Three Wisdom Questions to Access Your Deeper Wisdom

to access your deeper wisdom

By KG Stiles, Intuitive Mind Body Therapist, Energy Healer

This is a meditation practice to access your own powerful inner oracle for guidance. I recommend you use the questions at least once a day. The subconscious mind is a servo-mechanism and will go to work tirelessly to solve any question you ask repetitively and with emotion.

With this in mind ask yourself these three questions, slowly one at a time, become receptive, quietly wait in stillness for any creative images, ideas, words, or feelings that may surface to guide you in your quest.

1) Who am I? or What is the Divine Idea of Me?

2) How am I to live my life?

3) What perceptions must I shift in order to realize the perfect idea of me in my life? Your Perceptions Shape Your Destiny

End your meditation by giving thanks for the spirit messages you’ve received. Immediately take any action you may feel inspired to take. Let go and let God. Be detached about how things will unfold, once you become detached you become flexible, open and receptive to going with the flow of your perfect life unfolding.

The law of attraction operates to magnetize life situations that will further reinforce your perceptions, beliefs and habits of mind, like a self fulfilling prophecy.

When you change the way you perceive and interpret what’s happening in your life situation you’ll start getting entirely different results. How you choose to perceive events mirrors your thoughts and feelings about yourslf which reflects who you think you are. That’s why it’s so crucial for you to know your answer to the question: Who am I?

You can and must get control of what vibrational frequencies, in the form of thoughts and emotions, you’re transmitting to the world in order to start attracting what you want for yourself consistently.

Detachment, relaxing and letting go, signals your subconscious that you are congruent and confident about results, and magnetizes you for attracting your desires, and whatever you have imagined will happen. Then your imagination becomes your reality.