Astro Energy Forecast By KG Stiles
Let It Go! April 29 – May 5th

mercury planet public domain nasaIt’s a week of letting go and going with the flow! With the waning moon releasing light after the intense Scorpio Full Moon last week you are purging what’s been hidden that is coming into awareness. Bringing light into the darkness releases blocks to the new impulse of energy that are coming in for you now. There’s a new beginning set to happen for you on April 7th at the Taurus New Moon. So relax, let go and allow things to naturally unfold for you.

Astro Energy Highlights This Week:

“Being relaxed and peaceful is the most important thing for opening.” -Mother Meera, Embodiment of the Divine Mother

April 28th Mercury stationed retrograde at 23º Taurus. The 3-week Mercury retrograde period happens every three months when the planet Mercury appears to go backward in the sky. Mercury’s retrograde motion is really an optical illusion created when Mercury passes the earth in its rotation about the sun (3-4 times each years) it appears to go backwards/reverse. Kind of like you’re seated and as the train leaves the station the platform appears to be moving backwards.

Mercury represents your conscious mind and waking mental activity. The appearance of a retrograde motion by Mercury has an electro-magnetic effect of slowing down your mind and mental thoughts and the usual ways of making connections and communications may seem to go haywire and become unpredictable in their patterns. A great deal of inner mental adjustment is taking place.

Often during a Mercury retrograde a missed opportunity may return, or something that was missing or lost you will find. Check your pockets for forgotten money stashed away and forgotten. There can be surprising events that bring you opportunity if embraced. Look for the positive in situations now! Mercury is the trickster and loves to laugh, so be light and quick rather than fixed and opinionated.

It is an excellent time for deepening your trust and connecting through your intuition to experience the quality of your inner relationship with life. It is a time to make an intuitive review of things in the house where Mercury is located and make necessary changes as may be indicated.

If things are breaking down, or no longer working, then listen to your intuitive guidance and make appropriate changes. Your connection with soul is strongly activated and ripened as you go through an upgrade during the 3 week Mercury Retrograde cycle. At least this is the potential if embraced. Otherwise, if resisted, all manner of disruptions may occur as the psyche or soul life attempts to get the ego-driven and fear-based, reactive side of you to slow down and reflect momentarily to receive intuitive guidance and information about the best possible choices you can make.

Planetary retrogrades can potentially offer you the most opportunity for soul growth. Think of a planetary retrograde as a review of your archetypal patterns, the symbolic life, dream or myth you are living.

Your archetypal patterns are most strongly constellated and active during retrograde cycles, so that you can more easily recognize them and make positive changes.

On April 29th Venus moves into Taurus and the waning quarter moon in Aquarius will square the Sun, Venus and Mercury so expect sudden shifts in emotional tides and opportunities to let go of emotional and mental tension. Get to the gym! Do extra yoga sessions. Remember to breathe! Trust your higher power to see you through any hurdles you may encounter.

After the moon’s square to Saturn on May 2nd the tensions subside and a nice line up of trines between the Sun and Jupiter and the Sun and Pluto happen right at the 16º 41’ Taurus New Moon on May 6th. There’s a new beginning for you where the Taurus new moon is located. This is a pleasurable and rewarding New Beginning that’s unfolding for you over the next month. I’ll tell you more in next week’s Astro Energy forecast.

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