Mind Magic – Clear Low Energy Emotions

Immediately Clear Low Energy Emotions
Technique developed by Yvonne Oswald

MIND MAGIC is an amazing way to clear low energy emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, depression, and more. Even old, long standing emotions will respond! You can do the MIND MAGIC exercise as many times as you want, every day, to immediately clear any low-energy emotions or states of consciousness. The more often you do it, the quicker your unconscious mind will learn to let go in the future, without any conscious instruction from you. To begin, you must prepare yourself so that you know how to do each of the stages separately.

Relax into an Alpha State. Closing your eyes and talking three full deep inhalations and exhalations are usually sufficient to slow your brain waves to an alpha state.

Activate right and left brain hemispheres
After relaxing into an alpha brain wave state you sit comfortably, with your back straight, face forward with your chin slightly up and raise your eyes to ceiling level. Find a place where the ceiling meets the wall and simply stare at a spot. Now become aware of what’s to your right and what’s to your left (this activates both your right and left hemispheres of your brain), while keeping your eyes and head in the same place, aware of what’s in your peripheral vision. Become aware of the nice, relaxed feeling you get when you do this.


Take your left hand and rest it in a loose fist on your left thigh (if you’re left handed, do this the opposite way if you wish). Then simply place the tip of the index finger of your right hand on the top of the knuckle of your left index finger (where the finger meets the hand). This is called an “anchor,” and anchors your new relaxed alpha state into your body.

Mind Magic Technique

1. Sit with your back straight, left hand in a loose fist on your left knee, and right hand relaxed on your right knee.

2. Think of the emotion, belief or memory you most want to clear. Put your head down, close your eyes if you like and access it fully. Feel its location in your body, usually in the area of a Chakra. Focus your attention until you can really feel the negative emotion give a name to it, i.e. anger. Now put your head up and open your eyes. Look up and go into the Alpha state: (choose a spot at the place where the ceiling meets the wall, and then become aware of the peripheral vision to your right and left, while keeping your eyes fixed on the same spot).

4. Now do the anchoring. Take the tip of your right index finger and put it on the top of the first knuckle of your left hand and hold it there.

5. Still holding the anchor, with your eyes still open, take a deep breath and breathe out powerfully as you say this command aloud to your unconscious mind:

“Release the root cause of the anger. (your name for the negative emotion, or limiting belief), plus all other negative emotions and negative beliefs around this whole area, while preserving all the positive lessons for my health and benefit.”

6. Release the anchor by separating your hands.

7. Put your head down again, access the negative state. You won’t find the feelings as intensely this time.

8. Repeat steps 1-5.

9. Repeat 6 and 7. Try to find the negative emotion or state. The negative emotion is usually much less, or entirely gone.

Access (or attempt to access) the negative emotional state three times to ensure that it is completely gone.

Amazing isn’t it? This is an amazingly fast, and easy way to effectively clear low-energy emotions. You can choose the least good moment of your entire life to release for proof that the Mind Magic really works. Your unconscious mind is very happy to let go, because it’s healthy to clear out your low-energy emotions.

The more you do Mind Magic, the more you’ll start to feel in control of your emotional state. Then, if you’re ever feeling less than good, simply by putting your finger on the knuckle again you’ll go into that wonderful Alpha state.

YVONNE OSWALD INVENTED MIND MAGIC. Yvonne is the author of the amazing little book, Every Word Has Power. Yvonne demonstrates her Mind Magic technique on Conversations to Enlighten and Heal and is available as a FREE podcast download HERE.