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Aquarius New Moon & Pisces Solar Eclipse
Birth of The New Human

solar-eclipse-public-domainWhat does the astro energy have in store for you in the month of February through the first week of March from the Aquarius New Moon on February 8th until March 8th which is the day of our very first Solar Eclipse New Moon of 2016 in Pisces? Find out on today’s show!

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Today’s report gives a complete overview of the entire Aquarius New Moon cycle starting on February 8th which is the Chinese New Year of the Red Fire Monkey through the Virgo Full Moon on February 22nd up to the eve of our first Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 8th.

With the Aquarius New Moon you’ll get a glimpse into what’s in store for you in the First Eclipse Season that will play out until the next eclipse season this fall. You may already have insights about what is to unfold and the gateways you must pass through to realize the highest potentials available for you.



Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Love Your Life Astrology I’m KG Stiles. 2016 is a rigorous year when you need to up your awareness and play full out. If you notice you’re exerting too much effort or struggle that’s a sign you’re relying on your ego to accomplish things in life.

The more you can let go of believing in and identifying with your ego, your separate identity, the more life will flow for you in 2016. Again with this report I’m giving you a dynamic sweeping overview of the energies constellating throughout this year rather than focusing on the details. There is so much going on that it is easy to get distracted and pulled out of the primary meaning and purpose of what’s unfolding for you and for our world now, so I’m going to stay focused on the major themes and what’s most important for you.

On February 8th we have the 19º 16’ Aquarius New Moon @ 6:39 am PT. The moon immediately goes void of course which means the moon is not making any aspects with any other planets. Void of course means the moon is without direction, there’s nothing to ground its energy. The moon is reflective and acts like a mirror reflecting the energies its in contact with.

Therefore Its best to wait until the moon connects again with another planetary body to set your new moon intentions. During the void of course moon is an excellent time to prepare the soil for seeding your intentions, a new vision board would be great just now, and then as the new moon moves into Pisces at 31am PT on February 9th perform you new moon ritual and activate your seeds of intention in some way.

Setting your Aquarius new moon intentions in the sign of Pisces also prepares the way for your forthcoming Pisces Solar Eclipse experience on March 8th.

On this day February 9th Venus and Mercury are still within orb of conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn. Today Venus will exactly perfect her trine to Jupiter which is conjunct the north node connecting and expanding your life purpose. The direction you’re to head in is becoming clear to you.

Also, Mars in Scorpio forms a kite pattern with Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter conjunct the North node in Virgo helping you have courage and the strong motivation and desire to take action and rise above any former restrictions that may have surfaced for you during Saturn’s transit through Scorpio that you’ve been working to resolve once and for all.

The Aquarius new moon conjunct the sun is sextile to Uranus is Aries. This gives tremendous boost to birthing the consciousness of the new human and helps you breakdown and breakthrough any old established systems or the status quo represented by Uranus’s square to Pluto. As old fears are released a new kind of mental and emotional resilience surfaces. Self empowerment and willingness to break free and move forward to a new frontier of what’s possible is being birthed.

The Aquarius new moon is also square to Mars in Scorpio which is quincunx to Uranus. There can be a strong feeling to overcome obstacles and inner conflict and resistance to taking action and this breakthrough can feel uncomfortable. Courage, resilience and commitment to discipline to achieve your desires can be achieved now.

February 8th is the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey. The 9th zodiac sign in the Chinese horoscope which mirrors the universal 9 year we’re in. 9 is a number of mystery and magic as it multiplies and mirrors whatever number it touches. If you have strong 1 energy acting through your life Fire Monkey will multiply it like an overtone. 1 + 9 = 10 =1 9 becomes the number it is added to and becomes the number 9 when multiplied. 9 x 9 =81=9 1 x 9 = 9. 9 x 6 = 54 = 9. The monkey is very gregarious creative and clever and shines in social situations as a leader. An en excellent year for entrepreneurs who work in association with like minded others. You will be able to accomplish a great deal more than you will alone.

