Emotional Health & Physical Pain


By KG Stiles, LMT, RBT, CBP

Your Body is Your Shadow. What do I mean by that, exactly? I mean that your physical body perfectly reflects or mirrors the feeling states of your “Hidden” or Nonconscious Self, those constant undercurrents of energy, that reverberate throughout your nervous system. For most of us our feeling states continually fluctuate and are easily affected by both external and internal influences.

Your Emotions are the language of your Shadow. Previously we talked about how your Amydala (an organ in your limbic nervous system or the emotional part of your brain) is the storehouse for all your past memories and emotions.

Through a simple “awareness” exercise you discovered how observing your emotionally reactive state had a neutralizing effect on your emotional trigger.

Why does your observation have this magically neutralizing effect? Scientific studies show that your Amygdale drives your prefrontal Cortex, the area of your brain that brings CALM. The prefrontal Cortex is the seat of your Higher States Consciousness and functions as your intuitive guidance system.

Through your regular practice of observation, a simple “awareness” exercise, research also shows that your neuro circuits to bring CALM are strengthened. Developing your self control imbues your life with CALM and enhances your ability to become more mindful in your daily life. You’ll gain access to seeing what’s going on behind the “scenes” of your life and recognize how you are attracting and playing out repetitive scenarios.

If you have a daily practice of being with life as it is, observing your intimate connection with what you’re experiencing in your life, a NEW ATTITUDE will evolve. You’ll be conscious of watching you having an experience, instead of an experience having control over you.

Through developing your silent inner witness and training your attention through concentration in the present moment, insights about your self and your life situation will continually bubble to the surface.

Through this process your mind becomes stable and your bubbles of insight will bring the light of understanding, truth and wisdom to operate in your daily life. Your mind becomes tranquil, your muddy waters of perception clear, and inner peace blossoms.

The more tranquil and at rest you are the more gifts of insight will bubble to the surface of your consciousness. You will have greater access to wisdom and develop a precise awareness about things in your self as they are reflected in your daily life.

You will be freed from your preconceptions about “how things are,” and feel more light hearted and playful, creative and upbeat. Deep peace will suffuse your being as you become more fluid and flexible.

Until you clear, transform the muddy waters of your Shadow, your emotional life will continue to operate automatically as habit patterns that filter your distorted experiences.

In the next article about Transforming Your Shadow we will explore the nature of your emotional experiences. You will learn how to reflect on your emotional patterns without becoming involved or obsessed by the incessant story or theme they represent at the Non-conscious level of your being, Your Shadow.