Black Spruce Pure Essential Oil – Passion for Life

Picea Mariana )

by KG Stiles, Clinical Aromatherapist


BLACK SPRUCE ( Picea Mariana ) – If you love the great outdoors and enjoy the smell of high and pristine mountain tops then you’ll appreciate the clear, crisp aroma of Black Spruce.

A vibrantly deep green forest aroma that is freeing and uplifting Black Spruce truly inspires the senses with a Passion for Life!

Use Black Spruce when you’re needing refreshment after enduring much or when needing to overcome a sense of defeat or failure.

Black Spruce may help you to shift your perception, to see things in a new way and renew your sense of purpose, motivation and inspiration!

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change,” Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention.

Black Spruce is a wonderful addition to any Wealth Attraction blend.

It promotes mental clarity and may be helpful for clearing mental confusion.

Black Spruce may support Adrenal function! Those suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may benefit from using Black Spruce.

A restorative Black Spruce may be helpful for building stamina, strengthening and stabilizing the nervous system.

Gently stimulating Black Spruce is often used to relieve stress and anxiety.

RELAXING BATH BLEND: At the end of a stressful day let your tensions dissolve away in a Relaxing Bath. Use a blend of 5 drops each of Black Spruce, Clary Sage and Lavender, mixed in a tablespoon of dispersant such as cream or honey, swish the water to evenly disperse your Relaxing Bath Blend.

OR ADD YOUR OILS to a half cup each of Epsom Salts (muscle relaxant, detoxifier) and Baking Soda (skin softener) to disperse the oils in your bath water.

Often recommended for muscle aches and pains, aching joints, poor circulation, strains, sprains and muscle spasms.

A blend of Black Spruce and Helichrysum helps soothe injured muscles, tendons and ligaments, speeds healing and prevents the formation of restrictive scar tissue.

INJURY HEALING OIL: Blend 10 drops of Black Spruce with 5 drops of Helichrysum in a 2 ounce dispensing bottle of pure light coconut oil. Allow the oils to synergize for 24 hours or more before using.

Black Spruce may be helpful for relieving respiratory conditions like bronchitis or asthma.

An outstanding aromatic mist for creating a wonderful atmosphere!

AROMATIC ROOM MIST: The amount of oil you use depends on the purpose of your aromatic mist! To a 4 ounce colored glass atomizer bottle of pure water add your oils, shake well and spray.

Air freshener – 40 drops Black Spruce and 40 drops of Lavender oil

Room Deodorizer – 60 drops Black Spruce and 60 drops of Lavender oil

BLEND WITH: Clary Sage, Helichrysum, Rose Geranium, Geranium Bourbon, Lavender, Spice and Citrus oils.