Monkey can also be too clever for his own good and needs to exercise patience and not leap before he looks. Watch out for monkey mind as you can easily become distracted and overwhelmed in 2016. 9 is a number of mastery the number before 10 which is the number of instant manifestation. 2016 is a year of self mastery passing your tests to advance to the next level of mastery otherwise you could have to repeat your last 9 year cycle and start all over again. With maturity and self mastery much can be accomplished in 2016, or great losses can also occur without sufficient foresight and self discipline.

On February 14th we have the first quarter waxing moon at 26º 3’ Taurus on Valentine’s day. The Taurus Moon forms a T-square as it opposes Mars in Scorpio and square the Aquarius Sun. Usually the quarter moon whether waxing or waning represents something you need to let go of or release to realize what you set as your intention at the Aquarius New Moon. The way through to resolve the T-Square dilemma is the empty house where Leo is located. Think back to the recent Full Moon what needs further release or self expression now?

On February 17th we finally leave Mercury retrograde shadow and enter the start of Mars retrograde shadow. Notice what’s happening now as these are repeating themes for what must be overcome and mastered to move forward. Are your actions aligned with your desires and bringing the results you want, or are your actions needing refinement to support the outcomes you desire?

On February 22nd we have the 3º 34’ Virgo Full Moon at 10:20am PT. The Moon is in Virgo until February 24th when it goes voice of course at 6:22am PT. The Virgo Full Moon is opposite the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

The Virgo Full Moon will also square Saturn in Sagittarius, trine Pluto in Capricorn, oppose Chiron in Pisces, conjunct Jupiter and the north node and sextile Mars in Scorpio before it goes void of course. Something is being illuminated for balancing and healing in the houses where Virgo and Pisces are located in your chart. There are opportunities for moving forward and finding real fulfillment in your life direction now.

During the Virgo Full Moon Mercury in Aquarius is sextile to Saturn at 16º Sagittarius. This really brings form to new visions. Keep your mind focused on what you want to create. Right now also Saturn is within orb of a trine to Uranus in Aries and Mercury is sextile to Uranus in Aries. There’s a lot wanting to break through and resolution of what seemed impossibly stuck, but it will be through some original and innovative solution that’s stabilizing.

Venus is about to be in this same dance with Saturn and Uranus that occurs with Mercury at the Virgo Full Moon. Pay attention to what’s a occurring now as what’s happening will play itself out and present important changes for you regarding money and improved material circumstances in the near future.

On March 1st we have the waning quarter moon at 11º 48’ Sagittarius. This is a VERY important quarter moon leading to the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces on March 8th.

The quarter moon conjuncts Saturn and forms a T-square with Neptune conjunct the Sun in Pisces and Jupiter conjunct the north node in Virgo. T-squares represent tremendous psychic tension for a change to occur. The resolution comes through the empty house opposite Sagittarius which is at 11º Gemini.

As always oppositions represent illumination something gets illuminated so that greater balance, integration and healing can happen. The number 11 is a master number and Sagittarius 11º is within a 2º conjunction to the fixed star Antares (Heart of the Scorpion) which is a Royal Star over lighted by archangel Uriel Watcher of the West. This area of the heavens brings new adventures and new horizons opening up. A new vision and new vistas beckon you. Look in your own personal chart and see if you have any personal planets or points at 11º Sagittarius?

The resolution to the T-square tension is in the opposite sign to the 11º Sagittarius which is 11º Gemini. The 11º Gemini is within a 2º orb of the fixed Royal Star Aldebaran over lighted by archangel Michael Watcher of the East. This area of the heavens relates to integrity, courage, new beginnings and inspiration. Where is this 11º Gemini point located in your chart? Do you have any personal planets of points located here, or are there any close intimate friends or companions with personal planets or points at 11º Gemini. Often oppositions more than any other astrological aspects represents actual event or people showing up to help you become aware of what needs balancing within yourself.

