Astrology Forecast Aquarius New Moon
Chinese New Year Wooden (Green) Horse
January 30, 2014
Exercise Self Control Over Your Passions
To Experience Generosity & Stability

astrological_sign_aquarius_public-domainAquarius 11º New Moon
January 30, 2014, 1:38pm PT

This is your forecast for the Aquarius New Moon on January 30th 2014.

On January 24th leading up to your Aquarius New Moon experience you have a fantastic opportunity come your way as Mercury (the Connector) at 20º Aquarius exactly Sextiles Mars (the planet of energy and taking action).

Your thinking is clear and your drive to take action are working harmoniously and you feel optimistic and highly charged with energy. You may have an opportunity to meet someone who really inspires you and is a positive influence and you decide to form an alliance with them.

On January 25th the very next day Mercury squares Saturn so you could run into a challenge to your authority and you’ll need to be very firm and clear about what you agree to now. Stand in your truth and be prepared to walk away! Or negotiate as feels right for you in the situation.

On January 29th the Sun (your life force energy) at 9º Aquarius perfectly Sextiles Uranus (the Awakener). You feel alive, original and enthusiastic in your approach now. Some sudden opportunity may come your way to further your purpose in life.

The planetary energies leading you to your Aquarius New Moon experience on January 30th are helping you to open and release any resistance to becoming more empowered. Now is a time to own your power and open your mind to receive.

On January 30th we have the Aquarius New Moon at 11º Aquarius exact at 1:38pm PT.

The Sabian symbol for 11º Aquarius is, “During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life.” Contemplate this symbol and see what message it has for you. I think this Sabian symbol perfectly fits with the what’s available for you now.

The number 11 which is actively highlighted throughout 2014 is a Master Number and represents powerful choice points for you. Your decision to commit yourself to take the high road of Self Mastery in 2014 allows for your speedy transition to a completely new life for yourself by the end of 2014.

Through right decisive action much opportunity is available for you in 2014 to change or elevate your life circumstances for the better.

The 11º Aquarius New Moon (your emotional needs) is conjunct the Sun (your sense of purpose in life) and Sextile to Uranus (the Awakener). Your emotional needs and will force come together to seed a new vision for your life at this time.

The 11º Aquarius New Moon is in a wide conjunction to the first magnitude star Altair (the Eagle) which though wide may play a significant role for some of you. There can be sudden good fortune and your feeling of courage is elevated now.

At the time of the Aquarius New Moon Venus (what you love and value) is Conjunct Pluto (the transformer) and the pair are exactly opposed to Jupiter (the planet that expands and brings good fortune).

What’s been hidden comes to the surface and is exposed for good purposes. Deep transformation and healing can occur now. It’s like a deep emotional scar or wound to your heart is healed through these planetary contacts.

Counsel for the 11º Aquarius New Moon is exercise self control over your passions so that you can experience generosity and stability as promised and allow these energies to be fully expressed and integrated.

Your Advice: During the time of the Aquarius New Moon your mind is clear, imaginative, and open to other points of view. You appreciate the complexity of human nature and accept other people’s flaws and idiosyncrasies. Now is a good time to be alone and ponder what matters most to you. Success can be achieved in changing your way of thinking, your perceptions, attitudes and beliefs.

I’ll be posting an Aquarius New Moon Meditation Ritual for you soon!

On January 31st the day after the Aquarius New Moon Venus at 13º Capricorn conjunct Pluto stations Direct. You’ve cleared out a lot of clutter in your heart since December when Venus stationed Retrograde.

What you value has gone through a thorough review and now you’ll begin moving forward with making new love commitments. New friends and alliances will be forthcoming. You feel renewed and refreshed in your heart. Your feeling of self valuing has gone through a major upgrade and you’ve cleared out old negative feelings that lowered your feeling of self worth, especially related to the things associated with the area of your life where Capricorn is located.

On January 31st also Mercury moves into Pisces and your thoughts soften and open to expressing your emotions and what you truly feel. Your thoughts are more compassionate and your mind opens to connecting with others.

January 31st is also the Chinese New Year of the Wooden (Green) Horse. Life will continue to pick up pace through 2014 despite the drag exerted from your personal (Mercury and Mars) planets upcoming retrograde phases. Your emotions will be fluid and freed up especially after March 1 when Venus leaves her retrograde shadow and moves into Aquarius. Your mind and drive for taking action may feel sluggish for some time to come which may be a good thing as you’ll be more inclined to act from the wisdom of your heart, honoring and valuing yourself and your relationships with others.

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Well those are the astrology highlights for the Aquarius New Moon on January 30th.

I’ll post my Bi-weekly Astrology Video Forecast from the Aquarius New Moon to the Leo Full Moon on February 14 very soon!

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