awaken to an attitude you’ve held that’s kept you stuck and suddenly realize another perspective or way of viewing things that will bring greater freedom.

Contracts with others are often re-negotiated or dissolved during Mercury’s opposition to a Full Moon. Look to where the Aquarius Full Moon and planet Mercury are located to find the areas of your life where these events are happening.

If the Aquarius Full Moon at 28º is exactly conjunct or within 1 to 3 degrees of one of your personal planets you will feel the effects of this opposition most strongly.

At the time of the Aquarius Full Moon Jupiter in Cancer is square Uranus in Aries. There are really no bad aspects to Jupiter. Though it can intensify and expand the energies at play so things can feel intense and over the top a bit.

I feel the Jupiter square to Uranus is working to help you expand your mind and breakthrough restrictions that have inhibited you from experiencing greater prosperity in your life.

The Aquarius Full Moon is in a wide Sextile to Uranus in Aries which indicates there is a happy resolution that’s dynamic and possibly unusual in some way.

The Aquarius Full Moon is in a wide Trine to the planet Venus in Libra, indicating a happy and peaceful resolution with others over any differences.

The Aquarius Full Moon is also in a wide Square to Saturn in Scorpio, so dealing with the reality of your situation and taking responsibility are essential for resolving matters.

Also on August 20th the Aquarius Full Moon and Venus the planet of love begin to activate a Cardinal Grand Cross that’s forming between Venus in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

Everyone will feel the affects of this Grand Cardinal Cross. However, those with personal planets in any of the Cardinal signs of Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn will feel it most.

Especially if you have planets located between 4 to 5 degrees to 19 to 20 degrees in a Cardinal sign you will feel this Cardinal Grand Cross most.

Things are breaking apart. It’s an opportunity to release old patterns.

This Cardinal Grand Cross is like the turbo charger that’s driving a 2nd Star of David that forms and peaks from August 25th to August 27th.

The 2nd Star of David forms beginning at 6:13am PT, peaks on the 26th and culminates on the 27th at 3:58pm PT.

The Star of David is also referred to as a Star of Venus, a Grand Sextile or a Double Grand Trine and is formed by the feminine convergence of Earth and Water signs.

As there are numerous angles constellated and operating through the Star of David you’re being offered an opportunity for integration of many aspects of yourself so that you are more whole and complete within yourself.

The water and earth signs are feminine with yin characteristics of receptivity and provide a container for your consciousness to rapidly evolve. It’s a time when you are given an opportunity to release old patterns of self sabotage and self abuse.

Especially highlighted are injustices against nature, women, children, animals, sea creatures and wild beasts. The Star of David offers protection to the less fortunate and those who have been historically trammeled by masculine driven egoic lower mind interests and agendas.

The two Star of Davids are activating a leap in humanity’s consciousness that will play out for many years to come and signal an historic pivot point and a major turning point for all life on planet earth. NOW is the time to make changes, transform your life and heal. This transformation and healing is happening on an individual and collective level.

The energies constellated at this time give you a window on what may arise for you as this Cardinal Grand Cross is activated again when personal planets Mercury and the Sun transit through Libra in September and early October.

Then again when Mars transits through Libra starting late December 2013 and forms a Cardinal Grand Cross three different times in 2014.

I’d love to hear how things go for you during the Aquarius Full Moon as it feels very promising for a major completion that is cause for celebration.

Ultimately the result of the Aquarius Full Moon will be increased individual freedom for you.

As the Aquarius Full Moon goes Void of Course exactly at the time of the Full Moon it’s best to wait to do your Full Moon Meditation and Ritual when the Full Moon enters the next sign of Pisces at 9:43pm PT on August 20th until the Moon goes Void of Course at 6:38pm PT on August 22nd.

I’ll be posting an Aquarius Full Moon Healing Meditation.

Was this article helpful to you? Please leave your comment.

Enjoy the connection, expansion and awakening available at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon.

Thanks for joining us!


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4 comments on “Astrology Aquarius Full Moon Star of David August 20, 2013
  1. KG Stiles KG says:

    Hello Brenda, you must really value deep thinking. Let me know how things go with Mercury’s transit of your 2nd house this year. Thanks! -KG

  2. KG Stiles KG says:

    Thanks Terry, glad you find the explanations helpful. I always love hearing how things go for you! -KG

  3. brenda says:

    transiting mercury will exactly conjunct my natal jupiter and 2 dys later conj my natal pluto, both in my 2nd house.

  4. Terry Lehman says:

    I love your Full Moon explanations. They are so informative and yet easy for me to understand.

    I am new to these new moon rituals as well as to what the new moon can do for our lives. I love it!


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