Fast Easy Weight Loss with Lemon Oil

( Citrus limonum )

by KG Stiles, Clinical Aromatherapist


Lemon essential oil is obtained by cold pressing of the fresh peel this essential oil has a tart and tangy, scintillating clean lemon scent and smells just like the freshly grated peel.

As Lemon oil comes from the fresh peel it should be obtained exclusively from organically grown fruits that are pesticide-free!

Lemon oil rapidly fires up your metabolism and fat burning cells!

Japanese scientists studied the effect of lemon on the ability to focus. They discovered that the typical mistakes were reduced by 54 percent when lemon oil was diffused in the work room.

Lemon enlivens your brain and uplifts your body. Relieves physical and mental heaviness, feelings of being burdened or weighed down by life’s responsibilities.

In times of confusion or when needing clarity to make decisions Lemon oil can be a great aid!

Lemon oil is helpful in avoiding stormy emotional outbursts that can alienate others from us.

Increases ability to focus and memorize!

Lemon is a known physical tonic and helps stimulate blood and lymph circulation to effectively cleanse and tonify the body when you’re losing weight fast!

Lemon oil energizes and refreshed your body and mind.

It is also useful for treating circulatory problems such as “spider” veins, or broken capillaries.

A strong germicide Lemon is highly antiseptic and helps to purify the air, as well as to disinfect surface areas.

Lemon has strong antibacterial properties. Perfect for eradicating air-borne bugs in hospital rooms, schools and waiting rooms.

Lemon’s antiseptic properties will last for up to twenty days!

Lemon strengthens the heart and prevents the onset of arteriosclerosis.

Excellent for relieving heartburn and helpful for neutralizing a high Acid pH condition.

Lemon oil stimulates the body’s immune system by activating white blood cell formation.

Can be relied upon for protection against colds and the flu!

Its powerful antiseptic action makes it effective for treating a broad spectrum of infections, including viral, bacterial and yeast.

Lemon oil is excellent in blends for liver regeneration and detoxification.

Recently limonene, a chemical component of Lemon, was documented to have a range of influences on receptor-mediated processes showing it to be preventative and curative for breast cancer in rats.

Use Lemon for treating colds and flu, Candida overgrowth, bronchitis or sore throat.

Lemon is effective for controlling acne and treating oily skin and scalp conditions such as seborrhea and dandruff. Lemon may also be helpful for treating psoriasis.

Lemon’s natural astringency makes it excellent for removing gum, oily residue and grease spots.

According to Ayurvedic Medicine, an ancient system of healing practiced in India, the sour taste of Lemon is used to regulate and pacify conditions of Vata imbalance such as flatulence, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, hyper activity and confusion, worry and restlessness, premenstrual syndrome, and insomnia. May also be used to pacify conditions of Pitta imbalance such as emotional outbursts and feelings of anger and frustration.

BLEND WITH: Cinnamon, Clove, Rosemary, Basil, Fennel, Thyme, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus.

CAUTION: May be a skin irritant, as well as a photo sensitizer. Avoid sunlight after skin application for up to 3-4 hours.