Mayan research by Judith Lightfeather

with Judith Lightfeather

Recently I was honored to share lunch and conversation with Mayan teacher and healing practitioner Judith Lightfeather. Judith’s self described mission is to teach people to move into mastery of their being. The system she teaches is called Mayan Tonal Acupressure Healing.

“If everyone could learn to keep their energy bodies clear, then we wouldn’t have any illness any more,” says Judith.

“Stored issues block life force flow,” explains Judith, “and a lot of the issues stem from the emotions. Your emotional body extends from 1/2″ to 8” from your body and is wide open to receive and absorb negativity. A personal connection to a negative event triggers a reaction which goes straight into your Solar Plexus and the spin points on your body..

Your main receivers of energy are your Crown and Solar Plexus chakras. You express through your heart and throat. When you hold unexpressed emotions in your heart this can lead to heart attacks and breast cancer.

Conventional health professionals are experiencing difficulty dealing with emotional stress as the past four years have become so stressful for everyone. The purpose of the present cycle we’re in is to wake us up from our complacency. It’s the only way that the massive changes needed on earth can happen by revealing the abuse at all levels so that it is in our face. Our world is in chaos and we need to re-organize our reality at a higher level that includes the sacredness of life. A phase transition is currently in process concerning the way we see ourselves and our world.

As Albert Einstein said, “”No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Everybody talks about being one,” says Judith,” but sees separateness.

This cycle of stress to create change in humanity is also going on in the earth. A pole reversal has been in progress for 300 years. The pole reversal is stimulated by the sun which is changing the earth’s electromagnetic grid through solar flares, which then affects all humans, animals and minerals on earth, equally.

The earth’s magnetic field change happens periodically in history. The last was about 750,000 years ago, and before that they regularly occurred about every 250,000 years. So you could say we’re long overdue.

Earth changes will happen as a result of the pole shift and thinning of the magnetic field, i.e. earth quakes, tsunamis, and rising water which will change our coastlines.”

In hopes that this cycle will be met with common sense and less fear Judith believes in giving people healing tools for their self empowerment.

“Paradigm shifts will happen,” says Judith, “when people learn to view their reality from a different focus.

The tones used in the Mayan method of healing stimulate the cellular level to vibrate and release issues during the acupressure session. It shakes them out!

The ancient Mayans used 25 acupressure points that were defined by the spiritual energies of their glyphs from the Tzolkin Cycle or calendar that are also found in the constellations and match the spin points on the body.

By changing our role from victims to masters we can change the intensity of a global event such as a pole shift. Better outcomes at all levels will result for all concerned. Such an event serves to bring people together and adds a new dimension to our self identity through joining together.”

Judith Lightfeather is a teacher/practitioner, Reiki Master, and the Founder of the Academie of Light, and has completed 14 years of research on the Mayan and Anasazi Ancient Cultures. Judith’s work has led to her connections with space agencies in several countries. She is the co-founder of CANEUS Organization, an organization for International Collaborative Aerospace Development, which includes members of global space agencies from Canada, Europe, United States, Japan, China and India.

As President of The NanoTechnology Group Inc, a Global Education Consortium for K-20 nano science education she is invited to speak in many countries around the world and participated in the UNIDO-ICS Expert Working Group for Nanotechnology in Developing Nations held in Trieste, Italy.

Judith has expanded her energy healing work over the years to include the Mayan Tonal Acupressure and Axiatonal Initiation work. She traveled the United States from 1992-1996 sharing these teachings and practicing the healing methods. During these travels she visited many sacred lands and was identified by the Native American tribes as a Medicine Woman and given the name ‘Lightfeather’, while in the Yucatec Maya lands she was identified as the Owl Priestess of Uxmal and given the name ‘Balam Ak’bal’ (Jaguar of the Night) as a Mayan Sh’men (female shaman).

Her ongoing Mayan research of the nine recurring cycles that multiply in fractals throughout infinity explains the deeper layers of the patterns and relationships between the cycles known as the calendars and should be ready for publication in 2008-09.

The calendars do not end as stated by so many authors as they are recurring cycles that continue through infinity as multiple fractals of the original 260 Day Tzol’kin Cycle.

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