Bowen Therapy: Healing Emotions & Memory

by KG Stiles, Intuitive Mind Body Therapist, Energy Healer

Your bodymind’s state of health is formed from a complex interrelationship of your heredity together with a myriad of other considerations like your physical, emotional, mental and environmental history; your memories (habits and attitudes)

As an individual you have your own unique lifetime of experiences.

I often witness forgotten traumas and injuries from a client’s past surfacing during a Bowen Therapy session.

Your bodymind stores cellular memories in your subconscious mind.

When suppressed memories in your subconscious mind are unlocked by an appropriate trigger or signal the information held in your bodymind’s surfaces; comes to your conscious awareness.

Healing means wholeness!

As your memories bubble up to the surface your acceptance of them allows for healing and wholeness to occur.

Your act of acceptance allows your previously suppressed and painful memories to naturally surface and melt away.

The result is you feel at peace.

Thus your allowing and acceptance naturally results in the healing of a wound previously held in your subconscious mind.

Bowen Therapy used in this way can be viewed as regenerative and restorative rather than simply remedial.

Please join me for the next segment of my article about Bowen Therapy to further explore the Bowen technique ~ Brain Maps.