Astro Energy Report By KG Stiles
Shed Old Identity – New Adventures!
May 13th – May 19th, 2016

astrological_sign_leo_public-domain_300dpiGreat week for keeping an open mind, doing self inquiry, self discovery and insight meditation which will help you stay grounded and keep a fresh attitude. Having an open and innocent mind is always very helpful. The zig-zag creative path that’s unfolding will ultimately resolve any challenges you may be experiencing. The energies are playful, fluctuating and a little mischievous. It’s kind of like riding on the tail of a dragon. If you love adventure, surprises and things not going as planned you will love this week. There can be a tendency to negativity more than usual, so stay open, keep a positive attitude and go with the flow.

Astro Energy Highlights this Week:

Friday May 13th First Quarter Waxing Moon at 23º 21’ Leo brings an opportunity to release an old aspect of your identity. Resistance to releasing/transforming an old persona/mask you’ve worn can feel like an intense stripping away, or like a snake shedding old skin that now needs to be discarded. The Leo moon can bring up old insecurities and ego wounds for you to face.

Leo represents the Divine child that wants to be seen and appreciated. The Leo moon is a great time for self appreciation and doing something that helps you to actively express your light.

On Friday, May 13th Mercury Retrograde exactly conjuncts Venus at 17º Taurus and trines Pluto in Capricorn. There’s a powerful seed point that opens now for you. Take care to stay alert and grounded as there are new powerful openings available for you. There are no other planetary alignments happening for the rest of this entire week.

This could be a more intensely emotional week than usual. The mental energy continues to feel unstable and changeable as Mercury is still Retrograde.

Today May 13th the Leo Quarter Moon goes Void of Course for about 12 hours from 10:02am PT to 10:52pm PT when the Moon enters Virgo which helps you to focus on the practical details of your life.

On Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th take advantage of the Moon’s transit through the sign of Virgo. These two days are probably the best for getting things done.

On May 16th we have a 6 hour Void of Course Moon from 2:20am PT to 10:33am when the Moon enters the sign of Libra. As the moon’s energy really holds sway this week coupled with Mercury’s retrograde station feelings of indecisiveness may be strong.

Especially on May 18th when we have a long almost 18 hour Void of Course moon from 8:33am PT to 11:30pm when the Moon enters the sign of Scorpio. Mars Retrograde is about to dip back into Scorpio for the next two months until the first of August when Mars enters the sign of Sagittarius.

This is the last clearing away of old shadow tissue that Saturn unearthed during its two 1/2 year transit of Scorpio. When Mars stations direct the end of June it will re-energize Scorpio. Mars will not be back through Scorpio for 2 plus years and won’t retrograde in Scorpio for many years to come.

This is a really excellent time for burning the old behaviors, drives and ambitions that formerly motivated you to take action. When Mars is retrograde things in this area of your life can feel a bit stalled, or slow to move forward as there is much that needs to be reassessed for how best to take action and move forward. The slow down and obstacles are a blessing really. Mars wants to be in control through taking decisive action. Pressing forward can actually create more challenges for you into the future, so allow yourself to listen more, makes changes within and willing to act less outwardly during this time.

By week’s end Mercury is slowing down about to Station Direct as the Sun enters Gemini on the eve of the playful and adventurous Sagittarius Full Moon conjunct Mars and opposite Venus and the Sun on May 21st. More about the illuminating Sagittarius Full Moon in next week’s Astro Energy Report.

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