Aromatherapy for Natural Anxiety Relief – Vetiver

( vetiveria zizanoides )

by KG Stiles, Clinical Aromatherapist

Wild Crafted, Hydrodiffused Root, Haiti


A rare and mysterious fragrance Vetiver’s scent is rich, earthy and sweet with spicy undertones.

Its aroma has a powerfully grounding and reassuring effect that can be relied upon to instantly relieve stress, anxiety or panic.

Vetiver is open hearted and full of grace, helping us to face life’s challenges!

The strong and hearty roots of this tropical grass reach deep into the earth. Many countries plant Vetiver for protection against soil erosion. Vetiver can tolerate and survive even the severest conditions.

Harvesting the roots for a single pound of material for the distillation of essential oil requires removal of 1,000 pounds or more of earth.

A thick, resinous oil with deep, dark and mysterious energies to support and comfort.

Vetiver’s smooth earth scent has the power to resonate deeply within to calm even the most rampant fears and misgivings.

Vetiver strengthens and energizes one’s natural self.

Helpful for symptoms of shock and trauma!

Vetiver resonates with and is especially nourishing for the Muladhara or Root (First) Chakra, the Svadisthana or Sexual (Second) Chakra, the Manipura or Solar Plexus (Third) Chakra and the Anahata or Heart (Fourth) Chakra. Vetiver promotes a deep sense of belonging and community roots and feeling at home on Mother Earth.

Useful when feeling vulnerable and needing help dealing with long term stressful situations.

Vetiver’s tranquil and evocative beauty whispers sweetly supporting us to face our shadows.

Strong dislike to Vetiver’s may be the result of disassociation from or rejection of one’s instinctual nature.

A powerful immune and circulatory stimulant Vetiver’s neuro-receptor process has been well-documented in controlled experiments explaining Vetiver’s action on the circulatory system.

Vetiver’s action to stimulate the production of red blood cells makes it useful for relieving stress and tension held in the body.

Relieves muscle aches and pains and joint stiffness.

Vetiver warms and balances the heart, mind and soul.

Creates opportunities and attracts abundance. Excellent base note in prosperity blends!

The Wild Crafted hydro-diffused Vetiver is an excellent example of how this oil should smell. It is truly lovely!

Most Vetiver is traditionally distilled in cast iron leaving it with a burnt after odor that distracts attention from its full bodied depth and loveliness.

Vetiver’s is restorative and revitalizing. It lends comfort and support in any situation.

A mild sedative Vetiver promotes rest and relaxation. Helpful as a sleep aid!

Vetiver is excellent for skin cell rejuvenation and healing.

In Ayurvedic Medicine, an ancient system of healing practiced in India, the sweet, earthy and warm aroma of Vetiver oil is ideal to regulate and pacify ALL the Doshas. Vata, Pitta and Kapha bodymind types respond well to the balancing effects of Vetiver essential oil.

Symptoms of Vata imbalance are premenstrual syndrome, constipation, insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, anxiety and worry.

Symptoms of Pitta imbalance are high blood pressure, anger, frustration and emotional upsets, inability to go with the flow.

Symptoms of Kapha imbalance are high cholesterol, low metabolic forces, slow to lose weight, fluid retention, stagnation and blockage, lethargy and depression.

BLEND WITH: Petitgrain or Orange. Vetiver works well as a stand alone, yet blends well with a variety of oils. Use it whenever you need to anchor a blend, or need a lower base note to help your formula sing!