Astro Energy Report By KG Stiles
Gemini New Moon
Breakdown Breakthrough Illumination
June 4th-10th, 2016

GEMINI-B053EF2CB7FA40628AEEA81B43F4C630It’s a week of breakdown and breakthrough when illumination comes from the depths to support greater flowering of your consciousness. The Mutable Grand Cross occurring allows for the adaptation called for now. Take time for self nurturance on the 6th as Mercury (now out of its retrograde shadow in Taurus) moves to oppose Mars (now on retrograde demolition course through the last degrees of Scorpio). Find out how to make the most of the opportunities available to you now in this week’s Astro Energy Report.


On June 4th we have the 14º 53′ Gemini New Moon exact at 7:59 pm PT. The Gemini New Moon is great for festive events and social gatherings and starting new projects that engage your social skills. Though as I mentioned in last week’s report this particular Gemini New Moon is forming a tense Mutable Grand Cross as it is conjunct Sun and Venus, and square to Neptune in Pisces, opposing Saturn in Sagittarius and square to Jupiter in Virgo. There’s tremendous potential for breakdown and breakthrough of resistant patterns and illumination now. 

The Gemini New Moon goes Void of Course at 9:47am PT on June 5th until 8:41pm PT when it enters the sign of Cancer.

The transpersonal planet Neptune represents a powerful and influential potential for dissolving boundaries and fixed patterns bringing illumination and expansion of the heart’s energies. Opportunities arise for expressing compassion and understanding differences with others.

Your personal love interests and will to express yourself can feel thwarted if adaptation to rapidly changing circumstances are resisted.

With Jupiter still in square to Saturn there’s continuing expansion and breakdown of existing structures at the social day to day level.

The Gemini New Moon may bring feelings of discomfort as you work with the energies calling for adjustments now. There can be hard work involved, yet be careful not to over exert or struggle with life’s realities, but rather relax into the flow of events and adapt to the changing influences.

Great changes are happening and new beginnings are coming in. Fortunately a Mutable Grand Cross has an inherent capacity to adapt and change, more so than a Fixed or Cardinal Grand Cross. 

This Mutable Grand Cross energy peaks on June 3rd and 4th, slowly dissipating on the 5th when the moon enters cancer.

By Monday June 6th the energies are fairly calm and peaceful with the cancer moon trine Neptune and sextile Jupiter.

Also on June 6th Venus and the Sun conjunct at 17º Gemini. This is a great friendship day when the natural forces support feelings of coming home and being at ease. It’s a great day to take time out to love and nurture yourself.

On June 7th Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow at 23º Taurus and begins to form an opposition at 26º Taurus to Mars in Scorpio. There’s illumination and potential for deep cutting away of something that’s been hidden that surfaces for integration.

Remember Mars is retrograde in Scorpio doing a final surgical removal of old shadow tissue in this area of your life.

The Taurus opposition to Scorpio axis is related to your personal self worth (2nd house matters) and 8th house matters which includes other’s valuation of you. Some of the 8th house concerns include inheritance, taxes, death, as well deep intimate emotional and psychological undercurrents that you share with others.

With this illumination created by Mercury’s opposition to Mars you could potentially gain a new level of self worth and take your power back that you’ve previously given to others for recognizing your value as an individual expression as a human being.

Since Mercury represents your lower mind and mental habit patterns, and Mars represents your desires and drive for taking action there can be a tug of war feeling that arises now.

Oppositions more than any other astrological aspect can represent an actual confrontation with someone or a situation in your life manifesting that helps you resolve the polarity energies represented by Mercury and Mars within yourself. There’s a definite feeling of confronting something within yourself that’s been hidden for integration that frees you to more fully realize your Divine potential.

Void of Course Moon Periods

A Void of Course Moon is when the Moon is not making any aspects to other planets and thus said to be Void of Course. Void of Course Moons are great for completing tasks though not great for starting new projects.

There’s one long (almost 12 hour) Void of Course Moon on June 5th from 9:47am to 8:47pm PT when the moon enters the sign of Cancer.

Then two other shorter (about six hour) Void of Course Moons on June 7th from 5:18pm to 11:47pm PT when the moon enters the sign of Leo.

And on June 10th 0:14am past midnight PT until 6:46am PT when the Moon enters Virgo.

Well, there you have it. Those are the key Astro Energy highlights I see happening for you this week.

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