Astrology March 8 – April 7, 2016 – KG Stiles
Spring Eclipse Season
Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse &
Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Solar_Eclipse_svg copy-wiki-public-domainWhat does the Spring Eclipse Season have in store for you? Find out on today’s show! Today’s forecast is for March 8 – April 7, 2016.

What is a solar eclipse? A solar eclipse occurs when the Sun is completely obscured by the Moon from the Earth’s perspective.

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Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Love Your Life Astrology I’m your host KG Stiles. Today’s show gives a complete overview of the entire Spring 2016 Eclipse Season. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of what’s in store that will play itself out for you from now until the fall eclipse season.

You may already have insights about what is unfolding and the gateways you must pass through to realize the highest potentials available for you now.

As I’ve said 2016 is a rigorous year when you need to up your awareness and play full out. If you notice you’re exerting too much effort or struggle that’s a sign you’re allowing your lower mind ego to much power and leverage in a situation.

As I see it you have the choice to either follow your heart which is based in love or follow your ego mind which is based in your limited sense of identity you have about yourself, a path that is motivated by fear and creates undue confusion, strife and struggle and feelings of isolation.

As you clear your heart from being entangled with your lower ego mind there can be periods of confusion and it can feel very intense as you burn up the old mental and emotional patterns that surface for cleansing and release. I certainly have. At times I feel that I am intensely on fire, being consumed as spirit purifies my lower ego mind.

Most of you will probably NOT feel so much intense burning of your patterns as you go through the purification and your natural Self is renewed and restored. But those of you who do it’s good to know what’s happening,

My recommendation is to Go with the purification process that’s happening  as your identity shifts over the coming months or even years from that of a limited personality to that of pure consciousness experiencing and expressing as your individualized self.

It’s a complete paradigm shift. Like looking at one of those 3d paintings and depending upon how you focus your attention you can see a different image.

This is generally what is happening and increasing in intensity during the 2016 spring eclipse season that will unfold through the fall eclipse season for you.

The Spring Eclipse Season focus is on the Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse & Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Pisces ruler of Neptune governs 12th house matters which represents the collective unconscious, your inherited conditioned mind and unconscious habit patterns.

And the Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse governs the 7th house ruled by Venus and representing your relationships, the agreements and contracts you have with others. The 7th house is also called the house of counseling. With the 12th and 7th houses activated by the eclipses now is an especially good time for contemplation.

The Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse is a powerful new beginning for you and a seed point in the collective unconscious. What will that be for you personally? Have you been making new decisions and choices in the house or area of your life where the sign Pisces is located in your own natal chart?

On a very mundane level and example if you have a Pisces ascendant ruling your chart and flavoring your first house you could be making new decisions about how you want to be perceived or seen in the world? On a mundane level This can show up as a new wardrobe or makeover or some new way of presenting your public persona.

The 12th house is very deep and mysterious and represents your hidden drives and motivations. The question to ask yourself when making a choice now is what is my motivation? Am I doing this for love to more fully express my own divinity or am I doing it out of fear and wearing a thicker mask so people won’t see how insecure I really feel?

The 7th house can often represent your commitments and the kinds of relationships that attract you. Are the kinds of relationships and ways you have of connecting with others really juicy and heart based for you, or are they co-dependent, or are you just going through the motions, not really connecting with others? Do you feel understood, seen and appreciated? These are all questions to ask at this time. Now is a powerful time to release old relationships that are no longer juicy for you in preparation for the Aires New Moon and the astrological new year that this eclipse season is preparing you for.

Here are some highlight days for you to be aware of. You may wish to write them down.

On March 8th we have the 18º 56’ Pisces  New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 5:54 pm PT. The moon immediately goes void of course which means the moon is not making any aspects with any other planets. Void of course means the moon is without direction, there’s nothing to ground its energy. The moon represents your deepest emotional needs and is reflective in nature. Like a mirror it reflects the energies its in contact with.

Its best to wait until the moon connects again with another planetary body to set and ground your new moon intentions. The new moon moves into Aries at :31am PT on March 9th. Now is a good time to perform your new moon ritual and activate your seeds of intention in some way. The new moon in Aries is trine to Mars its ruler making this a powerful initiatory point for setting intentions and taking immediate action upon them.

On March 8th the day of the Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse a powerful combination of energies is being activated. To start with today is international Women’s Day and the Sun conjunct the New Moon is within orb of conjunction to Chiron the wounded healer and the south node and exactly opposite Jupiter conjunct the North Node.

These oppositions form a T-square with the planet Saturn in Sagittarius (and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter).  Remember Jupiter represents your higher mind, the higher self, and is also the old ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered. Energetically it’s like Jupiter forming a T-Square with itself. Very interesting! The Pisces New Moon is also sexile to Pluto in Capricorn. Today there is a powerful axis of healing being activated. Use it for healing any conflict.

The way through a T-square is the empty house opposite Saturn which is Gemini. I talked with you about this previously. Gemini represents your lower ego mind, your day to day conscious mind, your mental patterns and attitudes and how you connect and communicate in your day-to-day life. There’s illumination possible and breakthrough of old habits and mental patterns, really healing your lower mind and birthing a completely new paradigm for relating and communicating.

