Astrology Gemini Full Moon Forecast
December 17, 2013 to January 15, 2014

December 17, 2013 to January 15, 2014

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Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology. This is a general Gemini Full Moon forecast for the EACH Zodiac Sign. These energies are in play for you starting at the Gemini Full Moon and ending on the Cancer Full Moon on January 15, 2014.

Listen to your ASC sign for your most personal reading and your Sun, Moon and MC Signs for a more complete picture. If you have any personal planets or points within 1-2º orb of a planetary alignment you will have a more personal experience or event occurring in your life.

On December 17th we have the Gemini Full Moon at 25º Gemini exact at 1:28am PT. Full Moons bring illumination to the area of your life where the full moon is located.

This is a general forecast for the Gemini Full Moon December 17, 2013 to Cancer Full Moon January 15, 2014 for each zodiac sign starting with Capricorn. For easy access I’ve posted time markers for each zodiac sign below this video.

CAPRICORN – At the Gemini Full Moon your work life and day to day routine takes on a more light hearted note at work. You enjoy talkative exchanges with your co-workers or employees. You may celebrate the completion of a work related project now. You’ll enjoy social gatherings until the 21st when Venus Stations Retrograde. A work relationship may come to an end during this time that has fulfilled its purpose.

AQUARIUS – You are enjoying increased feelings of freedom and forward movement at the Gemini Full Moon. At last Uranus your ruling planet moves Direct (Retrograde since July) and you have a sense of liberation. Your thoughts lighten up and ease returns to your life as the Gemini Full Moon Trines Aquarius and Sextiles your ruler Uranus in Aries. Enjoy your renewed sense of freedom and the return of innovation in your life to resolve any current dilemmas, especially related to children, creative and romantic pursuits. You may have an unexpected return on an investment now.

PISCES – The Gemini Full Moon illuminates and releases negative mental chatter that may be causing you emotional turbulence. Now you can become aware of subconscious lower mind mental influences that have distressed you and heal your mind. Later in the day when the Moon enters Cancer it will form a healing Trine to Neptune (your ruler) and Chiron and you receive support to heal your emotional body. Your personal home and family life experience a cleansing release. Now is a great time to meditate, take long hot sea salt baths and really love and nurture yourself and those you cherish. You will really know who loves and supports you and release anything or anyone who is toxic for you at this time.

ARIES – The Gemini Full Moon is Sextile to your sign bringing opportunities for forward movement. Uranus in Aries Station Direct on this same day adding rocket boosters for forward thrust and energizes you. Mars (your ruler) in Libra is trine to the Gemini Full Moon and opposite your sign illuminating your desire about how to best move forward. You may have an innovative solution to a previous dilemma about something that has stalled your plans for making progress. Networking is favored and communication is fluid. You’ll feel supported and your libido is strong. You’ll be willing to release anything that’s been holding you back or previously impeded your progress.

TAURUS – The Gemini Full Moon is great for your personal finances and your self valuing increases. You may purchase something pleasurable for yourself. You’ll be feasting on communicating in a light hearted way with your significant partners in life those who love and value you most surround you now. It’s an excellent time for enjoying social gatherings with those you care most about or communing with the natural world. What ever you cherish most will capture your mental attention now.

GEMINI – The Gemini Full Moon is your Birthday Celebration Moon. Whatever you seeded six months ago comes to fruition now. Once a year you have a Full Moon in your sign when you celebrate your individual uniqueness. It’s time to socialize, add to your wardrobe, have a makeover and present a whole new side of yourself to your admirers. Your friends and fans adore and support you now. You may make some great new admirers now too, so dress for the occasion if you’re open to making new acquaintances and friends. You can take your networking charms to a whole new level now.

CANCER – The Gemini Full Moon brings you a time of solace when you’ll want to spend time alone with your own thoughts and feelings that surface now. It’s likely to be a quiet time when you can relax and enjoy meditating or pursuing healing venues like massage, yoga, music, aromatherapy and time in nature. It’s an excellent time to rest and release any tension or concerns you may have been wrestling with.

LEO – The Gemini Full Moon is party time with friends and associations playing a key role. You may meet and network with a whole new social group now. It’s great time to mingle and the chances are good that new opportunities for expanding your social circle will find you if you are open to them. So, get out and socialize whether in your local community or with your online contacts and networks. Be open to windfall opportunities now that can advance you over the next six months as you head for your Jupiter in Leo coming out party this July.

VIRGO – The Gemini Full Moon brings you career advancement and the recognition you’ve been diligently working towards over the past several years now. You may celebrate accomplishment of a career objective or receive an award. You will be noticed and your status is set to change in some way for the better. You could get a promotion or get married now.

LIBRA – The Gemini Full Moon Trine your sign brings ease and flow to your life. The ruler of Aquarius Station Direct in Aries also promotes positive change and forward movement in your life. As well Mars has just entered your sign energizing and waking you up to new possibilities and a desire for taking action. It’s a great time for networking, communications, higher education, pursuing any type of personal development course or perhaps you’re completing a course of training now. It’s time to let go of procrastination, be decisive and take action. The universe is supporting you to move forward. You have the green light, so go for it!

SCORPIO – The Gemini Full Moon brings you money, inheritance, insurance payouts, divorce settlements and the like. Things you value are coming your way from others. You may release a former intimate arrangement or partnership that has fulfilled its purpose. You are releasing and opening your mind to receive true riches from the heart of the universe. Know that you are worthy of the very best in life and accept your good now. Think of it like this, the universe has always wanted to give you more of the good things in life and now you can open to accept them!

SAGITTARIUS – The Gemini Full Moon has you celebrating an agreement or contract with someone. You’ll be feeling more inspired and playful than you have since your ruler Jupiter went Retrograde in Cancer last month. You may decide to take a relationship to a more intimate and committed level. Or you may decide to part ways now from someone as the relationship has served its purpose or you realize the relationship is not going to work out long term. This frees you to open to new relationship possibilities that will be more fulfilling and satisfying to you for the long term.

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