Emotional Health – Transforming Your Shadow, Part 1

By KG Stiles, LMT, RBT, CBP

Everyone has a Shadow, or “hidden” Nonconsious part of themselves. Your Unconscious Self usually has more than one voice from which it speaks and communicates with you. You come to know and recognize your Shadow and its many voices through the situations that Mirror and trigger it.

From early childhood, usually by age 6 or 7, you have learned automatic and habitual ways of responding to situations that Mirror and trigger your Unconscious Self. You develop this “reversed way of perceiving things” because you have lost your natural ability to perceive and be aware of how you feel about things directly. As a coping strategy you develop Triggers, or learned reactive patterns that are emotionally loaded with your fears.

Through this article I will teach you how to identify your Triggers and to disrupt, or break your reactive patterning to a Trigger before momentum sets in and you lose consciousness. When you become unconscious you quite literally become “possessed” by your Shadow voice and become powerless to do anything except your old programmed response. This results in a perpetual cycle of pain and suffering for your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Your first step is to focus on identifying your emotion that gets triggered. You might ask yourself, “Am I feeling sad, angry, frustrated, alone, victimized, afraid, tormented, lost, or confused.” This first step alone will naturally lead to your disengaging from your emotion before it overwhelms you. You are simply training yourself to observe your feeling without judgment or reaction to it. This will have a neutralizing affect on your emotion.

You must develop uncompromising honesty with yourself. Through the process I am teaching you will be guided to face and challenge old conditioning as you free yourself from the grip of past programming. As you go through this metamorphosis process and give birth to your natural state of consciousness you will experience the rawness of your own emotions as your empathic awareness grows. You will develop and grow in your ability to forgive and accept yourself completely.

Healing is an inherent process to your being and occurs naturally through the process of observation, shining your light of consciousness on the deeply repressed areas of your subconscious mind.

Practice the step I’ve outlined for you in this article and in the next part of, “Transforming Your Shadow,” you will learn more tools for transforming and healing your Shadow. Self empowerment and autonomy will result from your engaging in this transmutation process.