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happy-new-year-2016-public-domainpictures.netWhat does 2016 have in store for you? Fnd out on today’s show.

This is a general overview for the entire year, including the spring and fall eclipse seasons, Mars retrograde in Scorpio, Mercury retrograde periods, Saturn square Neptune and much more… so listen to get the insights you need to feel empowered to navigate 2016 with more grace and ease.

Many of you told me you wanted me to give a forecast for each zodiac sign. So, after giving the general astro energy forecast I’ll give an overview forecast for each zodiac sign. You can click on the time stamps for each sign below the video. You’ll want to listen to your sun, moon and rising sign for the fullest picture of what’s up for you in 2016.

WORLD CLOCK TIME ZONE CONVERTER Find out exactly what time things are happening in your part of the world.

The exact aspects given are at the peak of the energy. You will feel the build up of tension to bring change leading up to the exact aspect and then a release and integration as the tension eases after the exact aspect.



ARIES: 58:22
TAURUS: 59:06
GEMINI: 59:29
CANCER: 1:00:20
LEO: 1:01:10
VIRGO: 1:01:58
LIBRA: 1:02:47
SCORPIO: 1:03:37
CAPRICORN: 1:05:14
AQUARIUS: 1:06:18

Today is December 31st. It’s New Year’s eve can you believe it’s the end of 2015 and start of a new year. Before we begin place your hand over your heart and connect with the intuition of your heart, so that you will hear more clearly any messages meant just for you in today’s forecast.

The angels asked me to remind you to call on them. Give them your cares and any burdens. They’re here for you, so call on them.

On New Year’s Day We pass the quarter waning moon at 11º Libra waning moon at 9pm PT. The skies are intense and today you let go of anything that’s holding you back, any resistance as Mercury at 0º Aquarius is slowing down to station retrograde on January 5th square to Mars at 29º also slowing to station retrograde in Scorpio on the 17th of April. The pair have been coming within orb of square since December 20th and will begin to separate around the 7th of January when Jupiter stations retrograde at 23º Virgo, the giant planet of good fortune.

I always look at how the New Year starts as this can give a clear indication about what’s up for review and integration in the year ahead, as well as the general feeling tone for the whole year.

As I read the astro energies for 2016 which is a 9 year of completion and wisdom, as well as philanthropy there’s a completing of what’s been underway over the past several years. Its time to move on take the leap and embody more of your soul. With the lengthy square between Mercury (your lower mind) and Mars (your ego drive for taking action) at the start of the year there’s a break down of of egoic mind structures. Old resistant mental patterns and ways of behaving are reviewed and shifting to higher frequency patterns of thinking and acting are possible.

Also, during this window of time Uranus the higher octave of Mercury stationed direct on Christmas day which adds boost to the potential for change in reorganizing and evolving your nervous system. Of course regular meditation really helps you with this process.

There’s a feeling of urgency for change though there’s also a feeling of stuckness or stodginess to this energy that is looking for a new place to go.

The energies this year continue feeling unsettled with intense periods of chaotic out of control movement as you complete the necessary frequency shifts needed to make to move you forward into a paradigm.

Transformation and healing are naturally always occurring for you to make these shifts. It requires a great deal of courage and trust to let go and be in authentic partnership with life. That’s the key challenge this year. To step more into your soul embodiment. This is your greatest service now to the world. To step truly into soul embodiment, being your authentic self in a physical body.

In 2015 you were in the process of alchemizing and aligning with the transformational energies of life to go with this process and evolve rapidly. How did you do?

In 2016 there’s completion of this work when a new level of mastery of the stages of soul incarnation that were activated at the beginning of in this 9 year cycle of incarnation.

The signs of Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel the intensity and greatest pressure for evolution and growth this year. If you have any of your personal planets or points in these signs you’ll feel this energy for soul embodiment the most.

The image I see for the energies at play this year is that of see saw. There’s a feeling of back and forth and an unsettled quality as things rapidly shift and change.

On February 8th 2016 we enter the Chinese New Year of the Red Fire Monkey. Monkey is the 9th animal in the Chinese zodiac. So we have the number 9 of completion, self mastery and wisdom activated.

Now there’s much greater need for direct personal experience and knowing as you go through the process. You’ll have moments of clarity followed by periods of confusion as you deepen in your direct personal experience and unfolding knowing about your direction and how to navigate through life. This takes patience, checking in with yourself continually and not allowing yourself to be distracted by all the noise in the external world.

