Lapis-lazuli-ephant.800pix-wikipedia-public-domainWeek’s General Astrology Forecast

BEST MONEY DAYS this week are September 6th and 7th. Find out more in today’s report!

The week starts off with a little of the left over serious intensity of last week’s Virgo Solar Eclipse. You may still be working out the details presented at the Virgo New Moon which may require patience, maturity and hard work.

By September 6th and 7th things lighten considerably! Enjoy the relief because the need for making adjustments and letting go of any excess burdens will heat up at the Sagittarius Quarter Waxing Moon. At week’s end you’re called to resolve the tension that’s intensifying as we near the exact and final Square forming between Saturn and Neptune on September 10th. Let go of whatever may hold you back from reaching the full potential birthed at the Virgo New Moon.

On September 9th the Sagittarius Quarter Waxing Moon accentuates the tension that’s growing with the final exact square between Saturn (the planet of structure and limitation) and Neptune (everything goes, no limits). At cross purposes there are adjustments needed. A great deal of strength may be born from this Square between the most material planet in the zodiac, Saturn and the planet of absolute transcendence of the physical plane of existence, Neptune.

The power gemstone for this Sagittarius Quarter Moon is Lapis Lazuli. It is a stone that supports you to discover who you really are. Not who you think you are, or the image you have of yourself, but who you really are.

This Lapis Lazuli is carved into the shape of an elephant with trunk up which symbolizes auspicious circumstances for fresh starts. The Hindu god Ganesha (the remover of obstacles) is depicted as an elephant. This is a very fitting symbol of what the energies of the Sagittarius Quarter Moon are calling you to do. Obviously an elephant has the strength to throw off any obstacles blocking safe passage, or burdens that hold you back.

At this time you may make a startling discovery regarding your own understanding about your true Self. It’s a time when you can birth new intuitive capacities.

Find out more in today’s Astro Energy Report (AER).

Astro Energy Highlights

WORLD CLOCK TIME ZONE CONVERTER find out what time celestial events are happening in your part of the world. 

I’ve decided to make this quick overview of the houses and their meanings available for you to reference in each Astro Energy Highlight. It’s a quick way for you see the area of your life (represented by the houses) where things are happening for you in your own personal life. Of course you need to know your Ascendant to know where the houses are located in your chart.

  • 1st house (ruled by Aries) – physical persona, personality, how others see you
  • 2nd house (ruled by Taurus) – personal possessions, self worth, net worth
  • 3rd house (ruled by Gemini) – communication, neighborhood, siblings
  • 4th house (ruled by Cancer) – home, family, early childhood, roots
  • 5th house (ruled by Leo) – children, creativity, fun, romance, investments
  • 6th house (ruled by Virgo) – service, work, habits, routines, lifestyle
  • 7th house (ruled by Libra) – relationships, contacts, agreements
  • 8th house (ruled by Scorpio) – death, rebirth, inheritance, how people value you
  • 9th house (ruled by Sagittarius) – higher education, travel, higher mind
  • 10th house (ruled by Capricorn) – profession, status, awards, recognition
  • 11th house (ruled by Aquarius) – friendship, community, rainbow bridge
  • 12th house (ruled by Pisces) – unconscious, karmic patterns, family lineage

On September 6th we have an exact Trine between the Sun at 15º Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Making this one of the two best money days this week. This is the day of perfection of this aspect. Aspects between planets build over time, especially when aspecting slower moving planets and the effects can be felt over a two or three days.

If you have personal planets within 1-2º (the closer the degree the more you’ll feel it) of either of these signs, or if you’re fortunate enough to have a personal planet in Taurus within 1-2º of 15º then you’ll have a Grand Earth Trine which is a material manifestation of something very wonderful for you! This is a fantastic day for everyone, so enjoy!

On September 7th we have an exact Sextile between Venus, the planet of Love and Money, at 10º Libra and Saturn (the planet that gives structure to manifest abundance in the material world) in Sagittarius. This is the other best day for money this week. You have an opportunity for something you love to come into physical form. Again, if you have personal planets within 1-2º orb of 10º in either of these signs or another fire or air sign then you will feel this aspect more intensely on a personal level though the energy is happening for everyone!

On September 9th Jupiter enters Libra at 4:18am PT to hang out in the sign of Love ruled by Venus for the next year. Jupiter likes this placement and feels more at home here. During this year Jupiter will help expand your good fortune with your communications and connections.

Could be an excellent time to get a new computer or car, meet new partners, enter into new ventures. I’ll talk more details about Jupiter in Libra and how to make the most of this cycle of time in another Astro Energy Report. The last time Jupiter was in Libra was in late September 2004 to late October 2005. Think back to what was happening for you during that year as similar energies will be constellating for you… at the next octave. Jupiter will remain in Libra until October 11th, 2017.


These are great periods for taking it easy and going with the flow of events and completing projects. During Void of Course Moons your emotional body is going through a period of processing and integrating your recent experiences. You naturally clear out your emotions during these periods. Doing things that help with this natural process are especially helpful now, i.e. relaxation, yoga, movement, hot baths with sea salts and essential oils, focused breathing.

Void of Course Moon periods are not good for starting new projects, or launching new ventures, or having meetings (if you want to achieve anything), or signing contracts and making agreements as it’s less likely anything will come of any agreement, or it will be sluggish and slow to start.

On September 4th we have a 12 hour Void of Course Moon from 5:30pm PT when the Libra Moon goes Void of Course until it enters the sign of Scorpio at 5:38am PT on September 5th.

On September 7th at 5:43pm PT we have a short, less than an hour, Void of Course Moon when the Scorpio Moon goes Void Course until 6:20pm PT when it enters the sign of Sagittarius.

On September 9th we have a 12 hour Void of Course Sagittarius Moon from 5:51pm PT until 5:55am PT when the Moon enters the sign of Capricorn on September 10th.

On September 9th, we also have the First Quarter Waxing Moon at 17º Sagittarius, exact at 4:49am PT.

Well, there you have it. Those are the key Astro Energy Highlights I see happening for you this week.

Next week I’ll talk more about the final Square that’s happening on September 10th between Saturn and Neptune and the final Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on September 16th.

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