Attract A Positive Outcome – Visualization Exercise

Visualization Exercise


It’s an especially opportune time on planet earth to transmute negative energies and bring the light of consciousness into areas of darkness. Everywhere I see the light of consciousness sparking new insights. Many are interpreting what I experience as an Age of Awakening in humanity as an Age of Fear. A practical exercise of reversing the way you are seeing things that are happening and looking at them from another vantage point, like looking in a mirror, can be helpful.

With the advent of the information age our “protective” boundaries are coming down. We are naturally evolving our planetary consciousness and all of our old unconscious fear patterns for survival that have previously polarized us into camps of us and them are being unleashed for transmutation. We are shaken to the core with these revelations that are forever changing us. It is literally the dawn of an Age of Consciousness when we have an opportunity to rapidly evolve our Consciousness as One Human Family.

No matter what may be happening in our world it’s our emotional intensity in response to it that wreaks havoc with our ability to be in equanimity and balance in the situation and make necessary healthy choices for ourselves. Of course our emotions are hardwired into our bodies and the subconscious strata of our mind. People have actually been known to literally scare themselves to death from their imaginations running wild.


1) Be present with your fear, acknowledge and allow yourself to observe it. Resistance only serves to intensify your emotions. Remember you are not your fear. Be with your experience this will naturally cultivate physical, emotional and mental balance.

2) Have compassion for your or another’s suffering. Be kind and gentle. Although it may sound trite suffering is a part of the human condition and serves to awaken your consciousness.

Vision and Affirmation to Cancel Worry: Imagine the highest and best outcome in your life situation and affirm, “I am enjoying a balanced outcome in my life situation.” This visualization exercise and affirmation can be changed to attract a positive outcome for someone else you may want to help who is going through a difficult life experience.