Astro Energy Report By KG Stiles
Now You Understand! – Move Forward Fearlessly…
May 20th – 26th, 2016

Sagittarius-full-moon-9EA6AB3566C940DBA945476794000EC1WOW!!!! is all I can say about what I sense is happening now for you!

A Major epiphany happens in the area of your life where the Sagittarius Full Moon (May 21st) occurs in your astrology chart, as well as the other areas of your life that the Sagittarius Full Moon touches by aspect which I will share with you in today’s Astro Energy Report.

There’s a synchrony of events unfolding that will catapult you forward on your life’s path. It’s tremendous time to trust and deepen in your fatih. Life wants more for you, so let yourself receive. Some sacrifice of your lesser ego small minded desires may need to happen so that a full blossoming may occur for you over the next month to six months.

It’s BIG whatever is occurring for you now with lasting and profound results! The illumination occurring will be repeated again in a month’s time with a rare double Full Moon in Sagittarius at the critical and final 29º on summer solstice June 20th,

A week later Mars stations Direct in Scorpio and begins its relentless March through the final degrees of Scorpio to return to Sagittarius the first of August. It’s a dynamic cosmic dance unfolding for you. There’s Major completion, balancing and clearing of your accounts set to happen!

Astro Energy Highlights this Week:

May 20th – 24th – Over the next few days from the 20th through the 24th your personal life is set to lighten up, your mind gets re-energized and active with lots of chatter and your personal love interests can become flirtatious and more changeable as the Sun enters Gemini (May 20th), Mercury slows down and stations Direct at 14º Taurus (May 22nd) and Venus enters Gemini (May 24th).

On May 21st we have the 1º Sagittarius Full Moon at 2:14pm PT. The Sagittarius Full Moon is conjunct Mars and opposes the Sun in Gemini conjunct Venus in the last degrees of Taurus. The Sun and Venus are within orb of conjunction now and will be exact on June 6th a couple of days after the Gemini New Moon on June 4th. There is lots of fluidity, things are up in the air and the winds of change are very active. This is a great time to change fixed attitudes and beliefs you’ve held on to for a long time that have been holding you back. Opportunities for change are forthcoming now.

During this time of the Sagittarius Full Moon the Sun conjunct Venus will oppose Mars. There’s revelation about your personal drives and ambition that are getting uncovered and released. As Mars dips back into Scorpio there’s almost a surgical removal of what is false and a deepening desire to uncover the truth that sets you free to act in ways that are aligned with your inner being.

During this period as your personal planets move through Gemini there’s a Grand Cross that forms by element and exact at times. A Grand Cross brings sacrifice of what you need to release if you’re to transcend to higher levels of being.

A Grand Cross Pattern is like being at cross purposes with yourself (patterns of self sabotage) and often manifests as real life events or people who show up to help you integrate the tension being confronted and released. Projection can be especially prevalent and in your face, so that you’re forced to come to terms with elements of your personality that prevent you from realizing your greater self.

It’s a time of maturation. Issues of faith (Sun, Mercury, Venus square Neptune and Chiron in Pisces) are confronted and there’s healing potential available. Standing in your authentic power represented by opposition of personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus) opposite Saturn is needed. Take your power of authority back that you’ve projected onto outer people or events and situations that may have encumbered you and resulted in blockage and feeling stuck. The square to Jupiter to personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus) expands and makes it obvious what needs to be let go of and reveals aspects of yourself that need strengthening.

On May 26th Jupiter at 13º Virgo exactly squares Saturn in Sagittarius. This will really activate the Grand Cross that’s occurring now through June when Saturn and Jupiter finally begin to move apart. There’s much that can breakdown now, so that you are freed to break away from patterns that have restricted and limited you for many years.

This is a very dynamic and energetic period you’re entering that’s being influenced by emotional under currents of the double Sagittarius Full Moon that will play out minimally through the Capricorn Full Moon on July 19th or even into December with the Gemini Full and Capricorn New Moons.

World events occurring now are set to change the climate of environmental circumstances for many years to come.

Feel free to send me a personal note to let me know how you’re experiencing the changes happening in your life.

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