Astrology 2014 April Eclipses
North & South Node Shift to Libra & Aries
Total Libra Lunar Eclipse (Blood Red Moon)
Taurus Solar Eclipse April 15 & 28
Significant Game Changer!

Lunar-eclipse-09-11-2003-cropped-oliver-stein-wiki-gnu-free-documentation-license2Find out how the shift of the North and South Node and the April Eclipses will affect you and how to make the most of the opportunities available at this time for your success.

Eclipses are always significant game changers. The Eclipse Seasons in 2014 are exceedingly potent change agents.

What happens this year will have significant influence on how your life will unfold for you over the next 20+ years.

You’re given an opportunity to set yourself up for success at the very start of 2014 when your personal planets Venus, Mercury and Mars all station retrograde.

NOW it’s your chance to make necessary adjustments to better align yourself for success in 2014 and to take advantage of the Eclipses that are to occur this year.

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This is a 7 Universal Year, so Spiritual Awakening and Deepening your Intuition are keys for your happiness and success this year.

Also, the number 1+4 on the end of 2014 = 5.

5 is the number of media and communication and signifies rapid change. This year will unfold rapidly and is likely to be filled with dramatic moments, lots of media coverage and cathartic crisis points.

On February 6th shortly after Venus stations Direct you experience your first big shift this year when the North Node (head of the dragon) enters the sign of Libra. You may already have intimations of this forthcoming shift in your focus of attention.

The North and South node are karmic fate points and help you to clear and free yourself from karmic (cause and effect) entanglements in order for you to realize your highest Divine potential.

Your attention and where you need to focus now shifts from the area of you life where Scorpio has been located for the past 18 months to Libra where the North Node will transit for the next 18 months. This means the south node moves from Taurus into the sign of Aries.

The South Node denotes your past, where you have previously been, what you have learned and represents the tried and true that which comes easiest for you.

The South Node represents your past behaviors, karmic actions and habits acquired from your previous experiences. It can be challenging to disrupt old patterns and ways of doing things, but that is your challenge now if you are to move forward to the next cycle of your life.

In 2015 the South Node will conjunct Uranus the Awakener.

The North and South Nodes are tied into the Eclipses. Where the Nodes go so go the Eclipses.

On April 15th we have our First Eclipse of 2014.

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