Starting with the quarter waning moon in Sagittarius and leading up to the Solar Eclipse Pisces New Moon we have some major shifts taking placing. You’ll want to be especially mindful how you take action now. This time period is about releasing energy, not a taking action really. It’s important to remember this. You’ll want to have a wait and see attitude though the energy could feel intense. Allow internal shifts and connections to happen. Love is acting to adjust your life now. Its time to allow your inner voice to surface and give you clear guidance before taking action.

On March 4th Mars at the critical degree and final mastery degree of 29º Scorpio squares Mercury at 29º Aquarius. Raw passion, libido and instinctive drive are in a clash with the future vision you have for yourself that you set as an intention to embody at the Aquarius New Moon on February 8th. At this same time the Sun representing your will to be, or life force energy conjuncts Neptune which is very much about feeling and connecting with your idealized self, the dreamer with no sense of boundaries squaring off with Saturn the planet of reality that creates the necessary structures to make your dreams come true. This contact could move you closer to realizing the ideal reality for yourself. You can also become aware of any adjustments in your plans and changes you need to make.

Fortunately the Sun conjunct Neptune is sextile to Pluto. The slower moving planet always has the greatest influence when everything is taken into the balance. Pluto the planet of death and power and regeneration gives you an opportunity to realize your dreams even though Saturn seems to want to put the breaks on and make sure you have what it takes to make things real.

All these energies leading to the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces are setting you up to make the most of the new beginning that now await you for bringing a new fresh start for yourself where Pisces is located in your chart.

This is the SHIFT that’s occurring now as your consciousness of oneness is rapidly being evolved automatically, spontaneously. Aquarius is the sign of the angelic self the perfected human who realizes unity consciousness. Your higher self or angelic self knows how to allow life to happen automatically and spontaneously through you.

The potential of the Aquarian new moon combined with the Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse is to help you take a giant step toward embodying your awakened realized Self. Your natural authentic Self the source of your being and the source of all that is.

The Aquarius New Moon is an opportunity for you to birth a new vision for yourself that is aligned with and embodies the truth of your mighty I AM presence. Hanging out with the angels, especially God’s Cherubim can be helpful for elevating your frequency and consciousness. The purpose of the Cherubim is to release you from any false appearance of discord.

In astrology we often talk about squares and oppositions creating apparent tension and strife. At the spiritual level there is only harmony. When you awaken to your angelic higher self you can see the play of energies for what they are and don’t get sucked into any appearances of disagreement. The seed for resolution is always available in the apparent conflict. They give rise to each other. Through the fabric of time all things are resolving themselves like mathematical equations and there is ever expanding growth.

Let me share with you a description of the Cherubim that will explain why they are so uniquely qualified to bring harmony out of discord. The Cherubim have four wings and four faces. The four faces are a man (Aquarius), an ox (Taurus), a lion (Leo) and an eagle (Scorpio). All fixed zodiac signs and the most resistant to change and square to each other on the zodiac wheel. In purely symbolic terms the Cherubim represent the capacity to see things from the perspective of each of the four directions so that you can experience the fulness of life and all living things. The Cherubim are the holy guardians of perfect ideals (Neptune) and forms (Saturn), rituals (moon cycles) and places (12 houses of zodiac) and protect can protect you from all discord.

Now is a time to move beyond any limited self concept you may have about yourself. Designing a vision board with your angelic or higher self over lighting and guiding its creation can help you to birth a new vision for yourself and your life and connect you to realizing and embodying your highest potential in 2016.

During this gateway to the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces there is tremendous purification and healing available.

Mars transit through Scorpio is helping to purify your desire body and take action to do the work necessary which may include deep psychological and emotional clearing away most especially in the house where Scorpio is located in your chart. Mars gives you the energy, drive, fortitude, stamina and courage to take action. Mars is intent upon strengthening you in this area of your life, helping you clear out any fears that may still linger after Saturn’s transit. Mars renews your passion and physical energy. The warrior energy of Mars helps you to be determined and do whatever it takes to be victorious.

For more about this window of time check out my 2016 Astro Energy Forecast.

That’s it for your February and March astro energy forecast through to the Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 8th. I hope what I’ve shared is helpful to you. Let me know by leaving me your comments, giving me a thumbs up and sharing with others!

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