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December 17, 2013 @ 1:28am PT

astrological_sign_gemini__public-domain-no-restrictions-known_72dpi25º Gemini Full Moon
December 17th @ 1:28am PT

On today’s show you’ll find out the astrology details for the Gemini Full Moon on December 17th.

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On December 17th we have the Gemini Full Moon at 25º Gemini exact at 1:28am PT. The Gemini Full Moon goes Void of Course exactly at the Full Moon so wait until the Moon enters Cancer later in the day at 10:17am PT.

Full Moons bring illumination to the area of your life where the Full Moon is located.

The Sabian symbol for 25º Gemini is, “A gardener trimming large palm trees.” Contemplate this symbol to find out what message it has for you.

The celestial energies opening you to your Gemini Full experience are light and filled with opportunities for you. There has been a dramatic shift from the heaviness that went on since September with so much celestial activity in Scorpio.

Mars moved into Libra for an eight month LONG stay. Mars enjoys being in the sign of his Cosmic Lover Libra ruled by Venus. There are a few potential tense moments when you have an opportunity for being gracious and engaging with others and your environment for fair, just and win-win outcomes. Now is the time for co-operation and to partner with others, not go it alone.

With an attitude of co-operation you will accomplish much during Mars’ transit through Libra. I’ll talk more about Mars in Libra as an activator for collective co-operation at an individual grass roots level in upcoming videos and blog posts.

Mercury is in Sagittarius now, so your mental energies are expansive and you are open to grand ideas, full of inspiration. You have a more light hearted, playful attitude about life. Mercury in Sag is great for Christmas Holiday gatherings and meeting new people.

On December 10th Mercury at 8º Sagittarius Trines Uranus in Aries. This is a wonderful time for communicating with others and having brilliant exchanges. Your mind is active and alert with fresh inventive ideas. Expect to have some wonderful exchanges and connections with others.

On December 12th Jupiter Retrograde at 18º Cancer exactly Trines Saturn at 18º Scorpio. This is the second exact Trine between Jupiter and Saturn you’ll experience. The first occurred last July.

This is the perfect combination for giving form to an inspiration of yours. The areas of your life where Jupiter and Saturn are located are most influenced by this aspect. They’ll form an exact Trine once more this May until then the Trine energy continues building to bring an inspiration of yours into a stable and grounded material form.

The energies leading you to the Gemini Full Moon on December 17th are very pleasant and hospitable.

On December 17th the day of the Gemini Full Moon Uranus stations Direct at 8º Aries. Uranus is in a harmonious Sextile to the Gemini Full Moon.

Uranus has been Retrograde since July, so if something has been stalled or slowed down in your life since then it is set for sudden forward movement, especially in the houses where the Gemini Full Moon and Uranus are located. Uranus is a potent instigating force and aligns well with the Sagittarius Sun and Mercury.

The astrology of the Gemini Full Moon includes an Opposition of the Gemini Full Moon to Mercury conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius.

The opposition between the Gemini Full Moon and Mercury conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius indicates an illumination and communication around an agreement that is now being fulfilled or perhaps needs to be renegotiated or ended at this time.

There’s always a feeling of completion with a Full Moon. It’s a time of celebration and then release of the old as the light of the moon begins to wane over the next two weeks.

Look in your chart to see what houses celestial bodies are located for an idea about the material form they may be taking in your own personal life.

WATCH my YouTube about the 12 Houses of the Zodiac to find out more about how the placement of the Gemini Full Moon and other celestial bodies may be affecting you now.

The Gemini Full Moon may bring sudden and unexpected good news for you and has a fairly wide degree orb of influence between 8º and 26º and positively affects all Fire and Air signs though especially Gemini, Sag and Aries. Please I’d love to hear how things go for you at the time of the Gemini Full Moon.

Enjoy this time period as the weather will shift dramatically starting December 21st to the 24th Christmas eve.

On December 21st we have the Solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn at 9:11am PT. The Solstice is the shortest day in the northern hemisphere and the longest day in the southern. It’s a day of ending as a new beginning dawns. Today you celebrate the natural cycle of life – death and rebirth. The Solstice mark the fullness of nature’s season as it births a new cycle.

On December 21st Venus the planet of love stations Retrograde at 28º Capricorn until the end of January.

WATCH YouTube Venus Retrograde in Capricorn Astrology video

WATCH General Forecast each Zodiac Sign Venus Retrograde in Capricorn.

On December 24th Christmas eve Mercury enters Capricorn and your thoughts become more serious and concerned with more practical and mundane matters until the 12th of January when Mercury enters Aquarius.

On December 24th the Sun at 3 degrees Capricorn Sextiles Neptune in Pisces and then on the 30th Sextiles Chiron. Your higher imagination and spiritual feelings are sparked. Your heart is open and willing to receive the healing opportunity that is available to you now.

On December 25th a Grand Cardinal T-Square is activated between Mars conjunct the Moon at 8º Libra in Opposition to Uranus at 8º Aries and Square to Mercury, the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn also mixes with this energy loosely, as well as Jupiter and Lilith in Cancer forming a Grand Cardinal Cross that intensifies and peaks on December 31st New Year’s eve.

I’ll talk more about this Grand Cardinal Cross in my next video for the Astrology of the Capricorn New Moon on January 1st.

I’ll post my 2014 Forecast with Key Astrological Themes very soon! In the meantime here’s a little advance look at what gifts 2014 brings to you.

2014 is a 7 Universal Year, a year of magic and mystical union. The 2 in 2014 is active over a 1,000 year period Until 3,000. BC. Collectively we are elevating our consciousness to increase awareness about being in partnership with others and the environment.

The 1+4 = 5 which is a number of media and communication indicates rapid change and evolution through networking and making connections of all kinds.

1 and 4 represent the individual creating stability the number through growth and change. Could be change in your environment and in your attitudes and way of thinking and being in the world. Your emotional life will continue to feel in flux with sudden shifts in tides.

I’ll reveal more about the gifts available to you in 2014 in my upcoming forecast for 2014 Astrological Highlights.

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I will be posting two new Moonscopes Astrology Videos in the Free Media area of the website very soon! One for the Gemini Full Moon and one for the Gemini Full Moon General Forecast for each Zodiac sign. I will include full transcripts for each show. Transcripts of the Moonscopes Astrology shows are ONLY available HERE on this website.

I’ll post the Gemini Full Moon General Forecast for each Zodiac Sign on my YouTube Channel very soon.

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I’ll be posting a Gemini Full Moon Meditation very soon!

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