Focus on Virgo qualities. Virgo rules the sixth house where the north node is located which is characterized by attention to the mundane practical matters of day to day reality. Virgo qualities will keep you grounded. Create healthy habits and routines that support you, especially emotionally. There’s a lot of healing of your emotional body taking place, especially for Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer and Gemini. The south node is in Pisces where Chiron the wounded healer and Neptune the spiritual healer of the zodiac. Deep emotional wounds are being healed and psychic patterns released. Transformation and healing are deep mysteries that you cannot cause to occur, but must align with and allow to happen. It’s really a frequency shift to align with love and grace to flow into your life and heal you at deep levels.

The water signs and Earth signs are receiving protection and a beneficial boost from Jupiter in Virgo for most this year until September 9th when Jupiter moves into the sign of Libra.

Saturn and Jupiter the social planets are the two builders and manifesters of the zodiac. Where they are located is where you will feel most inclined to focus your attention to manifest changes and results will be forthcoming in the signs where Jupiter and Saturn are located. Jupiter in Virgo is a one year focus of energies and Saturn in Sagittarius is a bit slower taking 2 1/2 years to bring longer term results.

Look to where the sign Virgo and Sagittarius are in your chart. What’s happening in these areas of your life now?

Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces are forming a T-Square of energy through most of the year with exact square aspects between Jupiter and Saturn the end of March and again in mid-May.

The square between Saturn and Neptune is ongoing all of 2016 with exact square is June 17th and another exact square the 10th of September during the Mercury retrograde in Virgo. A bit more about the Mercury retrogrades in a moment.

Jupiter is within orb of conjunction to the North Node during most of 2016 activating your purpose and where to focus your energies and shows you what’s coming in for you. Jupiter conjunct the North node opposes Chiron and the South Node until August.

Opposition is illumination, awakening to healing that’s available. Leaving releasing the past


Mars gets a re-set and re-boot in 2016 as it stations retrograde at 9º Sagittarius on April 17th when its within 2º of exact square to Neptune until June 29th when it stations direct at 23º Scorpio. Mars enters its shadow on the 16th of February and leaves shadow on August 21st when it gets back to 9º Sagittarius. On August 24th Mars exactly conjuncts Saturn and squares Neptune in Pisces. This is a few days after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25º 52’ Aquarius.

We’re actually in the middle of the second eclipse season as Mars leaves its shadow.

SPRING & FALL ECLIPSE SEASONS – Let’s look at the Eclipse Seasons

The first eclipse season starts with a Solar Eclipse New Moon at 18º 56’ Pisces on March 8th 5:54pm PT. The Solar Eclipse is conjunct Neptune, opposing Jupiter in Virgo and forms a T-square with Saturn in Sagittarius. The Solar Eclipse New Moon is conjunct Venus and Mercury and sextile to Pluto.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is at 3º 17’ Libra at 5:01am PT opposing Mercury conjunct the Sun in Aries, sextile to Mars in Sagittarius.

For the fall eclipse season there are two Lunar Full Moon Eclipses the first is an Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 18th at 25º 52’ Aquarius at 2:28am PT, followed by a Solar Eclipse New Moon 9º 21’ Virgo on September 1st at 2:03am PT. We have a cardinal T-Square at this Solar Eclipse between the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo, Saturn still within orb of conjunction to Mars in Sagittarius and square to Neptune in Pisces.

On September 16th we have the final Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in 2016 at 24º 20’ of Pisces which is within 1º of an exact conjunction to Chiron. Mars is at 24º Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries and exactly square to Chiron conjunct the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. This Lunar Eclipse occurs at 12:05pm PT.

MERCURY RETROGRADE – Mercury is retrograde four times this year. It’s usually three, but this year it’s four.

The first Mercury retrograde starts at 1º Aquarius on January 5th at 5:06am PT and stations Direct on January 25th at 15º Capricorn. The Aquarius energy at the start of the Mercury retrograde is a great conductor of the Mercurial energy though it slows down and gets sluggish and stodgy as it retrogrades back through Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto just before and after it stations Direct. Mercury is also square to Uranus in Aries from mid January through the first week of February. Mercury’s retrograde in earth signs this year can help to stabilize your thinking get more practical, plan, strategize and get grounded in your thinking.

Second Mercury retrograde station is at 24º Taurus on April 28th at 10:20am PT and stations Direct at 6:20am PT on May 22nd at 14º Taurus. Again the earth energy is not a great conductor of the Mercurial energy and you may feel especially slowed down in your thinking. The Sun will conjunct Mercury during its retrograde phase. Mercury will also conjunct Venus the second and third week of May.

