Aromatherapy for Mosquito & Insect Protection – Lemon Tea Tree

( Leptospermum petersonii )
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by KG Stiles, Clinical Aromatherapist


Lemon Tea Tree has the bacteria fighting strength of the common Tea Tree plant along with a wonderfully clean, fresh lemon scent. Its aroma is similar to the fragrant Lemongrass, but lighter.

NATURE’S POWERFUL PROTECTION from mosquitoes and insects.Lemon Tea Tree is reputed to have extraordinary power as a NATURAL insect repellant!

Highly recommended for protection against mosquitoes, ants and other insects.

Be safe and healthy this summer with this NATURAL outdoor fragrance that does not contain any DEET (which is known to have toxic side effects).

LEMON TEA TREE BEESWAX CANDLE: Make your own Lemon Tea Tree beeswax candle to use outdoors on those long, slow summer evenings!

Recipe for one candle: Fill the inside of your candle container with beeswax pearls. A 4″ round X 2.5″ deep tin or terra cotta bowl is ideal.

Pour the beeswax pearls into a large glass measuring cup that sits inside of a large pot that’s been partially filled with hot water. Heat the pot of water on the stove until the beeswax pearls melt.

Remove the glass measuring cup with melted beeswax from the pan. Cool slightly before adding 60 drops of Lemon Tea Tree. Gently stir the mixture with a sterile stainless steel spoon. Pour the Beeswax infused with Lemon Tea Tree into your container and allow to cool for 4 hours before using.

SYNERGY BLEND: For a pleasing synergy blend 30 drops each of Lemon Tea Tree and Lemongrass pure essential oils and add to your melted beeswax.

Lemon Tea Tree is highly recommended for protection against ants!

Enjoy nature’s powerful protection with this simple, safe and effective, all natural formulation for an ant spray.

NATURAL ANT PROTECTION SPRAY: Lemon Tea Tree dispensed alone in spray bottle filled with pure water, works to protect you naturally.

Dispense 40-60 drops of Lemon Tea Tree pure essential oil in a 32 ounce spray bottle filled with pure water. Shake well, spray and wipe down your kitchen counters and along surfaces with ant trails.

These fresh smelling and cleansing, germicidal oils will work to keep ants away! Repeat as needed.

SYNERGY BLEND: For a powerful synergy use a 50-50 blend of Lemon Tea Tree with Lemongrass.

Enjoy natural long lasting protection from mosquitoes and insects!

Lemon Tea Tree dispensed alone in a carrier oil of pure light coconut oil in a very small percentage, works to protect you naturally.

NATURAL MOSQUITO & INSECT PROTECTION: The pure light coconut oil makes this natural mosquito and insect protection light enough that it can easily be used in a pump spray bottle.

To a 4 ounce colored glass atomizer bottle filled with pure light coconut oil add 5-10 drops of Lemon Tea Tree. Allow the oils to synergize for 24 hours as time permits. Spray on lightly for lasting protection from mosquitoes and insects!

SYNERGY BLEND: For an effective and wonderfully scented synergy blend Lemon Tea Tree with Atlas Cedarwood in a 1:1 ratio and add to your atomizer bottle.

DOG WASH: Lemon Tea Tree in very low percentages of less than 1% has been used as a dog wash additive to effectively prevent fleas. There is also evidence that Lemon Tea Tree may help clear-up dry skin conditions, as well as keep your dogs free of fleas.

The lovely lemon scent on your dog’s fur is also very pleasant!

DOG GROOMING SPRAY for added protection. Add 2 drops of Lemon Tea Tree to a 2 ounce colored glass atomizer bottle filled with pure light coconut oil. Shake well and spray lightly on your dog’s coat and brush into their fur for added protection from fleas.

Lemon Tea Tree is said to be useful for relieving anxiety, stress, depression and nervous tension. So if your pet gets nervous at bath time the Lemon Tea Tree aroma will help soothe them.

CATS: Please remember to take especial care when using any essential oil on a cat. They simply can’t metabolize them the way dogs, horses and humans do. When diffusing oils for your own use, make very sure that your cat can exit the room if he/she chooses. Hydrosols, floral waters, on the other hand, are safe and gentle for our feline friends.