March 9th is a powerful day for a new beginning both personally and on a collective level. It will be interesting to take note of what gets initiated today as it has such far reaching potential for healing benefits.

All the planetary players will be stepping up to bat and continuing to re-activate the Pisces Solar Eclipse New Moon over the coming days.

On March 15th we have the first quarter waxing moon at 25º 33’ Gemini. There’s further illumination possible for release of old mental barriers. The moon immediately goes void of course as it reaches quarter waxing phase. There can be free floating anxiety that gets released. Something may be coming to awareness that you’ve not wanted to be aware of.

As the moon goes into Cancer later that day allow yourself space to nurture yourself. On this day also there’s an opposition with Pluto and square to Uranus and square to the upcoming Libra full moon lunar eclipse point that’s activated that can take a few days to integrate.

Now you see what’s blocking you mentally that you need to release. Transiting Mercury the messenger is opposite Jupiter indicating an illumination of the lower ego mind by the higher mind both are within orb of the south and north node respectively which is about releasing the old patterns and moving towards your destiny where Jupiter is shining a light, opening and expanding the way for you.

On March 23rd we have the 3º 17’ Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5:01am PT. There are several potent planetary conversations happening today. Jupiter at 16º 24’ is exactly square Saturn in Sagittarius. This is their second exact square. Mercury (ruler of the lower ego mind) is conjunct the sun (your will or life force essence) opposite the moon bringing illumination.

Full moons always show you clearly what needs balancing in your life and what you need to release. Full moons are also times of celebration, realization and completion. Both releasing and realization can be happening simultaneously at the same time. Something new comes in as something old is released.

Mars now in Sagittarius is sextile the Libra new moon lunar eclipse and trine to Mercury and the sun in Aries. This omens really well for having the energy to take action and make changes upon that which this Llibra full moon lunar eclipse reveals.

With Saturn in Sagittarius square to Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo you are breaking new ground and with Mars in Sagittarius in such good aspect to the Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries and the Libra full moon Lunar Eclipse what’s happening now can feel REALLY intense, but auspicious positive outcomes feel assured. The Libra full moon is square by house position to Pluto and opposite Uranus. I don’t see much adverse effect or new developments from this T-Square. Only further breakdown and adjustments to make in the houses where Pluto and Uranus are located.

Good Friday On March 25th at 3:01am PT could be an ESPECIALLY intense day as Saturn stations retrograde, Now there’s a slow down in creating any new structures in this area of your life. You’ll be in a review mode until August and not much new will be happening here in the area of your life where Saturn is located for you. You’ll be in a refining crucible and putting the finishing touches on what you’ve been implementing in your life since Saturn went Direct last August.

On this same day March 25th Venus the planet of love at 16º Pisces forms a T-Square as she opposes Jupiter in Virgo and squares Saturn in Sagittarius. March 25th feels like a very powerful forced surrender point and deepening of your faith can result.

Then on the very next day March 26th the stars smile on you as the Sun 6º Aries trines Mars in Sagittarius and Venus at 17º Pisces within orb of conjunction to Chiron and the South node sextile Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon in Scorpio also sextile to Pluto and Jupiter amp up Pluto’s powerful  trine to Jupiter. It feels like things have a happy resolution whatever crossroads or transition you were making adjustments and accommodations for on the 25th. These empowering energies and opportunities play themselves out over the next few days.

On March 31st we have the waning quarter moon at 11º 20’ Capricorn at 8:17am PT which conjuncts Pluto. Mercury at 17º Aries is square to Pluto in Capricorn. It was exact yesterday and today Mercury exactly conjuncts Uranus. You’re given an opportunity to release conflicts and breakdown any leftover resistant patterns. I don’t see any new issues or developments surfacing just further adjustments in the areas of your life where Pluto and Uranus are located and release of old resistant patterns.

Looks like potential for lots of new opportunities for doing things you love can come into form if you’ll take action now. However, there can be a feeling of discomfort emotionally for you as the Capricorn quarter moon squares Uranus. Doing the new and unusual or out of the ordinary may feel challenging and take some getting used to.

The Sun at 16º Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius representing a new structure coming into form for you, but this feels like a reward for hard work you’ve done in the past that now shows up for you. No new structures are starting now. Saturn is retrograde so you’re reviewing and refining the structures you’ve already created.

On March 14th Mercury at 14º Taurus will begin to start its retrograde shadow phase the same day it trines Jupiter in Virgo. Pay attention what happens now. You’ll can get a strong hit for the flavor of the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle.

Mars is really slowing down and will go retrograde on March 17th.

On March 18th Pluto goes retrograde.

Well that’s it for your Spring Eclipse Season astro energy forecast from March 8th to April 7th. I hope what I’ve shared is helpful to you in some way. Let me know by leaving me your comments, giving me a thumbs up and sharing with your friends! Ask questions and I’ll be sure to answer them!

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