Essential Oils to Cleanse the Aura – Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing Oil for Bad Vibes and Stagnant Chi

KG Stiles, LMT, RBT, CBP, Clinical Aromatherapist

Sixth sensory peopleare especially sensitive and prone to absorbing environmental psychic toxins, or ‘Bad Vibes.’ This formulation of pure essential oils contains the most potent cleansing and energy clearing oils known in aromatherapy. Negative or stagnant energy cannot exist in the presence of this combination of “holy” oils and oils with highly astringent properties. Try this synergy blend to protect you from picking up, and inadvertently passing on, ‘Bad Vibes!’

The oils in this formula have been used for generations by energy medicine healers to cleanse negative and stagnant vibrations.

You can use your Energy Clearing Oil as a perfume or body mist for clearing negative & stagnant chi and to protect you from picking up ‘Bad Vibes,’ or as a general all-purpose cleaner in your home, car or work space. For use as a general all-purpose wash to clean walls, doors and floors. Pay especial attention to corners and thresholds. Remember to flush your cleaning waters afterward to completely release the negative and stagnant energies from your home. Use your Energy Clearing Oil as often as needed to keep the atmosphere fresh and clear of ‘Bad Vibes’ after thorough cleansing.

PEPPERMINT ( Mentha piperita ) Its powerful astringent action clears tension and negative vibes. Essential Oils in the News – Research was released on the influence of aromas on drivers and reported on CBS News. Researchers reported findings that the smell of cinnamon or peppermint can relax drivers’ tension and relieve driver fatigue while increasing alertness. Peppermint was also linked to minimizing driving frustration. “Periodic administration of these odors over long-term driving may prove beneficial in maintaining alertness and decreasing highway accidents and fatalities,” the researchers reported.

CYPRESS( Cupressus sempervirens ) The most powerful astringent action in aromatherapy. Cypress oil strengthens the Heart energies and has been used for ritual cleansingand to promote health since ancient times. It was considered a symbol for life after death and in the ancient temples of Egypt was burnt along with Juniper to cleanse the atmosphere.

JUNIPERBERRY( Juniperis communis ) A powerful detoxifier Juniper berry astringent action uplifts and strengthens the spirit during times of low energy and weakness and has a clearing and cleansing effect on the mind and emotions. Use Juniper berry in your aroma lamp to neutralize negative habits, beliefs and attitudes and to effectively purify the atmosphere of any room and to assist with meditation.

LEMON ( Citrus limonum ) Energizes and refreshes your body and mind. Its powerful astringent action enlivens your brain and uplifts your spirit. A strong germicidal cleanser Lemon is highly antiseptic and has strong antibacterial properties. Use Lemon oil in your aroma lamp to purify the air, or in your household cleaning spray to disinfect surface areas. Lemon’s antiseptic properties will last for up to twenty days!

MYSORE SANDALWOOD( Santalum album ) The aroma of Sandalwood readily clears any atmosphere of negativity, restores harmony and brings life sustaining positive vibrations! Sandalwood oil acts as a soothing tonic for the nerves and is an ideal remedy for nervous anxiety, fear and stress resulting from a hectic and erratic lifestyle.

wonderful tonic.

spiritual awakening and to enhance your meditation practice.

CINNAMON LEAF( Cinnamomum zeylanicum ) A powerful antiseptic oil historically Cinnamon Leaf was used in the Middle East and Orient for combating viruses and infectious disease. Research shows that virus, bacteria, and fungus cannot survive in the presence of Cinnamon Leaf oil.