Also Jupiter stations direct at 13º Virgo on Mother’s Day exact on May 9th and Mercury and Jupiter conjunct the day Mercury stations Direct May 22nd and Jupiter squares Saturn in Sagittarius final time on May 26th. Mercury is also trine to Pluto during this retrograde phase.

Third Mercury retrograde station is at the critical degree of 29º Virgo on August 30th at 6:04am PT and stations Direct at 10:31pm PT on September 21st at 15º Virgo. Mercury and Venus conjunct for the second time this year at 29º Virgo on the 28th just before Mercury stations retrograde. The Sun will conjunct Mercury retrograde at 21º Virgo and square Mars in Sagittarius on September 12.

Fourth Mercury Retrograde station is at 15º Capricorn. We end 2016 with a Mercury retrograde. The Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun and Moon and sextile Mars on the 28th at the time of the Capricorn New Moon. Uranus stations Direct the next day on the 29th.

Of course Mercury enters its shadow two weeks or so before it goes retrograde and another 3 weeks after going direct to move out of its shadow the degree where it stationed retrograde. All in all it’s about an 8-9 week period when Mercury is retrograde or in shadow that happens 3 or 4 times a year.


2016 ends with a 7º 59’ Capricorn new moon that occurs on December 28th exact at 10:53pm PT. The Capricorn new moon is conjunct Mercury retrograde and sextile Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This is a very grounding moon the for the lower conscious mind patterns which are now in review and your emotion libido and drive (Mars in Pisces) is in the embrace of Neptune which softens and brings a dreamy more idealistic quality to your passions and drive. Uranus stations direct ruler as the new Moon moves into Aquarius at the 2017 new year with no exact aspects to any planets. There’s real freeing up of your emotions and emotional body as you start the new year in 2017. The astro energies feel peaceful after all the monkey mind moments you may have through in 2017.

Overview highlights each zodiac sign:

Aries – Lots of dynamism and change continues for you Aries. Things are beginning to take shape. You can have many sudden dynamic opportunities arrive this year. Make the most of February and March for moving forward on a creative pursuit or new ideas.

Taurus – You’ve been making some much needed adjustments to bring more balance into your life. You realize a new level of untapped potential within and feel more settled within yourself than you have in a long time. You’re one of the signs most blessed this year with hidden resources and power available to support you.

Gemini – You can experience extreme fluctuations in your mental attitudes, more than usual in fact. Life could feel like a roller coaster, up one minute down the next. Get your rest, drink plenty of water, meditate to calm your nervous energy down. Hiking in nature, yoga, breathing, swimming and generally any kind of physical movement would be very helpful for grounding the influx of high voltage energy to your nervous system. Also, remember to take time to just relax, unwind, play, hang out with friends and be sociable. Your best moments are spent in the company of like minded others in 2016 who can be a source of comfort, support and stellar new ideas you can run with to the bank. Remember to keep smiling!

Cancer – You’ve been experiencing deep emotional healing and learning to trust yourself more deeply. The shift to inter dependence with others rather than co-dependence can seem frightening as you open to trusting the universal flow of life more. You’ve been having realizations about yourself that aren’t always comfortable though new insights bring you the freedom you crave and new opportunities you’re hungry for. Open to meeting new friends. New intimate relationships can form for you this year, but you must be open and responsive to your opportunities if they’re to bear fruit. Trust yourself more and practice the thought, “The universe has my back.”

Leo – New home, new relationships, new creative projects, new playmates, new romance. Practicing regular visualization would be an especially practical way for you to focus your mental energy to create and attract exactly what you want into your life whatever it is. Playing affirmations in the background while you work, or just in your home or at work will help prime your subconscious mind to bring you what you want. You’re especially lucky with manifesting your desires this year, so take time to practice visualizing and affirming what you want and not think about or be around anything you don’t want. You’re learning how to more deeply accept, cherish and honor yourself!

Virgo – Life can be bountiful if you focus on your priorities and your highest values. Being frivolous or wasting time or money can have detrimental affects. Focus on  creating a plan and taking action, work hard, get your hustle on and work, work, work diligently. You can manifest your dreams into reality now. Inspiration + perspiration = whatever your heart desires. Be mindful about how and who you spend your time with. You’re challenged to focus on the details when much can distract you at this time. You’re required to exercise extraordinary determination at times and an ability to be able to master focusing your mind to achieve your desired results.

Libra – You’ve experienced much disruption and made incredible changes in your life over the past few years. Your love for peace and harmony continues to be one of your highest priorities and values. Changes in your life circumstances and your relationships may have left you feeling confused at times. Yet, so many of the changes you’ve made you absolutely love. This year brings more opportunity to create the life and love you desire in the form you want. Keep going! Stay focused on what you want and affirm it regularly. Like Leo you would also do well with a regular practice of visualization. Creating a vision board could be especially beneficial for getting your creative and imaginative juices flowing for attracting the love you desire in your relationships, creative projects and in your home life.

Scorpio – You’ve been in deep ongoing transformation. You must face what you fear to free yourself to live the life you were born to live. You’re a great negotiator and know how to navigate life’s curves with grace and ease. Learn to manage and master your energy system wisely to create your desired results. Get clear about what you want then make a plan, take action, get feedback and make course corrections to get to where you want to be step-by-step. You can do it!

Sagittarius – You’re in a time of maturation of your beliefs and attitudes to support you to create what you want. You’re becoming more aligned in what you say and what you do. You may find in this process that what you thought you wanted isn’t what you really want at all. It’s okay to let go of what you’ve outgrown, or imagined to be the right path for you in the past. Everything you learn in life is transferable to any new life situations you create for yourself in the future. You may physically feel more hemmed in and restricted in movement since Saturn is in your sign and can feel a little restless. Take time for mini breaks and time away in your imagination. Traveling in your mind is especially favored now. You’re usually very optimistic though with Saturn’s watchful eye you may feel that life is tedious and too much work all the time. Keep your sense of humor and watch funny movies or read good books to expand and free your mind.

Capricorn – Like Scorpio you’ve been in deep, ongoing transformation. Your energy may feel sporadic at times. You need a lot of rest and time for solitude to integrate all the change that you’re undergoing internally. Or you may enjoy spending quiet time with friends and family in nature to recover from the intensity you experience deep within you at time. Life is continuing to cut away all the extraneous things that do not matter for your self realization and ultimate fulfillment. Your self awareness continues to grow. You’re becoming aware of patterns of self sabotage and deepening in your ability to be truthful with yourself and others. Opportunities come this year to resolve control issues and free yourself to live more authentically. Empowerment and elevating your status in some way comes easily to you this year. If you’ve prepared properly for it your results now will provide you with a lasting harvest into the future.

Aquarius – As an air sign you enjoy being light, easy and fun spirited, not taking life too seriously. You’re a visionary and love to dream. This year you rebound and feel renewed in your ability to envision a future for your family, friends and community life. To help your enthusiasm return fully and make the most of dreaming and creating the future visions you have for you life you are another sign that would benefit greatly from regular visualization practice or designing a vision board. Allow yourself to dream and imagine what your heart desires. Let go of any old stresses or worries that may have restricted your mind for a time. Listen to music and perform gentle movement like yoga. Let your spirit flow into form.

Pisces – Of all the signs you are the one most going through deep healing and transformation. You are so dreamy about life naturally that you may not realize how deeply you are affected by life forces operating at the collective level now. As one of the signs that is known for your empathic hyper sensitivity you may have a coping strategy to suppress your emotional sensitivity and only be aware of it through a super active dream life, or being moody, or projecting your unprocessed negative emotions onto others as you love peace and harmony and have a tendency to cut yourself off from unpleasant emotions and feelings. Until you get sick, or have an outburst to let off the built up psychic tension that comes from holding repressed feelings locked away in your bodymind. Now would be a good time for journaling, creative expression, body movement, swimming, hot sea salt soaks with your favorite essential oils. You may wish to engage in counseling or join a support group to help you become aware of and process your emotions. You’re becoming more aware of and realizing your divine potential and deepening in your trust of yourself and life.

That’s it for your 2016 astro energy report with a brief forecast for each of the zodiac signs.

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  1. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    The idea is that people who are empaths and hyper sensitive can repress their negative emotions because they don’t want conflict with others, so they repress themselves. There are actually no negative emotions. All emotions serve a purpose. It’s the meaning we give emotions and how we process them that often needs maturation. For instance feeling fear or anger can be signal that a boundary is being crossed and we need to set a healthy boundary. Hope what I’m pointing to/referring to here is now more clear. Wishing you all the best. 🙂

  2. Leslie S says:

    Under the Pisces notes, I think there may be some words missing in this sentence: “unprocessed negative emotions onto others as you love peace and harmony and have a tendency” i.e. between “as you” and’Love peace harmony”. Please advise. Thanks!

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